Chapter 504: The Thief Couple’s Decision

Chapter 504: The Thief Couple’s Decision


The domain seemed to last for a long time. Several minutes later, Helgy was still going ‘Hic hah...... Hic hah......’.

Ayrin instinctively felt that Helgy’s close range combat power had become amazing under the effect of his domain. However, he held back from trying it out as he was worried he might get completely drunk.

“This must have happened because I drank so much wine......”

Ayrin recalled all the wine he drank from those wine barrels. The wine should have contained a lot of alcohol. That was because Charlotte felt a little dizzy and stayed away when he just unplugged the first barrel. He had drunk an astonishing amount of wine, which should be the accumulation of the entire Doa Royal Palace over countless years.

“Could it be...... after eating or drinking so much of something with the same arcane energy property...... the absorbed energy becomes sufficient to generate a domain level power?”

An inspiration flashed across his mind, and he shouted, “Just like the Ice Dragon Spirit! The Ice Dragon Spirit is like a cluster of domain crystals.”

“Eating too much of something with the same arcane energy property?” Charlotte did not understand what he meant.

“Yeah!” Ayrin felt great anticipation. He immediately explained, “Charlotte, if there’s something edible and the arcane energy within it is strong enough to become a domain that can repel foreign arcane power, will I be able to learn it if I eat it?”

Charlotte was shocked.

“It’s not impossible!”

She suddenly became excited. Her face also blushed in excitement, “Ayrin, you can devour the Ice Dragon Spirit, but other arcane masters definitely can’t. You can drink such a large volume of wine sufficient to drown five monsters, but other arcane masters cannot. Hence, your bloodline...... might be to allow you to use this method to generate and control new domains. Ayrin, Belo has completely awakened his beastman bloodline which allowed him to devour the essence of blood from other people to let his blood mutate. Your bloodline talent might be to integrate and absorb external arcane energy and produce new abilities. It’s just like creating an artifact within your body!”

“Then, you also think it’s possible?”

Ayrin became even more excited and raised his volume, “There should be warehouses in the Doa Royal Palace, right? Charlotte, what if we find some warehouses which stores edible things, and those edible things contain domain level amounts of arcane energy, will I be able to learn other domains too? If I can learn a few more domains, I should be able to hold my ground against the Evil Dragon Bishop. I don’t have to run away immediately like what Teacher Liszt told me, right?”

“It’s possible!”

Charlotte was also getting motivated and blushed. She and Ayrin were just like a thief couple.

The Kingdom of Doa is the most ancient kingdom. It also practices monarchy. All Corps and Lords have to listen to the King’s orders and serve the King. The warehouses in the Doa Royal Palace must be keeping a lot of good stuff!

If there are things on the level of the Ice Dragon Spirit, he will definitely learn a new powerful domain!

“Best would be those pure offensive type destructive domains.”

Ayrin rubbed his hands and began evaluating, “Amongst the domains I possess, the Lunar God’s Domain is sufficiently powerful. It can even suck in the nearby opponents and force them into a melee against me, along with various other effects. However, my arcane level is still insufficient. I need to open at least five arcane gates in order to become a fatal threat to six-gate arcane masters. It’s the same for the Fire Embers Teacher Donna taught me. If not for my insufficient arcane level, it would have naturally turned into a unique domain. Water Rendering Boundary is very useful. The water particles can seep deep into the enemy’s body, but it’s slow. If the opponent is too powerful, there is sufficient time for a counterattack, so it can only be used for restraining purposes. The Eternal Winter Domain can be seen as a great ice arcane power amplification domain, but it lacks offensive power. So, if I can get a pure offensive type destructive domain, I will be complete. Even if I can’t raise my arcane level quickly, my fighting strength will become a level higher!”

“Oh right!”

After listing out his domains, Ayrin slapped his head and exclaimed, “I still have the Death by Puking Domain. I haven’t used that domain for a long time. It’s also an interesting domain. I wonder if Morgan is still smelly...... Unfortunately, this domain only makes people puke, it also lacks offensive power.”


Charlotte was speechless.

Although Ayrin had already learned an astonishing number of arcane skills, he still seemed to really like Skunk Devil Summoning and Death by Puking Domain.

At that moment, Helgy finally stopped. The rose-colored glow also dissipated. Ayrin casually asked her, “Oi, do you know where the warehouses in the Doa Royal Palace are?”


Helgy seemed confused and called Ayrin daddy again. She did not even understand the meaning of the word ‘warehouse’, and also could not understand what happened to her.

“She seems to have really reverted to the intelligence of a child who just learned how to speak.” Charlotte lamented, but at the same time spoke with sympathy, “Her nerve damage is too great. She is like a child who just learned how to walk and speak.”

“It seems that way. Looks like I have to treat her like a child who just learned how to speak. In that case, she wouldn’t know where the warehouses are located.” Ayrin was a little frustrated. However, he seemed to have remembered something, “In that case, we must educate her properly. Otherwise, she will lose her arcane master’s belief and take the wrong path again.”

“Oi!” He immediately began lecturing Helgy, “You must be obedient from now on. An arcane master’s belief is to protect his or her family and friends and to protect the peace of Doraster. Do you understand?”

“Daddy......” Helgy’s eyes blinked. She seemed to understand him somewhat.

“......” Charlotte was speechless again. Are we really going to keep such a big daughter?

“In that case, we can only look for the warehouses secretly.” Ayrin told Charlotte. He then turned back to Helgy and instructed, “When we go out later, don’t make any noise. Otherwise it will be dangerous, do you understand?”


“Don’t speak!”


“You’re still speaking even though you nodded!”



After one minute, Ayrin admitted defeat. Although Helgy seemed to understand him and nodded, she would call him every time she saw his face. He had to turn his back on Helgy for her to obediently remain quiet and follow him.


“Are you going to surrender or not? You don’t dare to fight, yet don’t want to surrender. Aren’t you tired?”

While Ayrin, Charlotte, Merlin and Helgy left the wine cellar and infiltrated the Royal Palace, Stingham’s shouts could be heard in the depths of the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

It was truly a strange yet laughable situation.

There were at least forty to fifty arcane masters surrounding Stingham’s group. By right, it should be the Divine Temple arcane masters with the numerical advantage demanding Stingham’s group to surrender. However, the arcane masters surrounding Stingham’s group maintained a distance from him. They did not dare to get close and kept finding cover while moving.

Stingham was also frustrated. He still could not believe that he could not aim and wanted to throw the spear a few more times. However, Rinloran and Meraly did not permit him to throw it again, at least not randomly in such a situation.

They were relying on the Green Dragon Spear to scare away the arcane masters. If they let the arcane masters realize that the one time he did hit a target was a fluke, they would have a hard time escaping from the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

They could also clearly see that the arcane masters that tried to stop them mostly wore the red or white arcane robes. Those were the guardian arcane masters of the priests. Meanwhile, the ones wearing green arcane robes were patrol arcane masters in the outer area. They did not stay at the interior of the Divine Temple for long periods of time. So, they were mostly unaware of the situation, while the arcane masters in red or white arcane robes were clearly involved. They might very well be Evil Dragon followers!

The Divine Temple Heretic Judgement Center was already in their view. It was a green building, but had a solemn appearance. It was just like a stronghold with many small windows like air vents.

“What’s wrong?” Things seemed to be going in a positive direction. Many green-robed arcane masters were beginning to hold suspicions and took a neutral stance. However, Meraly could sense that the closer they got to the Heretic Judgement Center, the more nervous Rinloran became. Even his killing intent became thicker.

“The person killed by Stingham isn’t really a big shot.” Hearing Meraly’s inquiry, Rinloran whispered in a chilling tone, “Why hasn’t an Evil Dragon Bishop level expert shown up yet?”

Meraly’s breath suddenly paused. Cold sweat seeped out on her back.

Ferguillo slowly took a deep breath and a mysterious glint flashed across his eyes.

What Rinloran said was what he was concerned about the most.

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