Chapter 505: The Best Bait

Chapter 505: The Best Bait


“So...... big......”

Ayrin’s face spasmed. He looked like a child suffering from dementia.

“......” Charlotte was at a loss for words.

They had decided to become a thief couple in the wine cellar and steal from the warehouses of Doa Royal Palace. However, after they began venturing in the Royal Palace, they were completely dumbfounded.

Doa Royal Palace was too complicated and big. Rooms after rooms and passages after passages connected to one another. There were glass ceilings built at intersections of many buildings. The light shining down from above was colorful and mystifying. A similar theme was used for decorating the palace. On the ground lay a red carpet, colorful crystal or shells embedded the window frames and dark red curtains hung at the side. Ayrin and Charlotte turned around and around. They even suspected they were lost.

Most importantly, the decorations in Doa Royal Palace appeared to be too luxurious to Ayrin and Charlotte who came from a small city like St. Lauren.

There were expensive jade stones everywhere on the walls, along with silver, gold and other gems. At the end of the passage they were currently in, there hung a picture on the wall made out of gems of various colors.

The Faerie Dragon was showing an even more exaggerated expression.

‘Great King’, who had been hiding in Merlin’s metal box, was currently sticking to that picture like a gecko.

It held a gem in its mouth and its claws desperately clawed at another one.

On their way, it had already dug out many gems from different places.

It kept stuffing the gems into Merlin’s metal box. Meanwhile, Merlin kept throwing out the gems as she thought those were unrelated to her artificer craft.

As a result, in the places they passed by, the vases, corners of carpets, lampshades of crystal lamps...... there were gems dumped in every unsuspecting corner.

However, despite all that, Merlin’s metal box clearly became heavier.

That was because Merlin herself would suddenly yank a piece of something from the wall or somewhere else from time to time.

After walking around for a while, Merlin quickly modified the metal box she carried into one that was two heads taller than she was herself.

“What do we do?”

Seeing the Faerie Dragon which could not resist the gems, Charlotte turned to Ayrin, “We will really end up as the lowest gem thieves at this rate. Great King and Merlin will demolish the Doa Royal Palace.”

“What a headache!”

Ayrin scratched his head, then spoke confidently, “The better guarded areas should have higher quality stuff. The places we’ve been through hardly had any patrols, so there definitely are few important things. Why don’t we take a look at the heavily guarded areas?”

Hearing Ayrin’s words, the Faerie Dragon madly nodded. With a small cracking sound, it forcefully used its teeth to dig out a gem. Then, it rushed back and put it into the metal box on Merlin’s back.

The moment it flew back to the picture on the wall, Merlin took out the gem the Faerie Dragon put in. She did not even look at what it was before flicking it accurately behind a vase in the distance.

“Heavily guarded areas?” Charlotte felt that Ayrin’s words were reasonable.

“Look, that building has a lot more arcane masters guarding it. There must be some good stuff!” Ayrin had already walked to a window. He waved his arm to signal Charlotte to follow and pointed to a nearby building.

“There really are!”

Charlotte became nervous.

It was a building with a roof made out of pure gold. There were four clocktower-like watchtowers around the building.

Not only were there four watchtowers, there were also arcane masters constantly leaping over the roof and looking around.

If not for the colorful crystal windows, those arcane masters would have already spotted Ayrin and Charlotte.

“Come, let’s go there!”

Ayrin had found their new target. He hid his arcane energy fluctuations and sneaked towards it without making a sound.

“There are at least five arcane teams guarding from high vantage points. They will spot us if we go any closer.” Charlotte frowned as she analyzed next to Ayrin in an empty room close to their target.

They could see better from their current position. An arcane team would appear on the roof every few minutes. One arcane team would stay in each of the four watchtowers around the building.

“We have to cause a commotion to distract some of those arcane teams in order to get in.” Ayrin saw the windows in the shadows in some places. Then, he turned around and looked at Helgy.

“Daddy......” Helgy saw his face and unsurprisingly called out.

“Are you planning to use her to distract those arcane teams?” Charlotte looked at Ayrin with some hesitation, “Isn’t it a little too cold-hearted? She only has the intelligence of a child who just learned to speak.”


Ayrin scratched his head embarrassingly, “But she’s an Evil Dragon follower, an Evil Dragon Vice Bishop at that. She must have done plenty of evil deeds. She also tried to kill us...... Even if she abandons her past and joins us, she must at least show some performance! She can prove herself by being bait. Once she completes this mission, we will believe that she has turned over a new leaf. She can then fight the Evil Dragon followers alongside us!”

“She’s already become like this, yet you can’t trust her...... I still feel it’s a little too harsh......” Charlotte was still hesitating.

“Who’s there!?”

However, at that moment, a chilling shout could be heard in the passage behind them.

“We’re still discussing how not to get discovered, but we got discovered already!”

Ayrin and Charlotte became speechless and turned around in frustration.

Three arcane masters wearing the royal guard arcane robes stood in the passage behind them.

“Ah, Lady Helgy.”

However, at that moment, the three royal guards saw Helgy’s face and quickly retreated with pale faces.

“Since it’s Lady Helgy, we won’t interrupt.”

The three royal guards immediately disappeared.


Ayrin and Charlotte became dumbfounded after getting ready to battle.

“These guys don’t know what happened! The news of the underground battle must have not spread out above ground yet!”

“She has a high position. It seems that these arcane masters are scared of her!”

After a second, they realized the situation.

“Her identity is special, we can use her to attract attention. It will produce an amazing effect!”

“Her identity has not been exposed yet. Even if she attracts attention, she should not be in danger.”

“I choose her!”

“Let’s use my new domain!” Ayrin immediately decided.


Pink glow quickly manifested and wrapped around Helgy.


The pink glow quickly disappeared. Meanwhile, Helgy’s face flushed and her eyes started spinning.

“Hic...... Hah......!”

Helgy jumped up and shouted as if she were training. She began punching and kicking like a battle maniac and a rose-colored glow immediately covered her.

“It’s up to you!”

Ayrin looked at her embarrassingly. A gust of wind surged past him.

“Daddy...... Hic...... Hah! Ah......”

Helgy just called out ‘Daddy’ again and was pushed out of the window by the gust of wind.

 The Faerie Dragon despised Ayrin and said in his heart, “So cruel......”

The window was over twenty meters high. It seemed that Helgy had a big scare.

“Who’s there!?”

At that moment, all arcane teams nearby were alerted.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The instant Helgy landed, there were at least six arcane masters appearing around her.

“Lady Helgy?”

Seeing the face of the intruder, they were dumbfounded.

“Hic...... Hah......”

Helgy kept jumping and punching out towards them like a boxer who had just learned the basics.


All the arcane masters who saw this were dumbfounded.

What’s going on?

The usually cold, elegant and holy Divine Temple Oracle is jumping up and down like a little girl, what’s up with her?

“Hic...... Hah......”

Just as the arcane masters were dumbfounded, Helgy wanted to break free from the encirclement. She jumped in front of an arcane master and punched him.


That arcane master immediately deployed a defensive arcane skill. He was forced a few steps back.

“Ugh...... Haha...... Great wine......”

“Lady Helgy, you’re here...... I even thought about stealing your underwear once or twice......”

However, the surrounding arcane masters almost tripped as the arcane master who touched the rose-colored glow on Helgy became red-faced. He wobbled on the spot and began laughing foolishly.

“Hic...... Hit......!”

Helgy rushed to another arcane master.

That arcane master was hit squarely by a punch and knocked back while still dumbfounded.

“Ah...... So thrilling! Today’s such a happy day...... I’m feeling excited when thinking about finding some fun tonight......” That arcane master instantly became red-faced too and flipped around on the ground while laughing.

“Be careful!”

“You will get drunk if she touches you and blabber nonsense!”

“Is this a test from the Green Dragon Divine Temple? They are using this method to make us spill our real thoughts!”

The arcane masters were caught in the bluff and began retreating.

“It’s really effective!”

While Helgy was attracting the attention of those arcane masters, Ayrin and Charlotte had successfully opened a window in the shade and infiltrated the building with the golden roof.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is the outside so noisy at such a crucial time!”

The moment they soundlessly entered through the window, Ayrin and Charlotte could hear an angry yell from inside.

There was a large hall in the building. The yell kept echoing.

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