Chapter 507: Nostalgic Smell

Chapter 507: Nostalgic Smell


“What’s happening?”

“Why is there such a strong evil aura?”

The layer of black light protecting the egg was destroyed by Ayrin. The purplish black particles swarmed out and the entire Doa Royal Palace was alerted. Countless silhouettes dashed about.

“Catch him!”

“What’s that? A dragon egg!”

Ayrin, Charlotte and Merlin were dressed completely different from the Doa Royal City’s arcane masters. In addition, the egg in Ayrin’s hand released powerful arcane energy fluctuations. Some guards quickly discovered their location.

A dragon egg was stolen?


The guard who discovered Ayrin’s location but did not know what happened was furious.

A dragon egg would allow an arcane masters to stand at the peak. After the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign, it could even decide the balance of some organizations.

It was the most valuable asset to the entire Kingdom.


A figure shrouded in a rose-colored glow suddenly dashed out from the side and followed Ayrin who was hugging a dragon egg.

“Lady Helgy?”


The moment an arcane master noticed Helgy, he was dumbfounded.

What did the Green Dragon Divine Temple Oracle...... call that egg thief?


At that moment, the arcane masters along the path also saw Ayrin munching on the huge egg.



They screamed in shock.

The arcane energy fluctuations from the egg were extraordinary. They could tell it was an egg that could be hatched!

But this thief is actually munching on it!

“Ayrin, this should be a dragon egg!”

Charlotte almost went crazy as well while desperately following Ayrin.

She saw the crimson egg shell had a piece bitten out of it by Ayrin.

“They’re actually using a dragon egg to cook tea egg! How luxurious!”

Ayrin’s eyes also opened wide.

“You’re still saying tea egg!” Charlotte really wanted to puke blood, “The egg should be hatchable!”

“It should be almost cooked after burning for so long! It must have become a tea egg!” Ayrin shouted while biting into the egg shell.

“Different dragon eggs have different ways of hatching! They might also......”

“It’s too late! Even if it can hatch, it’s useless now. Its arcane energy fluctuation is too powerful. We cannot bring it out. I can only eat it like a tea egg.”

Charlotte was interrupted by Ayrin. She realized that despite Ayrin’s obsession with food, it really did seem to be their only choice.

She asked in worry, “Are you sure you can eat it?”

This dragon egg is clearly used in a ritual by those six-gate Evil Dragon followers. It’s unknown what kind of power it absorbed.

“It seems fine, I can devour it.”

Ayrin did not spit out the egg shell in his mouth. He could sense the shell fragments were decomposing into particles. It felt just like the time he devoured the Ice Dragon Spirit, apart from the different arcane power property.

“It really tastes like tea egg!” He even had the spare time to comment on the taste.

“Tea egg your head! If it’s really a tea egg, this will be the most expensive tea egg in the entire Doraster Continent. One that nobody can afford!” Charlotte felt the urge to puke blood again.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

After swallowing a piece of egg shell, Ayrin felt something solid in his stomach and gained some energy. He began munching in earnest.


“That’s a dragon egg!”

“You will definitely be hung on the gallows and sentenced to death ten thousand times over!”

The arcane masters who saw Ayrin eating the egg trembled violently and almost lost control of their arcane particle flows.


A terrifying presence suddenly swept from afar, seemingly aiming at Ayrin.

The ceilings and walls of nearby buildings were pulverized and blown to smithereens by the powerful impact. The beautiful and ancient buildings were burned through. A scorched passage stretched to Ayrin’s location from far away.

It was a terrifying arcane skill. Even five-gate arcane masters felt it was a power they could not oppose.

However, Ayrin was already far away and still sprinting

So, that power was still over a hundred meters away from him when the presence disappeared.

An arcane master shrouded in vigorous arcane energy fluctuations which turned to shock waves stood at the other side of the scorched passage. Black smoke was rising from him into the sky like a black pillar.

Although he could not hit Ayrin over such a long distance, he seemed to have sensed what Ayrin was doing after clearing away the obstacles.

“You dare...... Ah! I’m going to kill you!”

That arcane master was fuming as arcane particles gushed out from his nose.

Two shock waves took form in front of him.

“So powerful! I must quickly eat it! Or else, we won’t be able to hide our tracks and escape!”

Ayrin raised his speed in both running and eating.


A dazzling light suddenly rushed out from the egg shell next to his mouth.

There seemed to be countless stars floating within the dazzling light.

“I got through!”

“It’s the yolk!”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide in surprise.

The unknown dragon egg had a crimson egg shell, but the inside was yellowish. It was not liquid, but a semi-solid substance. It really looked like a half-cooked tea egg!

“What? He got to the yolk!”

The terrifying arcane master in the distance went mad. He floated up into the sky.

A huge black throne appeared beneath him and waves of explosions burst out.

“This is bad! If we get targeted by such a dangerous forbidden skill, we will be erased from existence without a trace!”


Ayrin sucked out the substance with all his strength.

The technique he obtained from binge drinking before allowed him to suck out every last drop of yolk in a single breath. He swallowed everything.


Several desperate screams could be heard from afar.

The unique arcane energy fluctuation of the dragon egg seemed to have disappeared in an instant. The broken egg shell only contained a little residue.

“Crack crack......”

However, even the Faerie Dragon ‘Great King’ almost fainted when Ayrin did not even spare the egg shell. He continued munching.

“Ayrin, throw that eggshell away! They can still use that to track us! Or let ‘Great King’ take that eggshell in another direction to distract them.” Charlotte shouted towards Ayrin.

The dangerous Evil Dragon Bishop level arcane masters were clearly sensitive to the egg’s arcane energy. She could tell the arcane master with the black throne was getting closer.

Based on the arcane energy fluctuations and sonic booms in the surroundings, many arcane teams were creating an encirclement around them.

She believed that the best method was to let ‘Great King’ lure away the opponents using the eggshell. The Faerie Dragon was a master at hiding its presence, so it should not be difficult for it to escape in the chaos and regroup with them.

“I can’t waste it! There’s another way!”

However, Ayrin did not give up. He crunched the egg shell into pieces and stuffed several pieces into his mouth.

“Skunk Devil Summoning!”

“Death by Puking Domain!”

At the same time, powerful arcane energy fluctuations exploded from Ayrin’s body.


Charlotte wanted to cry.

Ayrin finally used his favorite arcane skill and domain.


An indescribable stench exploded in the Royal Palace.

Every pursuing arcane master dashed away as their faces turned green.

Especially those closest to Ayrin, who were almost hit by the Death by Puking Domain, had it worst. The unprepared arcane masters desperately vomited.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

As the wave of stench exploded and arcane masters desperately ran away, even the terrifying arcane master with the black throne had lost track of Ayrin and could not locate the egg shell. He roared hysterically.

A huge black tail suddenly grew out from the ground beneath him. It slammed the surrounding buildings as if venting his anger.

Parts of the Royal Palace collapsed.

“What’s that?”

The arcane masters who witnessed that scene were greatly shocked. They saw many things beyond their imaginations in one day. That black tail did not look like a dragon or a snake, it also did not seem to be a tentacle. However, it gave off a terrifying feeling as dangerous as a Dragon.



“What do we do? Lord Lusuka! The enemies are about to enter the Heretic Judgement Center!”

In a place far away, a thin and tall arcane master amongst those wearing red or white arcane robes who was sweating profusely asked, “Why aren’t Bishop Ross or the other Bishops coming!?”

“Don’t panic! Lord Murando has gone to prepare weapons that can resist them! Lord Ross and the others are doing a more important job!” A stern-looking grey-haired man next to him spoke, “Plus, apart from Jean Camus, the other prisoners in the Heretic Judgement Center have been executed or transferred! The Dragon Head Prison Jean Camus is in has the domain our Bishop personally deployed. They will never break into it! We just need to surround them! They won’t be able to escape!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At that moment, a sonic boom rang out.

The ringing sound of metal chains and the dragging sounds of a heavy object accompanied the sonic boom.

“Lord Lusuka is here!”

“What’s that?”

The Divine Temple arcane masters surrounding Stingham’s group turned around and saw several arcane masters connected to silver metal chains. The chains were pulling a metal cannon.

There was a silver dwarf sculpture on the metal cannon.

“Jean Camus!”

By then, Stingham’s group had reached the entrance of the Heretic Judgement Center. They could see from a glance that there was a hall which looked like a dragon head. The entire hall was wrapped in a grey film.

The exterior of the Heretic Judgement Center with many tiny windows surrounded that hall like a wall.

They also saw Jean Camus standing at the entrance of that hall right behind the grey film.

“What’s that?”

It was then that they noticed the strange metal cannon.

“Ugh, why is it so smelly? Why is this stench so familiar?” Stingham sniffed and suddenly exclaimed.

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