Chapter 495: The Man Equivalent To One Third Of The Corps Total Fighting Strength!

Chapter 495: The Man Equivalent To One Third Of The Corps Total Fighting Strength!


“Focus fire!”

Tanry’s calm and confident expression suddenly twisted slightly as he shouted a command.


The entire space trembled.

Apart from him, every Viper Corps arcane master who could attack fired at the same time.

Within these terrifying arcane energy fluctuations, various kinds of arcane power shot towards Ayrin.

Ayrin immediately became cautious and quickly retreated into the huge tower.

Arcane power exploded at the entrance of the huge tower as stone scattered everywhere.


Black light flashed on the body of the Viper Corps arcane master closest to the huge tower. Blood spurted out.

At the partly collapsed entrance of the huge tower, the chaotic arcane power was still flashing. Meanwhile, the unscathed Ayrin jumped out.


This guy has long prepared to fight against a large number of arcane masters. He’s using the towers as strongholds!

Tanry’s mouth twitched.

Based on the thickness and endurance of the huge tower, normal arcane skills could only make a dent in the wall. It was unimaginable how great the force was required to make it collapse!

He completely understood Ayrin’s plan.

Even if we destroyed one tower, he would definitely try to move to another.

He has top notch defensive strength, charging speed and arcane skills. The most creepy part is that despite facing consecutive battles, his arcane particles seemed anything but exhausted. 

Although Tanry was known for strategy making, he could only sense Ayrin’s plan, he had no confidence in preventing Ayrin from executing it.

Do I really have to use......

At that moment, a sonorous voice spoke behind Tanry, “This is the legendary Psychic Style forbidden skill. The mysterious arcane skill that mainly uses mental strength.”


Tanry’s eyes lit up and he immediately turned around.

“Lord Sennchonhu!”

Some of the Viper Corps arcane masters also called out in surprise.

A Corps general wearing the black armor and red mantle was standing on the roof of a huge tower behind Tanry.

It was a robust, bald man who was more than two meters tall. His face seemed as if it was sculpted and he had a deep gaze. Most importantly, even the muscles on his face gave off a feeling that they were as hard as steel, yet also filled with explosive strength.

“Even this monster is here!”

The moment the three royal arcane masters saw the bald man, they contracted their pupils.

Sennchonhu, a general of the Viper Corps, was the number one training maniac of the Viper Corps. He did not gain significant achievements in the Corps because he spent most of his time training outside and sparring with famous arcane masters.

Due to his terrifying fighting strength and maniacal training habits, he was called ‘the man equivalent to one third of the Corps total fighting strength!’.

That nickname meant that the difference in fighting strength between a Viper Corps with Sennchonhu and a Viper Corps without Sennchonhu amounted to one third!

That description sounded like an exaggeration to the outside world. However, to Tanry and every arcane master who was familiar with Sennchonhu, that description was not an exaggeration at all!

That’s because Lord Sennchonhu...... is a man nobody dares to compete against just from the amount of sweat he sheds during his training routine!

“Lord Tanry, leave him to me.” The bald man nonchalantly told Tanry. The Viper Corps arcane masters regained the light of hope in their eyes.

“Alright, be careful.”

Tanry’s uncontrollable emotions immediately disappeared. He regained his usual coldness and calmness.

“A strong guy came?”

Ayrin’s gaze was attracted to Sennchonhu.

At that moment, Sennchonhu jumped down from the huge tower.


His body landed heavily.

He did not use any arcane skill. The force of landing created multiple cracks to spread out on the ground.

However, what shocked everyone was not the landing, but the instant after the landing.

The moment he landed, he bent his knees slightly and pushed off the ground.

The cracked ground suddenly received a great impact and formed a bowl-shaped dent.

His body instantly disappeared from the dented ground.


Ayrin’s pupils contracted. A blurry fist abruptly appeared right before his eyes. A terrifying power brand took the form of a tiger and exploded.

Ayrin’s feet tensed on reflex and his arms crossed in front of his face.


Ayrin could only feel as if he was rammed by a beast. Pieces of stone scattered below him and he flew back like a block of wood!

After flying back for a few meters, his body heavily crashed into a wall.

Ayrin spat out a mouthful of blood. The wounds on his right arm opened up again and blood flowed out.

Sennchonhu did not follow up with another attack. He just stood there and looked at him.

“Not bad. Nobody as young as you in the entire Kingdom of Doa can rely on their physical endurance alone to take my punch.” Sennchonhu slowly spoke. He twisted his body and crackling sounds could be heard.

What a powerful physical strength!

He’s purely using physical strength!

Ayrin loosened his numb arms and jumped down from the wall with a little difficulty. However, his expression became even more fervent.

“Why don’t you try my punch?”

“Holy Body Ignition!”

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

In a loud boom, Ayrin struck out with his left fist.


Sennchonhu lowered his center of gravity. Despite Ayrin’s speed, he accurately caught Ayrin’s trajectory. He also dished out his left fist as the two fists collided.


Ayrin felt an astonishing impact on his left fist. A heat wave that seemed to be made up of countless streaks of flames rushed into his body.

He uncontrollably stepped back. The heat wave that rushed into his body seemed to burn away his strength, making him feel wobbly.


Sennchonhu also took a step back.

His left fist felt numb.

He can actually force me one step back, such physical strength......

His eyes narrowed.

“It’s my turn...... Wanna try take another one?” He slowly asked.

“Sure!” Ayrin nodded without hesitation.

The loss of strength was only momentary. He seemed to have squeezed out the lost strength from every cell in his body. Power filled his body again as it felt hotter than before.

This process seemed to force out all the hidden potential within his body.

These two guys are actually competing in physical strength?

The three spectating royal arcane masters twitched their eyebrows non-stop.

“He’s too naive...... In a bout of pure strength, the side with weaker strength...... will easily become sore through the clashes and overload their muscles...... His strength will soon drop...... This guy should not be able to take Sennchonhu’s fist this time!”

Tanry lightly sighed and analyzed coldly in his mind.


“Heart Strengthening: Raging Wave Impact!”

“Explosive Fist!”

Sennchonhu’s eyes suddenly shone as he stared at Ayrin. His black armor clattered.

“This is?”

Ayrin held his breath.

He could feel Sennchonhu’s heart expanding without a limit, then drastically contracting.

An astonishing amount of blood instantly filled up Sennchonhu’s circulatory system. Sennchonhu’s body gave off heat and his blood vessels wriggled like roots.

Power exploded out from his blood and flesh just like the impact of a raging wave.

At the same time, Sennchonhu drew a deep breath, but did not exhale.

The air that entered his lungs was forcefully squeezed into his body and pressured his muscles to charge forward.


Sennchonhu launched his right fist.

His entire right arm seemed to be drastically expanding.

“Oh no!”

“Shock Conduction!”

“Secret Demonic Ape Fist”

Ayrin instinctively felt that he would not be able to take the strength behind that punch. However, he still received that punch with his left fist. At the same time, his entire body produced a strange vibration.


The ground beneath his feet completely caved in and became a bowl-shaped dent. Countless stone shards scattered.


The spectating Viper Corps arcane masters opened their eyes wide in disbelief. Ayrin did not take a step back, and his left fist was still exerting strength.


It did not feel like a clash between fists. It was as if Ayrin forcefully pushed Sennchonhu away instead. Sennchonhu was repelled back.

“You actually stopped my punch.”

“Is it the Shock Conduction of the Ever-standing Meat Shield Ashur?”

“You used a strange combat skill...... In that case, let’s see how well you fare with your close range combat skills.”

Sennchonchu did not change his expression. He stopped his repelled body without any effort.


His entire right leg seemed to have suddenly disappeared. However, several blade-like leg silhouettes appeared around Ayrin.

“So fast!”

“How did he do it?”

Ayrin’s eyes opened wide in astonishment.

He blocked one leg with his hands.

However, almost simultaneously as he blocked it, his waist received a stomp.

He was sent flying back with a bent body.

Sennchonhu kicked him twice in the time normal arcane masters kicked once. His speed was too fast to be seen clearly.

“Dark Goddess Sight!”

Ayrin spat out another mouthful of blood. His internal organs screamed, but he forced down his breath and activated his arcane particles.

A trace of black light glowed at the center of his brows, as if a black vertical eye opened.

“He can even control his leg muscles separately?”

He was astonished by Sennchonhu once again.

He clearly saw the individually twitching muscles on Sennchonhu’s leg as he retracted it.

At the same time, Roha also drew a sharp breath and told his two companions, “It’s the control of individual sets of muscle and their reflexion curve!”

During that rapid kick, Sennchonhu was able to control a separate set of muscles and reflexive nerves in his thigh to let his leg release another kick at an even faster speed!

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