Chapter 497: Corps In Distress

Chapter 497: Corps In Distress


“The arcane energy that dissipated from the armor during the battle is slowly gathering back now. The gathering force seems to be earth type arcane power. However, the surface of that anti-arcane armor and heavy sword is different...... It’s parry and repel arcane power.”

“Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon’s materialized sword is repelled before it can cut the surface of that anti-arcane armor.”

“That is because my physical strength cannot match the anti-arcane armor’s strength.”

“In other words, this sword is useless right now.”

Ayrin’s brain quickly analyzed the situation with his instinct like a chain reaction.

It’s a super useful arcane skill!

It also doesn’t seem too difficult to learn or use.

However, I can’t sense this bald uncle’s arcane particles flow clearly with this anti-arcane armor covering his body.

What method should I use?

Ayrin stared intensely at Sennchonhu.


The ground beneath Sennchonhu dented once again and he disappeared.

“Swashe God-Killing Art!”

Ayrin instinctively used the Psychic Style forbidden skill.

Even if Sennchonhu was mentally strong enough to break the restricting power of the Swashe God-Killing Art, he was confident to sense the arcane particles flow in that moment.


A unique vibration spread out from him, but vanished all of a sudden.

I failed!

Every cell in Ayrin’s body seemed to be trembling.

He was unable to grasp the Psychic Style forbidden art before. After his body surpassed its limits, he gained some confidence. However, he still failed.

Casting failed?

At that moment, the three spectating royal arcane masters and many Viper Corps arcane masters also sensed it.

He even dares to use an arcane skill he has yet to fully grasp during such a battle?

It’s too late. He’s doomed!

They all thought the same thing.

With so little time to react, he would not have time to cast a second arcane skill after failing the first!


The robust body and heavy sword carrying a destructive aura reappeared in everyone’s sight.

“Not dead?”

However, the scene of Ayrin getting bisected did not appear.

What they saw was Ayrin slamming to the ground and bouncing away like a ball.

Ayrin’s entire right arm was wobbly. It was clearly fractured.

Meanwhile, his left hand was trembling violently, but he desperately held onto the crimson gold longsword.

Just now, he held up his materialized sword before him and used it like a stick to forcefully block Sennchonhu’s strike. He used Sennchonhu’s anti-arcane repelling force on the sword and armor to bounce himself back.

However, he was holding the sword with his left hand and used his right arm to support the sword. His right arm could not endure the impact and completely fractured!

After a moment, they immediately understood what happened based on what they saw.

Sennchonhu did not show any change in emotion when he failed to cut down Ayrin in one strike.

To him, his each attack just had to make the opponent pay a heavier price. Victory would eventually belong to him.


He stomped the ground again and disappeared.

So strong!

Ayrin’s tears and snot flowed due to the pain. It was not just his right arm which was fractured, his entire spine showed cracks, as if countless nails were hammered into his body.

However, the arcane particles in his body were stimulated by the pain and exploded out instead. He shouted loudly as if to alleviate some pain, “Lunar God’s Domain!”


Domain power reverberated.

A massive moon manifested and Sennchonhu’s robust body crashed into the moon.

“Does that guy not feel pain?”

“He can even use a domain under such conditions!”

Cold sweat seeped out from the palms of the spectators. Regardless of the result, Ayrin’s performance had renewed their understanding of the word ‘monster’.

“If there is even the slightest fear or hesitation, the slightest intention of running away, he will never be able to reach such a casting speed!”

“Is he still unwilling to admit defeat? Does he even believe that he can defeat Sennchonhu!?”

Roha felt as if he was electrocuted. A numbness spread from his head all the way to his heart.

“What a powerful domain!”

Sennchonhu’s eyes narrowed to a seam.

His sight was filled with white figures of Ayrin, unable to differentiate real from fake.

“Swashe God-Killing Art!”

Within the Moon God’s Domain, Ayrin’s concentration was focused to the limit again.

Even the screaming pain seemed to have receded.

He attempted the Psychic Style forbidden art again.

It was an extremely risky choice. However, his instincts told him to attempt it again.

He released a unique mental fluctuation.

“Got you!”

Sennchonhu opened his eyes wide at that moment.

He clearly felt the location of Ayrin’s real body. He tensed his body and swept his sword towards Ayrin.


However, the instant he swung his sword, the joints in his entire body felt a sharp pain.

The flowing arcane particles were forcefully intercepted.

I can sense it!

Ayrin quickly retreated. However, his eyes showed fervent elation.

In his mind, Sennchonhu’s arcane particles flow, the armor and the floating particles became a complete cycle.

“Holy Gate of Life!”


The arcane particles in his arcane gates swarmed out.

“Psychic Style forbidden art again?”


Sennchonhu’s arcane particles ferociously charged, but he could not break the strange power within his body immediately. Even his blood circulation was intercepted, making his body numb.

“This is......?”

He held his breath. He could sense a strangely familiar arcane energy fluctuation!

A rapidly approaching massive figure was reflected in his eyes that were burned by the blinding light.


The spectating arcane masters stared at the Moon God’s Domain. They suddenly heard a loud impact.


Sennchonhu’s robust body was the first to crash.


Everyone twitched unconsciously and drew a cold breath.

Ayrin appeared in their view next. To their surprise, Ayrin was currently wearing the same anti-arcane armor as Sennchonhu!

Is he really able to copy his opponent’s arcane skill during battle!?

Vice Leader Tanry, who never showed any change in expression no matter how much his emotions fluctuated, could not help but turn pale.

Tiny sweat droplets covered his forehead.

“Lord Sennchonhu......”

The other Viper Corps arcane masters felt an even greater chill.

They noticed that not only did Ayrin use a skill similar to Sennchonhu’s Reattachment, something was also clearly wrong with Sennchonhu. Sennchonhu’s actions became extremely slow, and he lost the unparalleled destructive aura he usually carried.

“Even you cannot neutralize the Swashe God-Killing Art completely?”

“Looks like I need to put more effort into the Psychic Style’s forbidden skills...... In order to use this arcane skill, I was almost killed by you!”

“But now it’s my turn to beat you up!”

For some reason, Ayrin’s destruction factors became active once again after seeing Sennchonhu’s robust body. It made him feel an uncontrollable heat surging within his body.

With a loud boom, a ring of vague silver light bloomed apart from the onyx particles beneath his feet.


His left fist drilled into Sennchonhu’s chest.

“So refreshing!”

“I smack!”

“I smack again!”

Ayrin immediately felt elated.

Smacking such a big guy not only filled his body with indescribable joy, each strike allowed him to refine a good amount of arcane particles as well.


However, it was completely different for Sennchonhu.

Each time Ayrin’s fist landed on him, he could feel a portion of his arcane particles scatter.

Even the reattachment armor was quickly losing its arcane balance and was about to collapse.

I’m going to lose to a student arcane master?

The opponent only paid the price of an arm to defeat me?

His brain was pure white.

“Lord Sennchonhu!”

“Lord Tanry, what do we do?”

The expressions of the two arcane masters next to Tanry completely twisted.


At that moment, Sennchonhu’s armor completely shattered.

His body was blasted away by Ayrin and crashed into the huge tower.

Most of the Viper Corps arcane masters yelled in shock, “Lord Sennchonhu!”

With his resilience, Sennchonhu would normally not lose his fighting strength from such a level of beating. However, this time he was embedded into the huge tower and could not even pull himself out. It seemed as though he had really lost all strength.

“Send the distress signal!”

Tanry’s handsome face twisted a little. He clenched his teeth and squeezed out, “Bring the Viper Castle Destroyer!”

Even Lord Sennchonhu...... That kid has only been fighting alone so far...... he really......

At that moment, the faces of the Viper Corps arcane masters turned pale and their minds became blank.

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