Chapter 500: Prior To Escape

Chapter 500: Prior To Escape


Ayrin added in dissatisfaction, “You have nothing else on you aside from this thing! You’re so poor!”

What Ayrin meant was that as a big figure in the Green Dragon Divine Temple and Evil Dragon follower, a powerful arcane master like Helgy should have more than one artifact on her body. Yet the artifact stealing Faerie Dragon ‘Great King’ had been unable to steal anything else.

However, it sounded like something else entirely in the ears of the Viper Corps and the three royal arcane masters.

Nothing else?

Wearing nothing else?

He is holding what she wore in his hand?

“No, wait. You were scared by my big guy and ran away. So, why did you come back? Did you hide your good stuff, or find a helper stronger than you?”

At that moment, Ayrin suddenly became cautious and scanned Helgy’s body.

Helgy’s arcane level was much stronger than normal arcane masters. Helgy alone would be a troublesome opponent. If someone stronger than her joined in, it would be very dangerous.

“Bastard! He must be saying that on purpose!”

Helgy was trembling from anger, but she did not dare to speak. She was afraid if she opened her mouth, she would be lashing out curses.

Ayrin immediately shouted towards the other arcane masters around, “Oi, uncles. She’s the one with a high Evil Dragon bloodline. If you don’t believe me, try attacking her with full power. She will definitely be unable to hide her Evil Dragon bloodline.”

Is what he said possible?

The three royal arcane masters began to feel a greater suspicion towards Helgy.

Helgy claimed that she had never met Ayrin before. However, after Ayrin took out that artifact, Helgy’s reaction proved she had lied.

Ayrin turned around, hiding his lips from Helgy’s vision, and whispered, “Charlotte, we need to prepare for our escape.”

“Escape?” Charlotte flinched. She assumed Ayrin would continue fighting.

“I have a bad feeling. It feels as if I am targeted by someone I cannot handle...... The feeling of someone several leagues above me.” Ayrin replied in a low volume.

He had not seen anything with his eyes, but a threatening feeling loomed over his heart.

The opponent easily surpassed Helgy’s level. Such an opponent was someone he could not clash against with his current fighting strength. He could only follow Teacher Liszt’s warning to run away if he could not fight. Otherwise, he would be killed.

“When I shout run, follow me and escape.” Ayrin instructed her.

Then, he turned around without showing any change in his expression.

His gaze fell onto Helgy again.

Still pretending?

But I will tear apart your disguise before I escape!

A cunning glint flashed across Ayrin’s eyes. Next, he immediately pointed behind Helgy and shouted in sudden realization, “No wonder you still dare to come back after running away from me and my big guys. You found an Evil Dragon Bishop helper!”

Helgy unconsciously flinched.

His perception is so sharp?

She could not help but turn around.

The arcane masters at the scene were astonished and followed Helgy’s gaze.

However, there was no one in the frost mist behind Helgy.

At that moment, a powerful arcane energy fluctuation suddenly discharged.

“Not good!”

“We were tricked!” The arcane masters realized in shock.


At the same time, Charlotte was also taken aback.

When Ayrin released his arcane energy fluctuation, she was prepared to escape at full speed. However, she never imagined Ayrin would charge towards Helgy at full speed.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The unique arcane power repelling fluctuation of the domain forbidden skill continuously surged out from Ayrin’s hands.

Helgy began evading at an amazing speed. However, the trick Ayrin employed at the start showed its effect and she was shrouded in the domain!

“Treasured Book of Sealing!”

“Domain of Time! What’s the other domain?”

The Viper Corps arcane masters were able to tell Ayrin was releasing a domain power sealed in the Treasured Book of Sealing, but they did not have enough time to distinguish what domain it was.

They only saw countless light rays surging out. Meanwhile, fine dust swept up in the air and adhered to Helgy’s body.

“He’s trying to......” The three royal arcane masters stared with wide opened eyes. The Treasured Book of Sealing was a forbidden artifact in legends. Even a normal arcane master could become an explosive instant-kill type arcane master if he owned such an artifact with a powerful domain sealed inside. They were very clear that Helgy was in extreme danger under the ambush of Ayrin’s two domains. They were about to intercept, but for some reason, a thought flashed across their minds and they held back.


Ayrin’s eyes were beaming. His charging body was set ablaze with blood red flames.

The only thought in his head was to explode and explode again!

He would exert all the strength he could squeeze out and pressure Helgy.

Only then could he create a fatal threat on Helgy and force her to reveal her Evil Dragon bloodline!

After using the two domains, Ayrin immediately roared, “Come out!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Terrifying arcane energy fluctuations exploded within the reverberating air shaken from the domains.

Five huge entities dropped down from the swirls.


“Not Mountain Cleaving Titans?”

“They’re monsters?”

“They are all powerful monsters with great arcane energy fluctuations! How can he possess so many monster companions!?”

The arcane masters went mad with disbelief.

Each monster was like a mountain of flesh!

“Hit her! Don’t care about the others!”

“Use your strongest attack to hit her!”

The instant Ayrin summoned the five monsters, he immediately gave out orders.

“So many arcane masters!”

“What exactly happened!?”

“What grudge does he have with that female arcane master? He already used two domains on her, yet he’s asking us to use our strongest attack to hit her!”

“Such a pervert...... Luckily, he’s summoning us to fight and not eat us......”

The five monsters felt relieved and unleashed their attacks.

“Abyssal Devour!”

“Annihilation Swamp!”

“God-Killing Spear!”


The five Lord level monsters unleashed their strongest arcane skills simultaneously. The rampaging arcane power resonated and churned up a hurricane which possessed the strength of normal arcane skills.


The moment Ayrin made the sudden attack, Helgy was cursing him in her mind. However, the five destructive auras immediately shrouded her. Helgy turned pale while trapped in the domains.

Just the chaotic energy from the collision of so many terrifying forbidden skills would be enough to tear her to pieces!

“Eternal: Holy Light Severance!”


At that moment, an overwhelmingly dangerous presence swept over.

A ball of white light source flashed from the frost mist in the distance.

At the same time, countless golden light rays penetrated into the Ayrin’s domains and criss-crossed like materialized lines.

The golden light rays seemed to be indestructible. The arcane power crashing into the golden light rays were severed.

Even the two domains Ayrin used seemed to be broken by the strange power and began dissipating.

“Boss, not good!”

“It’s too strong!”

“That person alone can probably take us all on!”

The five monsters began yelling.

Their instincts told them the arcane energy fluctuations coming from the arcane master in the frost mist was something they could not stand up against.

“She really has a super powerful helper!”

“It’s really an Evil Dragon Bishop!”

Ayrin also came to such a conclusion.

However, his fighting spirit burned even brighter.

Such a powerful hidden mastermind has already appeared.

The time left for us to escape is limited.

However, it will only be more interesting if I can force Helgy to use her Evil Dragon bloodline in front of such a powerful helper!

Your arcane skill is indeed powerful!

However, if I get into close range combat against Helgy, try aim for me with your arcane skills without hitting her!


Ayrin suddenly accelerated.

Right before he charged into the domain, the particles surrounding him instantly formed the anti-arcane armor!


When did he learn Reattachment?

“Ah!” Helgy screamed hysterically.


Three demonic flowers grew out from her surroundings. The three demonic flowers bit down on Ayrin. However, they were crushed by Ayrin’s charge.

“Ah!” Helgy screamed again.

She desperately pushed out her hands at Ayrin.


A purplish black aura reverberated from her, becoming an evil ring.

Two streaks of grey particles swarmed out from her hands and slammed into Ayrin.

Ayrin’s charging body was forcefully stopped. His anti-arcane armor was getting corroded by the grey particles and began falling off.

“Faker! Faker! See that? Didn’t I tell you? Evil Dragon bloodline!” Ayrin shouted in excitement.

The Viper Corps arcane masters and royal arcane masters completely stiffened.

At that moment, a vague sigh sounded out from somewhere in the frost mist.

A green pillar of light slammed down from above Ayrin and Helgy.

“Shameless!” Ayrin immediately reacted and cursed out.

He desperately chanted, “Warlock Variation!”

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