Chapter 509: Plan To Eat

Chapter 509: Plan To Eat


“Ah...... Aah......”

At that moment, Helgy suddenly flew past Ayrin and Charlotte. She was flung over a hundred meters away by a massive force and slammed into the gate of the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

Helgy saw Ayrin’s face and called out while flying past them, “Daddy......”

“What is that monster?”

Charlotte turned around and screamed in shock.

The monster had broken completely through the ground. It looked like a black earthworm even bigger than a Dragon. Neither its eyes nor mouth could be seen, but its arcane energy fluctuation was as ferocious as the raging tide, completely surpassing his monster companions by a level.

“So ugly.”

Ayrin evaluated the enormous monster and mumbled, “But it looks fat. I must think of a way to grill it!”

“You can even think of eating such a thing?” Charlotte could not maintain her lady-like appearance and shouted. She could tell Ayrin was seriously thinking of a way.

“Don’t let that monster enter the Green Dragon Divine Temple!”

“Don’t let it destroy the Green Dragon Divine Temple!”

“Stop them!”

Angry shouts could be heard from the distance.

Many royal arcane masters were astonished. They only sensed the commotion nearby and rushed over without knowing what happened.

Seeing such a monster closing in on the Green Dragon Divine Temple, most of them rushed towards the monster.

An angry roar came from behind them, “You got the wrong target!”


That dangerous presence Ayrin could not hope to match exploded. Layers of bluish black crystals spread out in the sky. The arcane masters jumping at the monster were forcefully stopped mid-air.

The sky around the monster seemed to have completely become a bluish black crystal. The arcane masters were frozen inside.


The monster let out a metal humming roar.

Its body did not seem to be affected at all. A house-sized cluster of black light quickly generated in front of it and shot towards Ayrin.

Plat plat plat......

The ground beneath Ayrin and Charlotte started cracking.

Is that a Dragon!?

The house-sized cluster of black light was still a dozen meters away, yet Charlotte’s feet sank into the ground by its sheer pressure.

If she had not trained in heavy particle skills, her body would not be able to withstand the pressure and would have been pressed flat on the ground.

The monster did not look like a Dragon, but gave her a feeling that it was a Dragon in disguise.


Ayrin moved to stand before Charlotte on reflex.

The deathly aura shrouded him. His skin felt as if it was disintegrating into particles and dispersing away.

The power in that monster’s arcane skill felt like a forbidden skill used by six-gate arcane masters.

I have to gamble my luck with Warlock Variation again!


However, the instant the black light touched his skin, some sort of power inside his body automatically ignited. His body released a bright red light.

The surrounding arcane masters were shocked.

A terrifying destructive domain aura exploded forth.

Countless flying crimson flames which looked like feathers exploded from Ayrin’s body.

Ayrin, Charlotte and Merlin immediately disappeared amongst the crimson flames.

The rapidly flying crimson flames covered an area of over a hundred square meters. The ground melted into magma and started bubbling.

The rapidly descending cluster of black light instantly slowed down to a crawl.

“What kind of humanoid monster is he?”

The dozens of arcane masters, both nearby and far away, were utterly shocked.

He not only ate a dragon egg, he even possesses such a domain despite being a four-gate arcane master! His power has already surpassed that of a five-gate arcane master!


However, the countless dancing crimson flames showed further changes.

The burning air expanded outwards. A wave of pink steam rapidly expanded within the domain.

A dense alcoholic fragrance appeared in the air that made even the arcane masters far away dizzy.

“This is a domain power similar to Drunken Cloud! Not good, spread out! You will get drunk!”

“This should be a powerful flame domain! How can it show an effect similar to Drunken Cloud?”

Several arcane masters immediately warned their compatriots.

Psst...... Psst...... Psst...... Psst......

At that moment, sonic booms rang out from the burning domain.

Countless crystal-shaped flames shot out.

The huge cluster of black light was forced to a stop mid-air. Its surface began scattering white ice crystals.

“What’s going on?”

Most arcane masters held their breaths.

The moment those crystal-shaped crimson flames fell to the ground, they released an extreme chill as they transformed into two-meter long ice swords.

Thousands of chilling ice swords soon erected outside the burning domain.

How can such powerful ice arcane power appear inside that fire domain!?

The arcane masters could not believe their eyes while running away from the pink steam that was still spreading.

Meanwhile, Ayrin was also dumbfounded.

Is it because the opponent is too powerful, so I performed better than usual under the pressure? I was really able to activate the new domain after devouring that dragon egg?

However, why does this domain seem to include the power of the Eternal Winter Domain and that domain that makes people drunk?


At that moment, the cluster of black light was only seven to eight meters away when it violently exploded. It was unable to endure the domain’s unique repelling force and the impact from chaotic arcane power.

The violent shock wave shook Ayrin and made him feel as if he was electrocuted.

Was it that dragon tea egg!?

That dragon egg is definitely not a normal fire type dragon egg!

At that moment, Ayrin finally realized.

He immediately revealed an elated expression.

I really ate a treasure this time!

I must barbeque you! Maybe I will get another domain after eating you!

He stared at the black monsters, a sparkle in his eyes.

An even more furious roar rang out in the distance. “Kill them!”

The terrifying presence swept towards them from the sky again.


Ayrin pulled Charlotte’s hand and ran towards the entrance of the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

The fire domain had yet to completely dissipate. However, the domain seemed very unique as it followed Ayrin with him as the center. Although the domain power did not reach within several meters around him, Charlotte and Merlin, they had to keep leaping past the liquified ground to avoid getting burned.

“You’re too rash!”

While running, Ayrin shouted towards the terrifying arcane master who was obviously an Evil Dragon Bishop level existence, “You get angry too easily! Don’t you know your liver will be damaged if you get angry so easily?”

“Liver...... I......”

The arcane master shrouded in a purplish black glow could not control his arcane particles anymore. Seven grey light pillars spewed out from his body and destroyed the surrounding buildings.

They had devised a plan many decades ago that would bring about their great revival! The beginning of a new era! However, the dragon egg was the core of this plan and it was eaten like a tea egg.

And now the culprit was telling him that he was too rash and would hurt his liver if he got angry so easily.

“Not good!” Ayrin screamed while dashing towards the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

Several Divine Temple arcane masters wearing red or white arcane robes blocked their path, their arcane energy fluctuations rampaging.


However, at that moment, Helgy suddenly appeared behind those arcane masters.

“Lady Helgy......”

The Divine Temple arcane masters stiffened and did not know how to respond to the approaching Helgy.

“Hic...... Hah......”

Helgy rushed to them and punched out.

The Divine Temple arcane masters immediately became drunk and started talking nonsense.

“Good job!” Ayrin shouted in surprise. The moment he dashed into the Divine Temple, he grabbed a white-robed arcane master and asked, “Is there anything delicious in the Green Dragon Divine Temple?”

This is the Green Dragon Divine Temple...... You actually asked for something delicious to eat the moment you got in......

Charlotte watched Ayrin with a resentful gaze, “Ayrin, can you stop treating the entire Doa Royal Palace and Green Dragon Divine Temple as a canteen?”

“This is special training. I might be able to get another domain if I eat some treasure.” Ayrin answered in a serious tone.

“Yes...... There’s Passion Fruit......” the drunken white robed-arcane master spoke with foolish laughter.

Ayrin’s eyes opened wide and shouted, “Passion Fruit? That’s the ingredient Teacher Carter needs for his treatment! Tell me where it is!”

“Go...... I will bring...... bring you there...... snack for drinking......” That white-robed arcane master funnily replied.


“Surround the entire Green Dragon Divine Temple! Don’t let a single soul out!”

The terrifying arcane master, who really did injure his liver from rage, suppressed his purplish black aura.

“Lord Ross......”

The royal arcane masters who suspected his identity drew a sharp breath after seeing his face.

He was the Green Dragon Divine Temple’s red-robed high priest, and also the King’s younger brother.

If King Soss did not gain an heir, he would be the first in line amongst the successor candidates.


While the arcane masters were shocked, perplexed, confused and even in doubt, Lord Ross roared as he entered the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

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