Chapter 511: Super Pervert And Too Strayed Off

Chapter 511: Super Pervert And Too Strayed Off


“What’s that artifact? It’s so powerful?”

The arcane energy fluctuations generated by the collision between the platinum arcane energy clump and green flame gave Ayrin goosebumps.

“Mer...... lin......”

The moment they saw the cannon, Merlin’s body immediately generated strange metal humming noises.

Even Merlin is showing such a strange reaction?

Ayrin's expression immediately turned sly.

“He must be thinking of snatching it!” Charlotte did not need to turn around to know what Ayrin was thinking.

“Charlotte, let’s snatch that cannon! It seems to be able to unleash great power by just injecting a few arcane particles!”

As expected, she immediately heard Ayrin’s excited shout.

“Who’s that?”

At that moment, the Divine Temple arcane masters wearing red or white arcane robes discovered Ayrin and Charlotte.

“Why is he carrying a tree?”

“Does he think he can disguise himself using that?”

They were dumbfounded when they saw Ayrin rushing over with a tree on his shoulder.

“Isn’t that the Undead Sorcery Tree in the Divine Herb Garden?”

“The Undead Sorcery Tree in the Divine Herb Garden!?”

“What? What’s he doing? He’s eating the tree?”

They opened their eyes wide.

Within the Heretic Judgement Center, Stingham’s group was unable to see Ayrin and Charlotte.

However, Stingham who was using his Green Dragon Spear to intercept the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon was able to see the arcane master carrying a tree and biting a chunk off of it.

“He’s eating a tree? So savage!”

Stingham shuddered, “It must be that pervert Ayrin!”

“Pervert Ayrin, is that you?” Stingham desperately yelled.


“It’s really them?”

Ayrin opened his eyes in surprise as he ran while munching on the tree. “Stingham! Is that you?” He shouted back.

“It’s us!” Stingham heard Ayrin’s voice and became teary-faced, “It’s really you!”

“Ayrin? He’s a member of the Holy Dawn Academy team!”

The stern-looking arcane master at the cannon ordered, “Stop him!”

At least ten arcane masters became streaks of light as they dashed towards Ayrin and Charlotte.

“Give me the good stuff!”

“I smack!” Ayrin shouted in excitement.

“Ah...... Aah......” Helgy was thrown at the arcane masters first.

“Lady Helgy?”

They stopped for a moment when they saw Helgy.

“Haha, it really works every time!”

“Let me show you big guys!”

Ayrin laughed. He intended to summon his three Titans and five monsters in one go.

The plants eaten by him contained powerful arcane energy. It not only filled his body with various weird auras, it also helped him generate arcane particles.

From his perspective, since Stingham’s group was there, he just had to snatch the powerful artifact and they would gain the asset to have a proper fight.

“Oh no! Shit!”

However, his laughter abruptly stopped.

The strange arcane power within the Green Dragon Divine Temple seemed to have the effect of intercepting summons. He could not summon his Titans or monsters!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several arcane skills locked onto him.


Various streaks of light hit him.

As the raging arcane power exploded and dispersed, half of a chomped tree was thrown high up and slowly fell.

Meanwhile, a tattered and charred figure that seemed to be spasming appeared in the center of the explosion.

“What big guy? Did he call himself a big guy for getting beaten up like that?” Stingham was shocked.

“Is he dead?”

“What realm has his gluttony reached...... He didn’t forget to throw the tree he’s eating high up so that it wouldn’t get smashed into bits?”

Regardless of the Divine Temple arcane masters or Stingham’s group, they were all speechless seeing Ayrin’s charred figure and the slowly falling tree.

However, the next scene made them even more speechless.

The falling tree landed right next to Ayrin’s shoulder.

Ayrin’s charred face suddenly turned to the side and chomped a mouthful!

“He’s still eating?”

“See that...... He’s already in such a bad state, yet he still takes a bite!”

Everyone was astonished by Ayrin’s action. It was far too savage.

“Ayrin, how are you?” Charlotte screamed. She was on the verge of crying.

Ayrin could have dodged the attack. However, he braved it to protect Merlin and Charlotte.

“In...... Incredible!”

Ayrin turned around and faced her with his charred face.

Charlotte became dumbfounded when she saw the ecstatic expression on Ayrin’s spasming face.

“Charlotte, follow me! The powerful guy is right behind us!”

While everyone was in shock, Ayrin moved and shouted, “You people are dead meat!”

If it was the normal him, the attacks from those arcane masters would have incapacitated him at the very least.

However, the heavy injury he received seemed to have triggered the medicinal effects from those plants he ate, causing it to rampage through his body.

The injuries he received were recovering at an astonishing speed. Even his fractured right arm was healing at an amazing speed.

The medicinal effect became a swirl in his body and constantly stimulated him, making him feel his mental strength bloating to the point he could not vent it out.

Especially the arcane energy from the tree next to him, which was the creepiest.

After the arcane energy from the half-devoured tree integrated into his cells, it seemed to produce a strange aura which proactively melded into his burnt flesh and became an even weirder arcane energy.

A strange murmur rang out in his ear as if someone was chanting for him.

Streaks of black light flashed around his body and quickly became black eyes.

“What’s that arcane skill?”

“Why did the burnt flesh and blood falling off his body become those eyes?”

Many Divine Temple arcane masters screamed in shock.

They saw Ayrin shed a layer of skin as he rushed towards them. After the burnt surface fell off, Ayrin’s skin became as smooth as a newborn baby’s, without any wounds. Meanwhile, the burnt scabs he shed became black eyes by mixing in arcane energy.

“Force of Dark Sacrifice!”

“This is the black magus arcane skill which gathers arcane energy through self-sacrifice!”

“The Undead Sorcery Tree can only become the Dark Sacrifice Scepter after getting crafted into an artifact! How did he activate that power?”

“Don’t get touched by those black eyes, or your wounds will never heal!”

Screams and warnings rang out.


At the same time, Ayrin rapidly chanted, while still running towards the cannon with the tree on his shoulder. His body suddenly enlarged.


With the sturdy anti-arcane armor and the heavy sword, Ayrin rushed into the ten-plus arcane masters trying to intercept him.


They could not stop Ayrin as they were knocked away.

Stingham watched Ayrin slamming away the intercepting arcane masters and mumbled to himself, “Why is he so perverted now?”

“When did he learn that arcane skill?” Rinloran and Ferguillo had complicated expressions on their faces as they glanced at each other.

“Stop him!”

The stern-looking arcane master who was giving commands turned pale and desperately shouted, “He’s an Annihilator! Use binding skills!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Arcane powers surged towards Ayrin.

Huge vines wrapped around him, a sticky pond appeared under his feet, chain-like flames...... various binding skills landed on Ayrin.

“What kind of monster is he?” the leader of the arcane masters screamed in fear.

The binding skills could not stop Ayrin’s advance. Ayrin forcefully broke through the restraints.

“Help me!”

“There’s a powerful guy behind me!”

Ayrin began shouting without a care.

He could sense that dangerous presence rapidly approaching.

“Let’s regroup with him!”

“And snatch that cannon while we’re at it!”

Rinloran’s eyes turned sharp as he dashed out first from their hiding spot.

“I’m coming!”

Stingham also rushed out and threw his spear while shouting, “Watch my spear!”

“Where did Stingham get such a powerful artifact? The green flame intercepting those platinum arcane energy clumps was thrown by him?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide in surprise.

“Incredible! Brave warrior Stingham! Skewer them!” He shouted excitedly.


However, his face turned green and desperately dodged to the side in the next moment.

“Stingham, what are you doing? You want to help them kill me?”

Stingham’s throw actually flew towards him!


He was grazed by the green flames while he leapt away. A deep hole opened up where he stood a moment ago

“......” Rinloran, Meraly and the rest were speechless, their faces spasming.

“......” Stingham’s face was also spasming.

That was my worst throw yet......

I was aiming at the stern-looking guy......

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