Chapter 494: Arcane Skills! Bloom Like A Kaleidoscope!

Chapter 494: Arcane Skills! Bloom Like A Kaleidoscope!


Another two arcane teams showed up from the frost mist.

They wore tight, dark green arcane robes. They had the Viper Corps symbol on their arcane robes, indicating they belonged to the Viper Corps.

Seeing the scene before them, they shivered as if they were afraid of the cold.

At that moment, Ayrin suddenly felt something wrong as he thought that Warlock Variation malfunctioned. He raised his head and looked up.

In the air above, a dark cloud of shining green light suddenly appeared.

Lifon and his teammates also felt the dangerous aura and looked up.


It was as if space had collapsed. The dark cloud roiled as hail and green rainwater poured down heavily.

The sixteen burning shields instantly extinguished.

“This is the Warlock Variation of the Cocktail Grandmaster Leonardo? What kind of arcane power did it morph into?”

The hair of Lifon and his two teammates stood up in shock.

The hail and green rainwater seemed to contain arcane energy fluctuations they could not resist against!

Lifon poured out almost all of his arcane particles as he loudly chanted, “Iron Fortress!”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Metal clashing sounds rang out.

Pieces of metal like the deck boards of ships assembled quickly above the three of them as sparks scattered.

A tortoise shell-like metal fortress took shape and covered the three inside.


It was clearly an arcane skill with high a defensive ability. However, the endless hail and green rainwater kept pressing it downwards. The fortress was about to break.

The other two arcane masters inside also desperately cast their arcane skills. Light seeped out from the seams cracked open by the downpour. Something took shape and desperately supported the metal fortress.

“Oh crap!”

The moment Ayrin sensed the dangerous power within the hail and green rainwater, he stiffened.

“Dragon Scale Absorption!”

“Shock Conduction!”

He held his head and lay down prone on the ground.

In the next instant, he was drowned by the hail and green rainwater.

The rest of the spectators quickly stepped back.

The arcane structure of the hail and green rainwater was very bizarre. It seemed to carry a strange shock wave destructive power and not pure impact. They were like tiny bombs that sent the destructive power into a place and then liberated it.

Time seemed to have stopped.

The hail and rainwater seemed to be endless. The area completely shrouded the metal fortress and Ayrin.

After several minutes, the bizarre hail and green rainwater finally stopped.

Steam and dust rose up from the battered ground.

Weird gas blowing sounds constantly echoed from the ground.

The metal fortress was riddled with holes. The three arcane masters were panting heavily with pale faces. Dozens of criss-crossed lights desperately held up the battered metal fortress.

On the other hand, Ayrin was dug into the ground and was covered by a thick layer of dust.

He went and did it...... Is he dead? Warlock Variation is the most creepy and unpredictable arcane skill there is, as expected...... Even Leonardo himself does not dare to use it randomly.

The three royal arcane masters looked at Ayrin who did not move.

He got killed by his own arcane skill, how dreadful.


However, at that moment, Ayrin suddenly screamed and jumped up.


The three royal arcane masters jumped in fright.

“He’s not dead?”

Tanry and the rest of the Viper Corps were filled with astonishment.

Ayrin was touching himself all over after he jumped up.


Everyone thought that Ayrin would be screaming in pain. However, they almost puked blood when Ayrin shouted, “So...... So comfortable!”

Charlotte was also speechless.

She was confident that Ayrin was not in danger. That was because she felt that Merlin and Ayrin had a unique connection. If Ayrin’s life was in danger, she was certain Merlin would have made a move.

However, she also did not expect to hear these words come from his mouth after getting up.

In truth, Ayrin was indeed extremely comfortable.

At the start, when he used Dragon Scale Absorption and Shock Conduction to endure the hail and green rainwater, his entire body was in extreme agony as it felt like it was completely shattered. However, he gritted his teeth and kept enduring it. The blood in his body seemed to have been shattered into even tinier particles and splashed into every tiny nook and cranny of his body.

Those cells in his body which usually could not receive any nourishment received the nutrition from the blood particles.

His flesh and bones seemed to have been shattered and reassembled.

Currently, his body felt a little mellow and numb. However, his brain felt clearer than ever, his reaction even more agile and his body filled with even greater power. It felt as if he had just enjoyed a thorough soak in a hot spring.

The impurities in his body flowed out along with his sweat and stuck to his skin, generating an unbearable smell.

“What kind of monster is that guy!?”

“He can even endure this kind of arcane skill...... and he even shouted ‘so comfortable’!”

Lifon and his two teammates cursed out after hearing Ayrin’s shouting.

“Even my arcane particles are almost fully replenished!”

“Looks like the sum of arcane particles you three have is quite amazing!”

“Ice Sword Rush!”

However, Ayrin did not care about the feeling of those three.

In his eyes, since the three of them were still standing, the battle was not over.

Not to mention he was filled with energy and his body surpassed its peak right now.

The air screamed before him. A hundred ice swords swarmed towards the three hiding in the battered metal fortress.

“Back!” Lifon shouted.

The three of them immediately retreated backwards.

They already had little arcane particles remaining after exerting all of their strength in defending against the hail and green rainwater.


The two arcane masters next to Tanry moved. Two terrifying green arcane powers formed two huge snake heads. The snake heads opened their mouths and gulped the ice swords.


The ground beneath Ayrin exploded, his body disappearing again.

The Viper Corps arcane masters held their breaths. Arcane energy fluctuations surged out from them as their attention focused on the surroundings of the three retreating arcane masters to prevent Ayrin from pursuing them.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

A purplish black ring releasing an evil aura suddenly fell onto the dead General Chifon. Ayrin appeared near his corpse and began moving back.

Meanwhile, a black arcane ball with purplish black light surrounding it manifested in the air and followed Ayrin as if it was an evil spirit.

“Necromancy skill!”

“How many arcane skills does this guy know!?”

“His charge was not to attack Lifon’s team, but to use the chance to absorb necromancy power?”

The three knowledgeable royal arcane masters felt frenzy after seeing such a scene.

If an old arcane master displayed a vast number of arcane skills before them, they could still accept it. After all, an old arcane master might practice various kinds of arcane skills throughout the different stages of their life. Over time, some arcane skills would be neglected after they became useless.

However, those Holy Dawn Academy children were just in their first year of academy!


The eyes of the two arcane masters next to Tanry had also become bloodshot. They gritted their teeth and pleaded, “Lord Tanry, let us go!”

That casual attitude Ayrin showed is definitely an insult to the Viper Corps!

However, everyone could not help but tremble again. That was because Ayrin shouted, “Warlock Variation!”


Everyone was frightened about what kind of creepy arcane skill would be mutated from Warlock Variation this time. However, their expectation was betrayed as Ayrin did not release a light ring.

“Hah! You fell for it!” Ayrin proudly exclaimed.

He had already retreated to the entrance of the huge tower with the floating black arcane ball. At the same time, black wind currents suddenly flashed past  Lifon’s team, who were still retreating.


Tanry held his breath.

Psst! Psst! Psst!

Blood spurted out from Lifon and his teammates!

Wounds appeared on their necks simultaneously and blood spewed out profusely!


The Viper Corps arcane masters and the three royal arcane masters were paralyzed from astonishment.

There’s already over a hundred meters between them!

The majority of the arcane masters at the scene could confirm based on the speed of the arcane skill that attacked Lifon and his two teammates that the arcane power came from arcane particles directly gathering around the three arcane masters.

However, there’s no way arcane particles can leave the body over such a distance and not dissipate!

This is ridiculous!

“Fighting these guys helps me improve as expected! I have even grasped Psychic Style’s Psychic Blade: Black Wind Cut!”

Ayrin was trembling from excitement.

I could barely use it before this battle, and I was not familiar with this Psychic Style forbidden skill. But now that my body condition is constantly surpassing its limit, this forbidden skill doesn’t seem to pose any difficulty when using it!

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