Chapter 499: Stalemate! Strong Enemy Returns!

Chapter 499: Stalemate! Strong Enemy Returns!


The gigantic body took a step forward while being protected by two huge shields.

The distance of dozens of meters was instantly shortened by a single step from the Titan with its ten-meter long legs.

The pillar-like spear swept horizontally.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The metal plates on the golems shattered, the upper torsos separated from the bases and scattered around.

The mouths of the Viper Corps arcane masters twitched uncontrollably. Their minds became blank as their hearts bled.

“So thrilling! This feels so good!”

The figure of Ayrin cheering in euphoria was like that of a demon in their eyes.

“Vice Leader......”

The young general wanted to cry.

Ever since entering the Corps, he was in charge of maintaining and deploying these golems...... Before he became a general, what they did most of the time apart from training and battle was to apply anti-rust oil on the golems. The golems carried many memories and emotions and were spark clean with maintenance. However, they were currently being smashed to pieces like scrap metal.

The stunned Tanry finally woke up from the nightmare and shouted with a twisted expression, “Retrieve! Retrieve all the Castle Destroyers!”

“What? You’re stopping already?”

Ayrin was surprised and shouted in disappointment.


At that moment, he heard Merlin making a noise.


He turned around and saw Merlin’s metal box had opened. Merlin had already finished changing her arm.

There was a thin tube protruding from her left palm.


It was also at the moment Ayrin turned around that Merlin’s body trembled and light emitted from her left palm. A strange yellow oval crystal shot out from it.

“What’s that?”

Everyone held their breaths.

The yellow crystal shot out twisted rays of light. Each light ray was like a streak of lightning, yet entirely different.


The twisted light rays were golden in color. After blooming in mid-air, the yellow crystal completely disappeared. Meanwhile, the twisted golden light rays seemed to possess amazing adhesion and permeation properties. They wrapped around the Castle Destroyers and made sizzling sounds.

“Vice Leader!”

“Lord Tanry!”

The screams and cries of the Viper Corps arcane masters echoed throughout the place.

Despite injecting arcane particles into the controllers they held, there was no response. The arcane power did not activate, and the Castle Destroyers did not come back to the bases.

The Castle Destroyers became immobile as if they were broken.

Suddenly, a Viper Corps arcane master shouted as if he discovered the light of hope, “The three Mountain Cleaving Titans have also stopped moving!”

The three Titans were also covered in the twisted golden rays and had stopped moving.

However, the Viper Corps arcane masters stiffened up again.

That was because behind that spear-wielding Titan, there was a mysterious silver glow.

The metal clockwork war avatar which had been hiding in the huge tower actually climbed onto the back of that Titan.

“What is it doing?”

What kind of attack is that? All the metal golems were affected, why wasn’t it affected? What exactly is that thing!?”

Many Viper Corps arcane masters roared in their minds.

It seemed as if Merlin was swapping something.


The spear-wielding Titan suddenly moved again.

Tanry and the other Viper Corps arcane masters shuddered. They felt as if they were squashed under the huge spear in that Titan’s hand.

“It’s over......”

The three royal arcane masters glanced at one another.

These Castle Destroyers from Viper Corps are going to be annihilated.

Not only is that youth a monster...... even the metal clockwork war avatar following him is a monster!

At that moment, Ayrin called out in sympathy, “So cruel!”

The three royal aracne masters almost tripped. It’s you who wrecked those Castle Destroyers, yet you actually feel pity for them......

“This almost feels like bullying......”

Ayrin looked at the wrecked Castle Destroyers and continued to mumble, “But it’s you guys who used big guys to fight me first.”

Tanry and the Viper Corps arcane masters almost blacked out.

Mountain Cleaving Titans fighting the Castle Destroyers was just like an adult man beating up a toddler, it was simply unfair. In just a short moment, most of the Castle Destroyers had been swept out of their bases.

The ground was littered with chunks of metals and various parts, forming an ocean of metal.

“It’s a pity I cannot witness the large scale Metal Corps showdowns from the Era of the War with Dragons.”

Ayrin sighed in regret.

Merlin’s flashy performance made him imagine the scene of thousands of metal war avatars going into war. There would definitely be various kinds of artifacts shooting around. Apart from combat specialized war avatars, there would also be war avatars like Merlin walking amongst the sea of metal, fixing allies or restraining opponent’s metal war avatars.

Such a scene would definitely be thrilling, a real epic scene! However, the current artificer craft and Corps size had deteriorated to the point it could not in the slightest compare with the Era of the War with Dragons. Too many ancient kingdoms, populations and resources were lost during that era. Such an epic level battle would be almost impossible to reenact.

“What is it doing now!?”

While Ayrin was lost in thought, some Viper Corps arcane masters began shouting again.

Another Mountain Cleaving Titan began to move.

That Titan used its huge shield to topple the last few Castle Destroyers. Then, it used its shield like a shovel and moved most of the metal scraps to the huge tower where Ayrin was.

“Merlin, what are you doing?”

Ayrin could not understand it either.

However, Merlin began working like a busy worker ant.

She quickly dragged chunks of metal into the huge tower. Then, she attached the metal chunks to the interior of the huge tower. Afterwards, sparks scattered and she actually welded the pieces together!

Metal Fortress!

That metal clockwork war avatar is actually using the wreckage to build a metal fortress within the stone tower!

Everyone understood what was happening.

“Incredible! Merlin, this huge tower can’t be demolished with this!” Ayrin’s eyes beamed.





The Viper Corps arcane masters cursed every profanity they could think of with bloodshot eyes.

“My order...... deploying an entire platoon of heavy weaponry...... was like transporting metal for the opponent to build a metal fortress instead......”

Tanry clenched his fist tighter and tighter. His entire body was crackling.

Ayrin saw Merlin signalling to him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“They recovered?”

After following Merlin’s finger, he realized that the golden light rays wrapping around the metal had disappeared. The last Titan regained mobility.

Then, he watched Merlin making gestures to tell him not to waste the arcane energy the Titans had accumulated. He should let the Titans return to the bunker and slowly accumulate arcane energy again.


A huge light pillar shot out from each Titan’s chest, the light spread out and wrapped around the enormous bodies of the Titans.

The moment the light pillar disappeared, the three Titans also disappeared.


Ayrin stretched his body, “This kind of metal golem is too violent in a fight anyway. Let’s continue our original duels!”

“You mean you’re not violent......”

The three royal arcane masters glanced at one another and became speechless again.

“Are we sending another distress signal? Or do we force an attack?”

The Viper Corps arcane masters were waiting for Tanry’s order, but Tanry’s mind was blank.

Seeing that nobody stepped up, Ayrin heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Are you waiting for someone? Or do you just want to rest a little first? Why don’t we take a rest first? You Corps arcane masters aren’t friendly. You're too ruthless.”


The Viper Corps arcane masters had darkened expressions.

Who’s the ruthless one? Who’s the one constantly shouting to fight like a battle maniac?

Tanry took a deep breath.

He finally decided to send the distress signal again, then order a forced attack!

Even if it will cost me many casualties. Sending in dozens of Viper Corps arcane masters seems to be the only way to kill that monster!


However, at that moment, a powerful presence which made Ayrin’s skin tingle descended.

A beautiful female arcane master shrouded in a chilling aura appeared.

Ayrin’s shouted in surprise, “Revealing clothes, improper looking...... loser, you come back? Huh? Why aren’t your clothes revealing this time?”

The powerful female arcane master was the bewitching Helgy who ran away from him before. However, Helgy was currently wearing a pale green priestess robe.

The current Helgy had even her slender white neck and arms covered by the collars and sleeves of the priestess robe. She did not look bewitching anymore, but looked holy and elegant.

Helgy coldly stared at Ayrin and spoke in a holistic manner, “What nonsense are you talking about? I have never seen you before.”

“What? You ran away to replenish your arcane particles. And now you pretend to not know me?”

Ayrin was dumbfounded.

“I even took this from you. Do you still not know me!?” He grudgingly took out an item.


Everyone was petrified.

They were two pieces of shell-shaped pink chest protector gems...... The delicate design and curves of the two gems, as well as the colorful strings attaching them, could make people fantasize about various things.


Helgy’s beautiful face immediately twisted.

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