Chapter 508: Chaotic Battle

Chapter 508: Chaotic Battle


“It stinks! He’s familiar with that stench?”

Meraly and the Chinyu arcane masters were speechless.

“This smell...... it does seem familiar.”

However, Rinloran and Ferguillo glanced at each other and realized, “Ayrin!”

Stingham also realized the reason and shouted, “Yeah, it’s Ayrin that pervert! He’s using that stinky arcane skill again!”

“Ayrin? Then they have come out from the sewers? Are they safe?” Meraly called out in surprise.

“What’s safe about it? Aren’t there more enemies in the Royal Palace than in the sewers?” Stingham looked at her with contempt, “Idiot.”

Meraly almost puked blood. Is there anything more frustrating in this world than an idiot calling others idiot?

At that moment, Jean Camus interrupted them. “What’s the situation like outside?”

Stingham was beaten up by Jean Camus once which had become a trauma in his heart. When he heard Jean Camus’s voice, he immediately shuddered.

“We are here to save you. Ayrin is distracting the enemies somewhere else and cannot regroup with us for the moment. We have to find a way to escape quickly.” Ferguillo turned to look at Jean Camus, “What about your situation? You can’t get out?”

“This domain is too powerful, I can’t break it.” Jean Camus shook his head.

“Can’t break it? Then let’s leave. Goodbye.” Stingham immediately spoke.

“Idiot!” Rinloran lamented.

Stingham added, “They seem to be aiming that cannon at us.”

“What’s that?”

They turned around and saw the arcane masters wearing red or white arcane robes stopping at a distance seventy to eighty meters away. They aimed the cannon they were pulling at the group.

They shouted at Stingham’s group, “You heretics who dare to stain the holiness of the Divine Temple, I will give you one last chance. Dispel your arcane particles and surrender! Or you will be executed!”

“Are they sick?”

Stingham looked at the green spear in his hand, then at the surrounding arcane masters, “They were so scared of me, while the group over there dares to be so arrogant?”

“Oi, are you all idiots? Or did you become idiots after inhaling too much stench?”

Stingham shouted towards the arcane masters, “You dare to call me heretic when facing the real Green Dragon Prince?”

“It seems that they won’t know their place if I don’t show them my power.”

A stern-looking, grey-haired arcane master who had a strange red mark on his left cheek within the group of arcane masters gritted his teeth, “Just activate it!”


A cold glint flashed across his eyes. A wave of arcane particles was injected into the silver cannon.


The silver cannon rumbled. The dwarf sculpture suddenly leaned forward. The upper torso fixed to the front and both hands supported the ground, becoming a bipod support.

A silver cannon barrel slid out from the opened up part of the sculpture.

As he continued to inject arcane particles, a terrifying presence spread out from the silver cannon barrel.

What a dangerous aura!

Rinloran and Ferguillo changed their expressions.

The entire silver cannon shifted back half a meter. A platinum arcane energy cluster instantly grazed past the air above them.

The wind current it carried swept past and stung their faces.


The wall behind them had a large hole gouged open.

“What’s this artifact? It’s so powerful!”

“Shouldn’t arcane power be greatly diminished in the Green Dragon Divine Temple?”

Stingham’s face turned green.

“What’s that artifact?”

Most of the Divine Temple arcane masters wearing red or white arcane robes were also shocked.

It’s really as powerful as the legends say!

The stern-looking man also showed an excited expression.

“Lower the aim!” The red-marked arcane master shouted. Two arcane masters next to the metal cannon immediately began working to adjust the muzzle.


Another terrifying presence reverberated in the air.

“I poke!”

Stingham shivered and threw his spear on reflex.

The platinum arcane energy cluster approached. The spear in his hand turned into a streak of green flames and clashed against that cluster.


The platinum arcane energy cluster violently exploded.

Stingham’s Green Dragon Spear fell down from the explosion, then blinked and returned to Stingham’s hand.

It’s an even match?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Good thing this idiot won’t throw it backwards. He at least throws it in the right direction. Meraly felt relieved.

If not for Stingham’s Green Dragon Spear, they would have had to desperately dodge the cannon shots.

“It’s not broken!”

“It can block the cannon!”

Stingham looked at the unscatched Green Dragon Spear in his hand and proudly laughed.

Rinloran suddenly gained a flash of inspiration and exclaimed, “White Dwarven Artifact Cannon!”

He remembered a surrendered arcane team mentioning the search for the White Dwarven Artifact Cannon in a ruin discovered by the royal arcane team.

“This is the masterpiece of the Dwarf artificer told of in the legends! Is it an arcane energy cannon made with the unique White Dwarven Metal?”

The Chinyu arcane masters were astonished.

The White Dwarven Artifact Cannon was the strongest weapon of the dwarves during the Era of the War with Dragons. The Dwarven Corps which did not have any powerful arcane masters gained glorious achievements in the war because of this artifact.


Another terrifying presence was released by the metal cannon.

“Again? Haha!”

Stingham was really proud and just threw the spear forward.

The green flame scraped past the platinum arcane energy cluster.

Stingham’s laughter instantly halted.

“You can’t even hit that!?”

“You can’t even hit such a big cluster?”

They immediately dodged to the sides after seeing the spectacle.


They all assumed Stingham’s spear would take on the arcane energy cluster and acted one step too late. Although they were not hit directly, the shock wave released by the cluster splashed to the surroundings. They were hit by it and almost blacked out while cursing Stingham.

However, the platinum arcane cluster shot past them and hit the building Jean Camus was in. In the loud explosion, that thin grey film remained unaffected. Meanwhile, the platinum arcane cluster suddenly turned into countless streaks of beautiful platinum flames like a flower in full bloom.

“It didn’t even budge after such a powerful hit. What kind of domain is that?” Stingham felt ashamed and speechless after retrieving his spear.



Ayrin, Charlotte and Merlin were running around in the Doa Royal Palace.

So satisfying!

I’m really satisfied!

Ayrin’s satisfied expression looked disgusting. Even his brows seemed to be dancing in joy.

Although they could not take away the dragon egg, he had been wanting to try the flavor of a dragon egg ever since he ate the Evil Toutous. And he really got to try one!

There shouldn’t be more than twenty hatchable dragon eggs in the entire Doraster Continent...... I actually ate one of them!

“Charlotte, I can sense the aura of a domain!”

Ayrin could sense a familiar feeling spreading out in his body.

The dragon tea egg seemed to have been completely digested and integrated with the cells in his body.

“You don’t have the time to perceive it. Let’s run back into the sewer first! Otherwise, we will be surrounded!” Charlotte quickly shouted as she pulled Ayrin towards the path leading towards the lowest level of the Royal Palace. She finally saw several sewer entrances covered with copper lids.


However, at that moment, the copper lids blasted open.

The path they were on was also bulging up and cracking.

“What’s that?” She screamed in shock. A huge object surfaced from the broken ground.

“What’s that large thing? Is it edible?”

Ayrin paused and stared at it.

“You’re still thinking about eating?” Charlotte wanted to cry.

“Daddy......” Helgy rushed to his side and called out happily.

“Hit it!” Ayrin shouted.

A clump of pink glow spread out and covered Helgy.

“Hic...... Hah......”

Helgy’s eyes immediately spun in circles. She was shrouded in a rose-colored glow and jumped forward.


However, at that moment, a roar rang out in the sky behind them and a dangerous presence rushed towards them.

“Not good, run!”

Ayrin suddenly realized something was amiss.

It seemed the huge object could let the terrifying arcane master behind them lock onto their position.

Ayrin immediately shouted and pulled Charlotte to run away. He had no time to check on Helgy’s situation.

“That is?”

After running for a bit, a large number of green buildings that looked especially ancient entered their vision.

“Green Dragon Divine Temple?”

Ayrin and Charlotte immediately realized what it was.

They coincidentally ran into the Green Dragon Divine Temple zone!

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