Chapter 506: Eat It Raw!

Chapter 506: Eat It Raw!


After hearing the echoes, Ayrin and Charlotte could tell the structure of the golden roof building was that of a large hotel in the ancient Kingdom of Doa.

The building had a pagoda structure. The middle hall connected from the bottom floor to the roof. Each floor had ring-shaped stairs in the middle, with rooms evenly distributed around the edge.

With such a structure, they would be able to see what was in the middle hall the moment they exited the room.

“There’s arcane power protection!”

However, when they got near the door of the room, Ayrin immediately sensed a unique domain fluctuation.

He could see the doors and walls were also golden, but there was a layer of black light covering them. From a distance, they even mistook the doors and walls for being black.

There are so many arcane masters taking turns patrolling outside, and there is even arcane power protection inside the building. What could they be hiding in here?

Ayrin and Charlotte glanced at each other and became even more curious.

Ayrin tried to touch the layer of black light with his finger and immediately felt his finger getting repelled. There were tiny arcane power needles stabbing into his body and causing a numbing sensation.

It seemed to be a large-scale fixed defensive barrier created by a fixed artifact.

Charlotte also got closer to the layer of black light.

She could vaguely hear whiffing sounds.

She did not know what was in the middle hall, but she could sense waves of arcane energy fluctuations generating the whiffing sounds.

She reminded Ayrin to be more careful.

However, at that moment, Ayrin forcefully inserted his hand into the layer of black light.

Ayrin’s body was spasming, but the closed door was opened ajar.

Charlotte’s gaze froze.

A large cluster of purplish black clouds filled her view.

The purplish black clouds were clearly made out of countless purplish black particles. She could tell at a glance it was filled with an evil aura.

Next, she saw four purplish black crystal pillars erected in the middle of the hall below the clouds!

At the center of the four purplish black crystal pillars, there was a black gold-colored metal basin with a two-meter diameter floating. Arcane power flowed like a water current from the four pillars and condensed in the basin, becoming drops of a shiny liquid.

There was a dark red fire pillar constantly burning below the basin. The purplish black liquid in the basin was boiling. However, there was a crimson-colored egg of about half a meter in diameter rolling at the center of the basin.

One arcane master stood next to each pillar. They put one of their hands on the pillars and were wrapped in purplish black flame. The flame spewed out chain-like, black light rays from their robust bodies.

“They’re cooking hotpot?”

Ayrin’s surprised voice rang next to Charlotte.

“......” Charlotte almost knocked her head on the floor.

“Oh, it’s not.” Ayrin mumbled.

Charlotte looked a little better.

“They are cooking tea egg!” Ayrin spoke excitedly.

“......” Charlotte blacked out.

What kind of bizarre mentality do you need to think they are cooking tea egg!?

Why is the boy I like so smart during battles, yet so dumb when it gets to food?

“It seems to be the remains of the Evil Dragon!”

Ayrin’s gaze finally moved from the egg and stopped on the four pillars.

“Using four pieces of Evil Dragon remains to cook tea egg, what a big price.”

Ayrin sighed, “We found only one such piece in the Fallen Shadow Valley.”

Still tea egg?

Charlotte wanted to puke blood.

That egg looks like a dragon egg no matter how you look at it.

The four robust arcane masters desperately stimulated the Evil Dragon remains to drip out arcane power crystals. They seemed to be trying to use its power to change the property of the dragon egg.

“Are they trying to nurture a new baby Evil Dragon!?”

“They are using this method to resurrect the Evil Dragon?”

Charlotte paled at such a thought.

At that moment, an arcane master wearing black arcane robes and shrouded in black mist rushed into the hall and reported, “Lord! It’s Lady Helgy! Lady Helgy is coming here!”

“Helgy, is she crazy!? What’s she doing here at this moment?”

Two of the four robust arcane masters roared out.

“She’s not crazy...... She seems to be drunk......” The reporting arcane master had a bitter expression.


The four robus arcane masters roared out at the same time, “Stop her!”

“We can’t!”

“Lady Helgy seems to have used some sort of domain and those who tried to stop her also became drunk......” The reporting arcane master had a helpless expression.

“What?” The four robust arcane masters became confused. They seemed to be panting and the aura around them kept bloating.


At that moment, the door was hit by something heavy. Whoosh! A royal guard suddenly rushed in while spinning circles.

The royal guard was taken aback by the scene inside for a moment.

“Hahahaha...... Cooking tea egg......” Next, he pointed at the basin in the center and began laughing.

“Cheers...... So delicious......”

At the same time, more commotion could be heard.

“Lord Carons, we can’t stop Lady Helgy!” Shouts of panic could be heard from outside.

She actually caused such a commotion?

Charlotte was dumbfounded.

“Helgy, that’s too much!”

“You want to be purged and have your bloodline extracted?”

Two of the four robust arcane masters roared out again.

At that moment, Helgy’s voice could be heard. “Hic...... Hah......”

A large group of people swarmed into the hall.

The four robust arcane masters seemed to be dumbfounded.

Helgy jumped about amongst the group of people. In her surroundings, apart from those arcane masters trying to stop her, there were another few thrashing about just like her.

It made those arcane masters trying to stop her unable to use powerful arcane skills.

“I...... hit......”

Just as the four robust arcane masters were dumbfounded at Helgy’s appearance, Helgy seemed to have targeted them and dashed towards the nearest one.

“You...... Damn it!”

That arcane master wrapped in purplish black flames and chain-like black light was both shocked and angry. His chilling voice was merciless.

A spiral-shaped black shock wave rushed out from his mouth and shot towards Helgy.

“Hic...... Hah...... Ah......”

Helgy was blown away and flew out in a trail of rose-colored glow.


However, at the same same, waves of purplish black light and a rose-colored glow spread out in the middle hall.

“Domain power!” the four robust arcane masters shouted simultaneously. They noticed something amiss.

At that moment, the arcane power and domain collided. It shook the entire middle hall, causing the purplish black particle clouds to rapidly spread and block their sight.

The arcane power on the four Evil Dragon remains also became unstable. As the four robust arcane masters roared, the arcane power shooting out from the four Evil Dragon remains became streaks of light and cut around the middle hall.


“Charlotte, Merlin, follow me!”

Seeing the chaos down below with purplish black particles blocking the view, Ayrin’s eyes immediately sparkled.


Even his fractured right arm stopped hurting. He stabbed his hands into the layer of black light in front and tore it open.

The entire layer of black light shook and lost its arcane structure balance. It began disappearing.


His movements were astonishingly fast.

While Charlotte and Merlin were still jumping down, he already landed next to the basin.


The black gold-colored basin flew out to the side.

Ayrin hugged the egg that dropped out of the basin and desperately dashed to the door with sparkling eyes.

“Who’s there?”

“He actually......”

The four robust arcane masters who were trying to control the rampaging Evil Dragon remains could not react in time. The moment they realized somebody stole the egg, their hair stood up on their ends.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four terrifying arcane energy fluctuations shook in the middle hall.

“No way!”

“They are all arcane masters with six arcane gates opened!”

The purplish black cloud rolled out of the building. Ayrin, who had run a distance away amongst the chaos, also felt his scalp numbing.

Their auras are similar to Helgy’s helper down in the sewer.

We are doomed if they catch us!

“Someone stole the treasure!”

“Chase after them!”

“They can’t escape! There’s an arcane power aura in the treasure!”

“Kill whoever tries to interfere!”

Roars filled with overwhelming terror kept coming out from the building. Many beautiful crystal ceilings and windows were shattered. Sparkling shards rained down.

“We will really get caught at this rate!”

“The arcane energy fluctuation is too powerful!”

Ayrin felt like he was holding a ticking bomb. Waves of powerful arcane energy fluctuations formed a mysterious halo around the egg.

I will just eat it raw!

There won’t be any arcane energy fluctuations if I eat it!

“Ah!” Ayrin shouted and bit on the egg shell!

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