Chapter 510: Human Mower, Reunite!

Chapter 510: Human Mower, Reunite!



Ross, one of the major figures in the Kingdom of Doa, rushed into the Green Dragon Divine Temple. The purplish black aura around him had completely disappeared. The Green Dragon Divine Temple seemed to contain a power to suppress a portion of the power within his body.

His face was completely revealed.

“Stingham?” Ayrin and Charlotte exclaimed after looking over their shoulders.

He was a tall man with blonde hair. Apart from being taller than Stingham, he greatly resembled Stingham.

After realizing the enemy only looked like Stingham, Ayrin shouted again in astonishment, “Stingham looks so similar to the royalty, he must be the Green Dragon Prince!”

“Ayrin, think of something! He’s catching up!” Charlotte shouted.

She saw that after the purplish black aura on Ross’s body got suppressed by the Green Dragon Divine Temple, his body released a green glow.

Ross originally seemed to possess the Evil Dragon bloodline, but right now he released a powerful Green Dragon bloodline as if his bloodline had been swapped.

After Ross’s body glowed green, he clearly became faster. His body left afterimages as he chased after them, a trail of green glow in his wake.

“Think of something?”

Ayrin suddenly turned around and shouted towards Ross who was closing in, “Stop!”

The green glow suddenly stopped.

“Haha! We are enemies, yet you actually stop when I shouted, you’re really as idiotic as Stingham......” Ayrin laughed while running even faster away with Charlotte.

Ross’s face instantly twisted.

“Ayrin, he is catching up to us again!” Charlotte called out. The dangerous presence was rapidly approaching.

“It’s fine!”

Ayrin did not show any fear in his expression. He suddenly turned around.

“Daddy......” Behind him, Helgy immediately called after seeing his face.

“Ah...... Aah......”

However, Ayrin threw her at Ross like a javelin.

“......” Charlotte was speechless.

“It’s fine. Even if I throw her, she will run back to us immediately.” Ayrin confidently muttered.


If not for your meddling, that brat would never have gotten the chance to steal our dragon egg!

You deserve to die!

Seeing Helgy getting thrown at him, Ross’s face was filled with ice cold killing intent.


However, at that moment, his advancing body suddenly stiffened a bit. His pupils contracted on reflex.

It seemed like many invisible floating threads in the air were drilling into his body.


The violent and raging emotions that filled his mind seemed to suddenly expand a hundred times over.

The scenery he saw completely changed.

He saw himself standing at the center of countless burning, red metal pillars. A ferocious beast drooling magma bit down on him.

Psychic Style forbidden art! Raging Beast Illusion!

Aren’t you a student from Holy Dawn? How can you know this Psychic Style forbidden art!?

In an instance, Ross reacted.

“Spiritual Wheel! Cure Ailment!”

His entire being, his every single cell seemed to be roaring.

Powerful mental strength condensed arcane energy above his head and became a green wheel. His body shook and the illusion vanished.

However, when he broke free, Helgy was already running away from him again.


“Ayrin, why did that guy suddenly freeze?” Charlotte asked Ayrin while running at full speed.


Ayrin did not seem scared because the opponent was too strong. He seemed rather excited instead, “I secretly attacked him with a Psychic Style forbidden art. It’s a forbidden art that magnifies the opponent’s anger. However, his mental strength is too powerful, it shouldn’t trap him for long.”

“It seems strange?”

Ayrin immediately felt something amiss. Something must have happened to the Green Dragon Divine Temple. It was because he saw many Divine Temple arcane masters around, but they were behaving strangely, as if they were avoiding them and not trying to stop them.

A voice suddenly rang out in front of Ayrin and Charlotte, “Gulp~~ It’s...... It’s right in front...... sn...... snack...... Passion Fruit......”


“Hurry! If he eats all the Passion Fruits, it will be a disaster!”

Ayrin and Charlotte were dumbfounded for a moment, then screamed in shock.

A herb garden appeared in front of them. It looked like a valley forest. The buildings above were transparent. A pillar of sunlight fell over the herb garden.

The drunken Divine Temple arcane master who acted as a guide did not lead them to the wrong place. The herb garden in the Green Dragon Divine Temple looked bright and flourishing. There were definitely many rare herbs here.

However, the drunken arcane master was running even faster than them and rushed to the front.

“Wait for us!”


Ayrin and Charlotte screamed.

The drunken arcane master was running faster and faster. They could not catch up.

“Passion Fruit...... Hehe...... snack......”

The drunken arcane master rushed to a fruit tree which had white bark and leaves. He plucked a yellowish fruit and stuffed it into his mouth.


Ayrin was like a cat that got its tail stepped on. That fruit tree had the exact same features as Teacher Liszt’s description. It was indeed a Passion Fruit Tree!


Ayrin did not have much arcane particles left. He had no other choice. Arcane particles blasted out through his feet and he charged through the herb garden.

“Hehe...... snack......”

“Snack your head!”

The drunken arcane master almost bit the Passion Fruit, but in the last moment he received a punch from Ayrin and was blown away.

“It’s mine!”

“You actually dare to snatch food from me!”

The furious Ayrin finally heaved a sigh of relief and ate the Passion Fruit.


Charlotte was dumbfounded after rushing to Ayrin’s side, “Ayrin, that Passion Fruit is needed for Teacher Carter’s treatment!”

Ayrin became frenzied and screamed, “Ah! Is there another one?”

I snatched it after so much trouble but I forgot it was for Teacher Carter and ate it myself!

Ayrin and Charlotte desperately checked the Passion Fruit Tree while drenched in sweat.

“There’s another one!”

The two almost collapsed from relief as they saw a lone fruit on the tree.

“She really came back! That six-gate guy is also coming!”

At that moment, Charlotte saw Helgy appearing next to them.

At the same time, she could vaguely sense a destructive presence sweeping towards them.

“There’s still time!”

Ayrin carefully put the last Passion Fruit into Merlin’s metal box while pointing at the surrounding plants and asked, “Merlin, do you know what stuff can be eaten?”

Many of the plants in the herb garden seemed to have unique arcane energy fluctuations flowing through them. They seemed to have condensed unique arcane power crystals.

“Mer...... lin......”

Merlin’s body generated the unique metal humming sound.

In the next instant, she changed her arm with amazing speed.


Sonic booms rang out.

Metal butterfly-like darts shot out from her palm, landing on different fruit trees and plants.

“The marked ones are edible?” Ayrin asked.

Merlin nodded.

“Hurry! I can’t leave those useful ones to the Evil Dragon followers! Let’s go!”

Ayrin immediately opened his mouth wide and rushed towards the marked fruit trees and plants.

Charlotte almost fainted.

Ayrin was crawling on the ground and chomping down plants like a human mower. Fruit trees and plants were toppled by his chomping and rapidly swallowed.

“Daddy......” Even Helgy was dumbfounded.

Ross, who was wrapped in a green glow, appeared in Charlotte’s sight.

“What...... the......”

Seeing the human mower Ayrin mowing down the plants and trees and eating them, even he shuddered and almost jumped back.

Ayrin yelled, “There’s no time! Charlotte, run!”

He desperately pulled out the remaining marked plants and even carried a two-meter tall fruit tree on his shoulder. He was desperately stuffing them all into his mouth while telling Charlotte to run.

“This bloodline...... is too savage......”

Even the pursuing Ross who was roaring in anger could not help but have such thoughts.

Ayrin was even chomping down on the fruit tree while running!


“What are these plants? Even the tree trunk contains such a rich arcane energy!”

Ayrin felt a heat current flowing into his body from each bite he took.

Powerful arcane energy fluctuations!

Someone is fighting!

It’s Rinloran and Stingham!

At that moment, Ayrin felt a strong clash of arcane powers.

“The Divine Temple arcane masters wearing green arcane robes are leading the way?”

It was also then that Ayrin sensed that the green-robed arcane masters were gathering in the direction the powerful arcane energy fluctuations came from.

The dashing green-robed arcane masters were just like green arrows.

“That’s that?”

Ayrin followed the green-robed arcane masters. Soon, he saw a platinum arcane energy clump and a green flame constantly clashing in front of a building.

The object that shot out the platinum arcane energy clump was the metal cannon in the middle of the Divine Temple arcane masters wearing red or white arcane robes.

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