Chapter 512: Unchanging Domain

Chapter 512: Unchanging Domain


So screwed up......

I will be screwed to death sooner or later with such a teammate.

Shanna and the other Chinyu arcane masters had the worst expressions.

Even if those Divine Temple arcane masters kept casting arcane skills, Ayrin seemed unstoppable. However, half of Ayrin’s anti-arcane armor was pulverized by the green flames and several arcane skills hit him. Half of his body became charred.

“Stingham, aim at Ayrin and throw.” Ferguillo told Stingham.

“What? You want me to silence him?” Stingham was dumbfounded.

“Silence your head! I will silence you first! Idiot!” Rinloran was enraged and roared, “Since you can’t hit your target, you won’t hit Ayrin if you aim at him! Quick! Only your Green Dragon Spear has the power to interrupt them. Otherwise, we will never be able to snatch the cannon!”

“You’re looking down on me too much! I don’t believe it!”

Stingham wanted to cry in frustration. He aimed at the stern-looking arcane master again and threw his spear.

“Stingham, you idiot!”

Meraly and Rinloran wanted to puke blood.

The terrifying green flames rushed towards Charlotte this time.

Merlin crashed into Charlotte and rolled away with her. The green flames passed through where they were a moment ago.

“Stingham...... Do you hold a grudge against me?” Ayrin shouted.

“There’s none...... but I can only aim at you now!”

Stingham became teary-faced. Under the threats of Rinloran’s group, he aimed at Ayrin and threw his spear.


The terrifying green flames flew across the sky once again.


Several Divine Temple arcane masters near the cannon screamed in shock and desperately scattered.

Stingham’s spear crashed into the ground upon which they stood a moment ago.

“Well done!” Ferguillo encouraged.

“Why does it stray off so much?”

Stingham’s tears flowed non-stop. He aimed at Ayrin again and threw his spear.

All the Divine Temple arcane masters next to the cannon scattered in fear. The terrifying green flames kept landing around the cannon. They could not stay near it.

“This is my chance!”

After Ayrin finally got ahold of himself, he ran to the cannon.


Stingham’s Green Dragon Spear flew. The terrifying green flames accurately hit a white-robed Divine Temple arcane master dozens of meters away from Ayrin who just showed himself.

Half of that arcane master’s body was vaporized. The other arcane masters panicked even more.

“Ayrin, don’t run so fast! I can’t aim like that!” Stingham shouted while lamenting at his precision.


“I finally got it!”

Ayrin reached the cannon.


The Divine Temple arcane master closest to him who wanted to stop him from touching the cannon suddenly had two fountains of blood spurting out from his neck.

“Formless Silent Blade!”

“How did he learn that assassination skill?”

Several shocked screams rang out. Nobody dared to get close to him.

At that moment, Jean Camus shouted, “Ayrin, everyone! Come to the Heretic Judgement Center!”

“Jean Camus, you’re alive?”

Hearing Jean Camus’s voice, Ayrin immediately started dragging the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon towards the Heretic Judgement Center.


However, at that moment, a terrifying presence suddenly descended.

A loud boom followed.

They saw Ayrin throwing the cannon forward. At the same time, a pillar of green light containing a destructive aura fell from the sky and swallowed Ayrin whole.

Ross, shrouded in a green glow, appeared amongst the retreating red and white-robed Divine Temple arcane masters. He narrowed his eyes as he watched the pillar of green light. Satisfaction reflected in his eyes.

However, in the next instant, his satisfaction turned into disbelief. His pupils contracted.

A huge black eye suddenly appeared inside the green light.

Ross’s expression turned chilly as he squeezed out, “Undead Sorcery! Dark Sacrifice!”

Ayrin’s wobbly body rushed out from the huge black eye as he shouted towards Rinloran’s group, “Run!”


In a dark corner, a big group of green-robed Divine Temple arcane masters gathered. They watched Ayrin dashing out of the pillar of green light carrying destructive aura with unbelievable expressions.

“Lord Solinton...... What should we do?” A young, green-robed Divine Temple arcane master asked, his voice trembling. Next to him stood a middle-aged arcane master with white fringes.

“He should be the successor of the true Epic Silver Dragon bloodline......” The middle-aged arcane master took a deep breath, then slowly spoke, “I don’t know what all of you think, but even such an arcane skill was unable to kill him...... It’s sufficient to let me believe...... no matter what the Kingdom of Doa will become, fighting side by side with the Epic Silver Dragon will definitely grant us the final victory!”

“Lord, please give your command!”

Every green-robed Divine Temple arcane master took a deep breath and showed a determined expression.

Solinton spoke with determination, “Let’s break out of the Divine Temple!”

“They will definitely try to seal the Divine Temple and even the entire Doa Royal Palace! We must have someone break out alive before then!”

“On top of that, this battle should be sufficient to let many arcane masters in the Royal Palace understand what has been going on!”


After Ayrin got into the Heretic Judgement Center, Jean Camus said, “Ayrin, your improvement has far exceeded my imagination!”

“It hurts! My body was completely burnt just now!”

“Luckily, the herbs in the herb garden of your Green Dragon Divine Temple are incredible!”

Ayrin kept touching himself. There were already no more wounds on his body, but the pain and fear he suffered were still lingering in his body.

“Green Dragon Divine Temple’s herb garden?”

Shanna seemed to realize something, “Ayrin, did you eat something from there?”

“About a few dozen things.” Ayrin nonchalantly answered while panting.

“A few dozen things?”

Shanna and the other Chinyu arcane masters almost fainted.

In the Divine Herb Garden of the Green Dragon Divine Temple, each plant is a legendary level herb! They can be refined into miraculous medicine or crafted into artifacts!

Only arcane masters who have raised astonishing achievements in the Kingdom of Doa can get a reward from the Green Dragon Divine Temple and gain a chance to receive one of those items!

In the past few decades, there have only been three items rewarded from the Divine Herb Garden.

Yet Ayrin actually ate a few dozen of them?

How can he endure the chaotic and powerful medicinal effects?


At that moment, Ayrin’s gaze turned to the grey film trapping Jean Camus.


He immediately threw a punch against the grey film.

“What a strange domain!”

Ayrin’s eyes opened wide.

The pale grey film gave him a feeling as if it was eternally unchanging.

When his punch got repelled by the grey film, he did not absorb any arcane energy.

In contrary, there seemed to be quite an amount of arcane energy in the surrounding air gathering into the grey film to replenish the damage from his punch.

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