Chapter 498: Stopping The Entire Corps, Metal Warfare!

Chapter 498: Stopping The Entire Corps, Metal Warfare!



The unique sound of the distress signal filled the area shrouded by the frost mist.

The Viper Corps has made a blunder!

Tanry’s eyes became bloodshot, his hands trembling non-stop.

The moment the distress signal was sent, the entire Corps would be dragged here.

I have invested the entire Corps...... just to take on this small bunch of people!

This guy must be doing this to stop the entire Corps, right?

However, it would be a true disgrace if I still fail to take down a mere student arcane master after using the entire Corps, right?

“Bald uncle, you’re already down!?”

“Is there anyone as strong as the bald uncle who wants to fight?”

Ayrin was yet to be satisfied. The destructive factor in his body was still boiling.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Donned in the anti-arcane armor, he shifted his attention to a worn down tower nearby and began pounding on it.

“He has fought to this extent...... His right arm is already broken...... yet he still has overflowing energy without a place to vent......”

The Viper Corps arcane masters became traumatized.

Ayrin hit so hard that he broke the walls, a few holes started showing.

After Ayrin stopped, the full body anti-arcane armor disappeared and revealed his extremely pleased expression.

Although full of sweat and twisted in pain, Ayrin’s face showed a bright smile. It gave off a feeling of euphoria.


“He still shows that expression!”

The Viper Corps arcane masters were going mad.

Words were unable to describe their current feelings.


However, Ayrin immediately jumped back to the entrance of the huge tower Charlotte was in with great caution. Then, he used his arcane power to cut two pieces of rock to act as a splint for his right arm.

Stingham’s Lover’s Corpse has better defensive power, but it had to exhaust his arcane particles.

The arcane skill I just learned can even absorb some arcane particles when the opponent hits me. I can be even more reckless in battle from now on!

Although Ayrin drew sharp breaths from the pain, he became even more excited.

Forcing himself to learn during battles like that seemed more effective than usual. He could also feel the latent power hidden in his bloodline slowly awakening.

Is the potential of my bloodline almost coming out?

I will be able to learn my bloodline’s talent domain!

I can only become stronger through constant battles!

“Oi! That guy with the red eyes! Are there any other strong guys under you? Send them to fight me!” Ayrin shouted towards Tanry.

Guy with the red eyes?


Tanry’s mouth twitched.

Seeing nobody from the Viper Corps arcane masters coming forward, Ayrin turned his attention to Roha again and shouted, “Oi, beardy uncle, you’re strong. Plus, you can obviously continue to fight. You’re purposely bleeding to feign a serious injury. Do you want to have another round?”

He could sense Roha was much stronger than most of the Viper Corps arcane masters.


Roha was speechless.

Is he really a battle maniac? Even if he can tell that I’m feigning an injury, he doesn’t have to shout it out.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sonic booms could be heard.

“They’re here!”

Seeing the new arrivals, Tanry’s mouth twitched even more.

More than ten arcane teams, equivalent to over thirty Viper Corps arcane masters arrived at the same time.

Most of them wore the black metal scale armor. There were many amongst them who were carrying bulging army backpacks.

“Dikens! Deploy the Viper Castle Destroyers! The entire platoon!”

Tanry immediately gave orders to one of the generals wearing a red mantle.


A young general with yellow spiky hair was dumbfounded.

He glanced at Ayrin, then at Charlotte and the metal clockwork war avatar behind Ayrin.

Just two enemies and a metal clockwork war avatar forced us to deploy such a weapon? And the entire platoon?

“Lord Tanry...... Does Leader Van know?”

The young general understood that he could not disobey the order. However, he was reluctant as the Viper Castle Destroyer had to be charged for half a month after using it. It meant that after their operation this time, their Corps would be greatly weakened in the defense of the Doa Royal City’s Outer City. So, he asked this question on reflex.


Tanry lamented.

If Van was here, he wouldn’t end with just bringing in the Viper Castle Destroyers!

“This is an order! Execute it!” Tanry almost roared out.

The young general shuddered and immediately responded.

When did the calm Vice Leader become this emotional?

“Lord Sennchonhu!”

At that moment, he finally saw Sennchonhu’s figure!

“Even Lord Sennchonhu...... Viper Castle Destroyer Platoon! Deploy! Battle!”

The pupils of the young general contracted. He relayed the chilling order.

“Viper Castle Destroyer? What’s that?”

Ayrin was surprised. He became even more cautious.

Over twenty of the newly arrived Viper Corps arcane masters acted at the same time. They took out two or three bronze-colored egg-shaped objects from their backpacks and put them on the ground.


Ayrin was surprised again.

That was because Merlin seemed to be interested in those objects. She had moved next to Ayrin and her silver eyes were shining a mysterious light.

After putting down the egg-like objects, the Viper Corps arcane masters quickly retreated.


The egg-like objects suddenly released a dazzling glow. They disassembled by scattering like petals and rapidly started gathering arcane energy. They turned into several bronze-colored bases of over four meters in diameter.


The bronze-colored bases shot out blinding pillars of light upwards.

Gusts of wind flowed out from the light pillars.

Sounds similar to waves hitting the shore could be heard.

Huge metallic golems appeared on top of the bases.

Those metallic golems released an ancient aura. If they were shrunk down, they looked like the chess pieces popular in Doraster. However, those ‘chess pieces’ towering near four meters gave off a solid metal presence and heavy pressure.

All of the golems looked similar. Their upper torsos were connected to the bases. Each one had thick arms, wore heavy armor and carried a metal frame on its back.

Spears were placed in the holes of the metal frame.

“This is one of the secret weapons of the Viper Corps. This is the heavy throwing type golem that can be used for camp defense or assault......”

The three royal arcane masters drilled their gazes into the golems as cold sweat ran down their back.

There were nearly sixty golems erected. They could hardly imagine the scene of so many golems throwing the spear on their back.

Even that solid wall should be instantly pulverized, right?


Even the weirdest arcane master will never be able to take on this metal rush!

This power can even penetrate metal!

The Viper Corps arcane masters who arrived first and witnessed some of Ayrin’s battles had such thoughts.

However, their eyes immediately opened wide!

What’s with that expression!?

They saw Ayrin’s expression changing from shock to joy!


Ayrin suddenly laughed, leaving everyone else astonished.

“No wonder Merlin was interested. It’s the metal stuff again, and they are big guys too!”

“You actually want to use this against me? What? That revealing woman never told you I have even bigger guys!?”

“My big guy scared her away!”

“In that case, I will show you my big guys!”

Ayrin shouted in excitement.

Nobody could understand the meaning of Ayrin’s words, but they had an ominous feeling.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three huge pillars of light suddenly shot out.

Three metallic bodies almost taller than the huge towers appeared.


The young general already gave the order to attack. However, at that moment, he could not help but take a few steps back.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Three gigantic objects landed.

Three clouds of dust blasted outwards, shrouding everyone’s vision.

Ayrin swung his left fist and shouted excitedly, “Fight! My brave warrior Titans!”


The terrifying spear throwing sounds exploded.

All Viper Castle Destroyers threw out their spear simultaneously.

One kneeling Titan and two standing Titans took the same action. Two of them retrieved shields with astonishing height and thickness from their backs and blocked the spears.

The three Mountain Cleaving Titans assembled into a metal wall!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In the deafening metal clashing sounds, all the spears were either snapped or repelled. None could penetrate the shields.

Tanry’s face lost all its color.

He saw two of the three Titans holding up the shields.

Meanwhile, one of them slowly retrieved the spear on its back.

That spear...... was like a huge pillar!

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