Chapter 501: The Moment Closest To Death

Chapter 501: The Moment Closest To Death


Ayrin gritted his teeth.

The aura of that green light pillar is too dangerous.

It’s definitely a pure attack type forbidden skill like Chris’s Dark Destruction Dragon. Their arcane level is also higher than anyone here.


That must be Helgy’s helper. However, when Helgy exposed her Evil Dragon bloodline, they clearly abandoned her. In order to kill me, they even sacrificed Helgy.

What a shameless bastard!

But this power is too strong. With my current level, I can’t stop it with pure defensive or offensive arcane skills.

I can only gamble on my luck with another Warlock Variation.

“Cocktail Grandmaster Leonardo uncle, please let this Warlock Variation be more reliable. Please don’t let it screw me up! Please become a reliable defense!”


As Ayrin yelled in his heart, colorful rings of light continuously radiated from his body.

At almost the same time, the green light pillar which had a diameter of over ten meters swallowed Ayrin and Helgy.


A shock wave spread out from the circumference of the green light pillar. The metal scraps of the Castle Destroyers were swept away.

The arcane masters at the scene hurriedly used their defensive skills as they backed away.

What happened?

The aura Helgy released definitely belongs to the Evil Dragon! What she used was indeed the powerful Evil Dragon secret skill!

Who is the one that used this skill then? How does it possess such great power? Is there a six-gate arcane master!?

The sudden turn of events caused the arcane masters’ minds to turn blank.

“Is he dead?”

“He must be dead!”

“It’s impossible to survive such a powerful arcane skill!”

“Great! He’s finally dead!”

“Hahahaha, today is a good day!”

The screams and laughter of the five monsters could also be heard from the raging gale. The arcane masters felt even more bizarre at the situation.

Aren’t those five monsters the companions of that monstrous Ayrin?

Shouldn’t they be saddened by Ayrin’s death? Why are they so happy?


The terrifying green light pillar began dispersing.


Suddenly, a cracking sound could be heard from within the light pillar.

“Why do you guys look so happy?” Came a creepy voice.

The five elated monsters immediately stiffened.

A huge black shadow emerged from the dispersed green light pillar.

“He’s not dead?”

The Viper Corps arcane masters and royal arcane masters could not sort out their current feelings.

A six-meter big black egg appeared.

Its surface looked like the anti-arcane armor made by Reattachment, but even more solid.

Meanwhile, the huge egg cracked open.

Chunks of large ‘egg shells’ fell off, soundlessly turning into onyx particles.

He actually blocked it with Warlock Variation!

The five monsters felt an ice cold shower fall over them.

“Boss, we weren’t happy!”

“Someone else was feeling happy!”

“Is it because the arcane skill was so strong you hallucinated?”


After a moment of blanking out, the five monsters desperately appealed.

The huge black egg completely shattered.

Ayrin and Helgy showed up from inside.

There were strange purplish black glows surrounding both of them.

Whereas Helgy looked the same as before, Ayrin seemed to be in a horrible condition.

Many red cracks spread out across his skin.

Drops of blood seeped out from the cracks. The cracks seemed to be widening, as if his entire body was going to shatter into pieces.

However, everyone could sense his arcane energy fluctuations becoming stronger than before.

It was to the point that a five-gate arcane master could not produce an arcane energy fluctuation as powerful as his!

What happened?

A breakthrough?

But what about his body?

The Viper Corps arcane masters could not understand what was happening to Ayrin’s body.

“Warlock Variation...... actually caused such an effect!”

Only Ayrin himself knew what exactly happened.

The arcane particles in Helgy’s body were sucked into his body by the weird power generated by Warlock Variation!

Not only his arcane particles, Ayrin could sense that also his mental strength had grown to a new level.

The Warlock Variation not only created a robust egg shell defense around him, it even stacked Helgy’s arcane particles and mental strength on his own!

This was not simple luck.

If it were any other arcane masters who did not know the Holy Gate of Life and could not forcefully devour foreign arcane particles, their body would have exploded!

The current Ayrin was in a race against death!

If he could not devour the overwhelming arcane particles from Helgy before his body completely shattered, if he could not convert them into submissive arcane particles, his body would be blown into pieces.

“You five bastards! I have already become this tattered, yet you are gloating over there!”

Ayrin desperately roared in his heart, “Damn! I must withstand it! Don’t break!”

His cells seemed to have sensed the fatal threat and went berserk. They became hungry beasts and desperately devoured the arcane particles regardless if they had the capacity or not.

Even the factors that laid dormant during fierce battles were awakened and began devouring for survival.


A ring of silver light spread out from Ayrin’s feet.

“What now!?”

The five monsters took a step back as they started shivering.

The ring of silver light vaguely took the shape of a huge throne.

Apart from Ayrin, everyone else thought it was strange and mysterious.

However, at that moment, a crispy voice called out, “Daddy......”

Everyone became petrified again!

The sound came from Helgy who was not far away from Ayrin!

The purplish black aura surrounding Helgy had disappeared. Her eyes focused on Ayrin...... They did not contain hatred or anger, but...... seemed clear and innocent.

Everyone almost went crazy!

At that moment, Helgy looked at Ayrin with those clear and innocent eyes like that of a little girl and called out, “Daddy......”

That call was clearly directed at Ayrin!

After she called him ‘Daddy’, she even jumped and pounced onto Ayrin!


Ayrin also became speechless.

What the hell!?


However, Helgy seemed happy and was enjoying the hug.

“Get lost!”

Ayrin immediately pushed Helgy away.

She was an Evil Dragon Vice Bishop. He would get goosebumps if she went near him.

His body was almost breaking apart. He had no leeway to care about her.

Helgy was pushed to the side. She seemed afraid of hugging Ayrin for a moment, but she continued to look at him with those innocent eyes and said, “Daddy......”

Ayrin almost puked blood!


At that moment, a dangerous presence filled the air again.

“Ah...... Daddy......” Helgy immediately pounced on Ayrin and hugged him.

“It’s her helper! Another attack is coming!”

“Damn! My body is almost breaking apart. If I use arcane particles again, my body will really break from the arcane particle flow. I will die!”

Ayrin felt chills all over his body.

It was the first time he felt the prospect of death so close every since his awakening.

Death seemed to be right in front of his eyes.

“Charlotte is still here. I must protect her...... How can a person die so easily!? I will never die!” However, the chill lingering in his body was instantly burned by the bottomless rage and fighting spirit. His body kept heating up. The blood seeping out from his body turned into red steam and sizzled.


The silver light under his feet spread wider.

An ancient Draconic chant echoed in the air.


A large amount of arcane particles in his body seemed to have vanished.

“Netherworld: Fatal Seven!”

A rapid incantation was recited.

Seven crossed light rays suddenly appeared before him and formed a formation.

Seven ghost-like silhouettes appeared in the formation.

They disappeared in a flash.

A shriek came from the frost mist in the distance.

“Run!” Ayrin screamed.

“Run! Ah!”

The five monsters spaced out for a moment, then began screaming too.

A pale green arcane power filled the entire space above them.

The same destructive aura as that green light pillar rapidly spread out.


Tanry also began yelling after becoming dumbfounded for a while at the development of events.

The terrifying forbidden skill seemed to have completely shrouded the area. Anyone inside would face certain death!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone ran away desperately.

The pale green arcane power pressed down like a sea of death.

In an instant, the huge towers collapsed, kicking up a shock wave of rubble and dust.

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