Chapter 496: Annihilator

Chapter 496: Annihilator


Such great resilience?

And his recovery speed is so quick too?

Sennchonhu had doubts in his mind.

Ayrin immediately got up after crashing to the ground.

However, compared to some of the opponents I have faced before, his physical strength and close-range combat skill are still too weak.

Sennchonhu’s eyes shone again.

He did not say anything this time and instead charged with great momentum.

“So quick!”

“Is it the result of a long term specific training routine? He is able to separately exert strength from his different sets of muscles as if they are spasming!”

“Is he going to use the fist this time?”

Ayrin panted heavily while gaining insight on the unique rhythm exhibited by Sennchonhu’s leg muscles by using Dark Goddess Sight.

That unique movement caused Sennchonhu’s charge to become special. His body was able to gain another burst of strength after reaching its limit which allowed him to accelerate again.

Such technique made it hard for arcane skills to lock onto him.

Ayrin’s body gained a monstrous instinct. He could sense Sennchonhu’s lower limbs were focused on charging, while power gathered on the two arms. Sennchonhu would be using his fists this time.

“You still want to block my attack?”

“Iron Wind Blade Fist!”

The mantle on Sennchonhu’s back was pulled into a flat plate by the wind generated from his charge. His eyes narrowed as his fists suddenly shot out!

Ayrin’s body uncontrollably flew back.


Blood spilled out from his chest. A cut-like wound appeared.

“Ah! It hurts!”

“What a unique punch!”

“Did he use the rapid friction and pressure of his fists to create cutting wind blades!?”

Ayrin groaned in pain. However, he also shouted out his observations.

He saw through it immediately?

Sennchonhu’s brow twitched. He slowly breathed out and stopped again.

“Oi, uncle!”

Ayrin began bandaging his wounds quickly.

At the same time, he stared at Sennchonhu’s body, especially his legs. Then, he shouted, “Your method of controlling the muscle sets should be manually controlling the spasming of those muscles to exert strength. Making your muscles spasm like that must surely be painful. You need some time to massage them, right?”

Sennchonhu unconsciously flinched, his eyes showing astonishment.

Ayrin was spot on!

Ayrin proclaimed full of fighting spirit, “You’re a really powerful uncle! But I will still defeat you!”

Every spectator trembled.

What kind of existence is that guy? He still has so much confidence despite getting thrashed around?

“I’m coming!”

Ayrin ignored the thoughts of the spectators. He caught his breath before charging towards Sennchonhu with a loud shout.

Sennchonhu held his ground and narrowed his eyes again.

His left and right fists shot out consecutively.

The two fists constantly grazed each other and the powerful friction brought out strips of wind blades, cutting towards the approaching Ayrin.

He completely avoided them!?

What is this footwork? It’s so strange!

The spectaticing Viper Corps arcane masters were astonished.

Ayrin was actually dodging the wind blades with extremely narrow movements.

Bald uncle!

This kind of fist technique is unreliable. You can only generate one wind blade after launching two strikes. Apart from being more discreet and more direct than using arcane skills, it isn’t really useful!

While rapidly dodging the wind blades, extreme calmness and fervor appeared on Ayrin’s face simultaneously.

Sennchonhu’s expression did not show any change.

His right leg suddenly disappeared.


Nobody could clearly see what happened and Ayrin was sent flying back again, crashing into the wall.

So what if you can see through it?

A real expert won’t let you dodge it even if you can see through it!

Sennchonhu revealed a confident smile backed by his powerful stance.


However, a sharp, tearing pain transmitted from his right leg to his brain.

He stiffened up.

A large piece of armor at his thigh had dented in.

It was as if a bird pecked through it. He did not need to see to know that the muscles underneath that piece of armor were severed.

He raised his head in shock to see Ayrin slid down the wall panting heavily and yelled, “Sonic Pecker!”

Ayrin’s face twisted in pain, but he immediately shouted gleefully, “Uncle, you even know this close range combat skill huh!? Now you can’t use that kick, right?”

Sennchonhu was about to speak, but he suddenly felt a sharp pain from his right flank.

His pupils contracted.

There was also a sharp dent in his armor around his waist.

The power was insufficient, hence the dent only pierced his skin and did not cause too much damage.

Ayrin actually attacked twice at that moment?

It’s similar to the technique I use!

It’s only possible if he used the spasm reflexiveness after exerting strength to be able to land a second strike so fast!

Sennchonhu felt a little numb. However, his brain worked quickly and immediately arrived at the conclusion.

But how is this possible!?

Only after countless years of training and experiencing the way muscles reflex after spasming can one grasp this motor technique of using muscle spasms to guide the limb movement!

How can he use it?

“What happened?”

“What’s wrong with Lord Sennchonhu?” The spectating Viper Corps arcane masters did not know what happened. However, they became nervous when they noticed that Sennchonhu’s condition looked strange.

“You are indeed the weirdest opponent I have ever faced!”

At that moment, Sennchonhu took a deep breath. He looked at Ayrin and continued, “In that case, if I use my true strength, you may bring me even more surprises. I may even learn a thing or two from you.”


The moment he finished speaking, the general armor he wore split apart and even his mantle was torn.

Only a tight suit was left on his body.

“You’re finally using arcane skills?”

Ayrin immediately raised his guard.

A low rumbling sound rang from Sennchonhu’s body.

Arcane power covered Sennchonhu’s body, rapidly enlarging his size.

In an instant, his body donned on an onyx-colored, thick bull horn armor. He seemed to have become a huge minotaur wielding a heavy broad sword!

Ayrin shouted in surprise, “This is not a materialize skill. What arcane skill is this?”

The ground beneath Sennchonhu seemed dusty. However, at a closer look, it was not dust but countless onyx-colored particles which seeped out from the ground!

The onyx particles constantly seeped into Sennchonhu’s armor.

The armor and sword Sennchonhu manifested were just like an arcane skill which constantly absorbed arcane energy!


“Annihilator! Viper Crops Sennchonhu is actually an Annihilator!”

The three royal arcane masters changed their expressions.

Ayrin’s judgement was absolutely spot on. What Sennchonhu had used was not a materialize skill. It was a forbidden skill which condensed arcane power around the user into a set of terrifyingly powerful anti-arcane armor and weapon!

The forbidden skill not only required the arcane master to possess a high arcane level, it also required the arcane master to possess explosive physical strength.

However, any arcane master who could use this forbidden skill would become a human titan on the battlefield! Arcane skills and materialize skills could hardly penetrate this type of anti-arcane armor. The arcane master who donned such an armor could rampage on the battlefield, bringing annihilation to all on his path.

In the world of arcane masters, those who possessed such ability had the special nickname ‘Annihilator’!


Sennchonhu disappeared from the spot.

In the next instant, he appeared right above Ayrin!

He held the broad sword with both hands and swung it down towards Ayrin with great velocity.


Ayrin dodged and brought out a crimson gold longsword. After dodging the downward swing, he slashed at one of Sennchonhu’s leg instead.


However, Ayrin’s crimson gold longsword did not cut through Sennchonhu’s armor, and was bounced away by the repelling force instead. Ayrin almost lost his grip on the longsword and his balance broke.

“Moon Slicing Crusher!” Sennchonhu roared. The heavy sword which swung down vertically carved an arc and swept towards Ayrin.

“Shadow Ball!”

Ayrin could not dodge the attack. The shadow ball which had been floating around him shot out at that moment and crashed into Sennchonhu’s body.


Sennchonhu was pushed back a step while Ayrin was blown away and fell to the ground a dozen meters away.

“What a solid anti-arcane property...... He doesn’t need to worry about the opponent’s arcane skills whatsoever. However, if the opponent gets hit by him, they’re doomed!”

“What a unique arcane skill!”

Ayrin gritted his teeth and got up while enduring the pain.

“What’s with that expression!?”

“Why does he look so happy?”

“What kind of monster is he!?”

The spectating Viper Corps arcane masters did not rejoice at all. That was because Ayrin did not show any fear, but excitement!

“What will happen if I fight him using the same arcane skill?”

“If I can learn this arcane skill, won’t it be very useful in the future?”

Ayrin stared at Sennchonhu’s body and the rising particles. In his perception, there was a unique cycle formed between the arcane particles flowing out from Sennchonhu, his armor, and the particles rising up from the ground.

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