Chapter 502: Latent Bloodline Awakening

Chapter 502: Latent Bloodline Awakening


“We’re finally out!”

Ayrin panted heavily and coughed after inhaling some of the dust.

The five monsters laid limp next to him.

The destructive pale green light was too dangerous. It almost instantly shaved off the huge towers. They felt even more sick and scared when Ayrin ran faster than them despite his body almost breaking apart.

“That’s the real Evil Dragon Bishop, a six-gate arcane master! One arcane skill can cover such a large area!”

Charlotte was also trying to catch her breath.

They had run out of the frost mist and vine area. However, the dust still kept pouring out. It was not hard to imagine the power contained within that pale green light.

Charlotte looked behind Ayrin and suddenly screamed, “Ah!”

“What? No way?”

Ayrin turned around and also had a scare.

The innocent-looking Helgy was standing right behind him and was pulling on the hem of his arcane robe.

Seeing Ayrin turn around, Helgy became happy and called out again, “Daddy......”

“Who’s your daddy!? I’m shorter than you, can my daughter be as big as you?”

Ayrin was speechless.

“Daddy......” However, Helgy just looked at him and repeated the same word. She then tried to hug him.

“Go away!”

Ayrin jumped away in fright.

He felt creeped out when he remembered her arcane level.

Helgy did not move as she stubbornly repeated the same word again, “Daddy......”

“What’s wrong with you? You’re an Evil Dragon follower! Fight me!” Ayrin lamented.

“Daddy!” Helgy remained stubborn.

“Fight me! You’re an Evil Dragon follower!” Ayrin shouted.

“Daddy!” Helgy said.

“Damn! Aren’t you the Evil Dragon Vice Bishop? Fight me! How am I going to beat you up if you’re like this?”


“Didn’t you want to kill me? Attack, now!”


“Damn! You only know how to say daddy? I’m a true brave warrior! If you keep calling me daddy like this, how am I going to fight you?”


“If you don’t attack, I will hit you!”



“What’s going on?”

Ayrin resigned. He looked at the five monsters and Charlotte with a hopeless face. He felt like crying.

“You don’t even know yourself, how should we know?”

“You’re so perverted, how would we know what you did to her?”

The five slumping monsters glanced at one another and grumbled in their minds. However, they did not dare to speak out.

“Is it a mental effect caused by the Warlock Variation?”

Charlotte also looked at Ayrin with a confused expression, “Also, how did you use the Psychic Style’s Netherworld: Fatal Seven?”

“I got it!”

Ayrin seemed to have come to a sudden realization. He shouted, “We must escape immediately.”

“What do you mean?”

The five monsters became nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Charlotte asked.

“That extremely powerful helper was hit with Netherworld: Fatal Seven, but should survive that. And that helper might be coming after us after recovering.”

Ayrin looked at the five monsters and quickly spoke, “You five, hurry up and find a route that leads to the Royal Palace above. Also, if you dare to gloat again, I will eat you!”

The five monsters immediately shivered in fear and desperately nodded.

“We will run into the Royal Palace above?” Charlotte became dumbfounded.

“The commotion underground is too big. Many arcane masters were attracted to the sewers. There are probably less arcane masters in the Royal Palace than down here right now. Plus, the person who almost killed us should also be searching for us in the sewers. We will be safer if we go up.” Ayrin nodded and urged the five monsters, “Lead the way!”

“I know a place nearby that leads up......” The Ice Lord immediately appealed.

“Alright, you bunch will stay down here. You’re too big. We would be discovered immediately. All of you have been hiding underground since forever, so you should be able to hide from some pursuers. I will just summon you if I need your help.” Ayrin explained.

“Boss, you’re so benevolent!” The five monsters immediately cried tears of joy.

They felt that staying even a minute longer at the side of a pervert like Ayrin would be dangerous.

“You just said you got it. So, what happened to her?” Charlotte pointed at Helgy and asked.

“I was able to use Netherworld: Fatal Seven because Warlock Variation sucked her arcane particles and mental strength into my body.”

Ayrin followed behind the five monsters and looked at Helgy, “I seem to be fine as her arcane particles and mental strength just stacked up on top of my arcane level. Just that my body was unable to endure arcane particles at her level and almost split apart. However, her mental strength was completely drained and might have received a fatal injury. It was just like getting hit by the most powerful Psychic Style forbidden skill. This should be the result.”

“Uncle Leonardo’s Warlock Variation is really strange. Producing this effect might be due to me using the Psychic Style arcane skills during my fight with the Viper Corps.” Ayrin scratched his head and mumbled, “This arcane skill of his sometimes can defend against super powerful forbidden skills, yet at other times it will completely backfire.”

“Mental strength completely drained?”

Charlotte was astonished. She also understood the situation.

If a person’s mental strength is completely drained, the brain will receive fatal damage. An injury at such a level is probably incurable.

Is it like the brain getting wiped into a blank slate?

Like a newborn chick who thinks that the first person it sees is its father?

After getting speechless at the turn of events, Charlotte asked Ayrin, “How does your body feel now?”

“The mental strength stacked onto mine seems to have slowly dissipated. Nothing is left.” Ayrin carefully sensed his state and showed a regretful expression, “It’s a pity that the mental strength she provided was not strong enough. I could only barely use Netherworld: Fatal Seven. I was unable to use the most powerful God Realm Illusion: Killing...... Otherwise, that super strong helper might have become an idiot now too...... However, I managed to gain the experience of using Netherworld: Fatal Seven. In the future, I should be able to use it when my mental strength improves a little more.”

“Wait!” As Ayrin explained, he suddenly exclaimed, “I feel hungrier than ever...... Not just my stomach, my entire body feels hungry......”

Ayrin rubbed his tummy and swallowed his saliva.

It was a strange feeling.

It felt as if the dormant cells in his body had woken up. The hunger made him feel as if his body was empty.

There also seemed to be a strange aura reverberating in his body.

It seemed to be an aura naturally generated by his bloodline, and it wanted to become something.

Could it be that my latent bloodline power is finally awakening and becoming my unique bloodline talent domain?

Ayrin naturally had such a thought.

“What? Even hungrier?”

The five monsters overheard Ayrin’s mutter and were scared to death. Sweat poured down their bodies.

Ayrin heard the water dripping sounds and asked the five monsters curiously, “What? Are you feeling hot?”

“No! Not at all!”

The five monsters shuddered and desperately released chilling auras to freeze the sweat drops on their bodies.

“Going up here will lead to the Royal Palace!”

The Shoal Lord leapt to a river-like water passage with the fastest speed it could muster. Then, it pointed at a flat water outlet about the height of a child, “There is a metal fence inside. However, it has been corroded over the years to the point that even I can pass through. Further up is a wine cellar, passing through the wine cellar will lead to the surface.”


Ayrin nodded, then mumbled in frustration, “Looks like I have to find something to eat, or I will be too hungry...... I’m losing strength......”

“Boss, please be safe!”

“Boss, go! We will help you distract the enemy below and let them think you’re still underground!”

Hearing Ayrin’s mumble, the five monsters were even more scared. They retreated while desperately appeasing Ayrin.

“These five monster companions have become decent. They even take the initiative to help me distract the enemy. I should treat them better.” Ayrin felt that the five monsters had performed well. However, he did not imagine the five monsters were actually praying for him not to encounter any super powerful enemy so that he did not need to summon them. In that way, they would not need to show up in front of him.

While squeezing through the flat water outlet, Ayrin turned around and called out, “Hey, I will treat you to fish next time.”


The Cave Lord with only one head left shuddered at the sentence. It became completely pale.

“So hungry......”


“Stop calling me that, or I will eat you!”


“Fine, stop saying that. I give up. So hungry......”

Soon after exiting the flat water outlet, Ayrin saw the corroded metal fence.

After passing through the fence, Ayrin could smell a unique fragrance.

He immediately became spirited.

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