Chapter 493: The Fury Of The Corps, Non-Stop Battle!

Chapter 493: The Fury Of The Corps, Non-Stop Battle!



A blue streak of flames and a huge lightning pillar fell at the location Ayrin appeared and violently collided.

However, Ayrin was nowhere to be found anymore!

He even has the surplus strength during such a contest of strength to move smoothly without any pause?!

He’s not going to continue attacking me?

The arcane master who could not exert strength after clashing with Ayrin felt that the enemy had left. As the raging wind spread out, he was filled with astonishment.


A powerful chilling aura exploded from their flank, pulling them out of their bewilderment.


A huge ice ring exploded and crashed into the three.

Not good!

The hearts of the three arcane masters greatly contracted.

Pssh! The light barrier of one of them shattered.

Ayrin dashed past his flank and punched his neck.


He drew a sharp breath. His entire upper body twisted like a snake as if his bones were non-existent. His body floppily fell to the side and Ayrin’s punch was about to miss its mark.

However, at that moment, Ayrin’s arm suddenly stretched.


His fist accurately landed on that arcane master’s neck.

The arcane master blacked out and flew back from the impact.

His response time...... Even his close range combat is so incredible! Did he awaken the moment he could walk and began combat training!?

How can there be such a sick guy!?

The two royal arcane masters could not stop their eyelids from twitching.

One of them turned around and asked Roha, “Why did he use that ice ring arcane skill? He has already successfully flanked the three of them. Why didn’t he use your Ice Sword Rush? That would create a better killing effect.”

Why didn’t he use my Ice Sword Rush?

Roha’s eyes narrowed. His eyes contained an indescribably complex emotion, “Perhaps...... because my Ice Sword Rush uses a lot of arcane particles...... that ice ring arcane skill uses less...... he is fighting while saving his arcane particles so that he can last longer.”

He can even think about that in such a situation!?

Is he really intending to stay here and continue to fight the entire Corps!?

The two royal arcane masters could not breathe properly and felt goosebumps on their arms.


As Ayrin knocked out one arcane master, one of the arcane skills from the other two Grass Reaper Team members finally grazed his body.

Ayrin staggered and was about to flip sideways. However, he twisted his body and began spinning on the spot.


He stretched both arms horizontally while holding the crimson gold longsword in his left hand.

The two Grass Reaper Team members who wanted to follow up with more attacks retreated back in shock.

Out of the two, the arcane master who used rocks to protect himself had done so at the price of speed. Streaks of sword scars were carved onto the rock armor. Meanwhile, the other arcane master’s chest protector was cut open and shallow wounds appeared.


The air below Ayrin exploded!

Before anyone could see Ayrin’s action, he had already collided with the arcane master whose chest protector was cut open.


That arcane master’s face suddenly paled and he was knocked back while spewing out blood.

“Your arcane skill is too bulky and slow! You can only take a beating like that!”

Ayrin’s fighting spirit-filled shouting never stopped. He became several afterimages around the arcane master wearing the heavy rock armor. His fists and kicks constantly landed on him, disrupting his balance and making him wobble around.

In a few seconds, not only was the rock armor shattered piece by piece, that arcane master even began to spin uncontrollably.

One vs three and he won!

Roha and the other two royal arcane masters twitched again.

On top of that, it was obvious to see that Ayrin had shown mercy. He had kept his materialized sword when he knocked that arcane master away.

Had Ayrin chosen to use his sword, that arcane master would not have ended up with just spewing blood, he would have been bisected!

“But this has its benefits!”

“I can replenish plenty of arcane particles like this.”

Ayrin did not care what others thought. He was getting engrossed in beating up the rocky arcane master. Each fist would harvest large amounts of arcane particles.

This bastard!

However, it was totally different for Tanry and the rest of the Viper Corps.

This scene was a massive slap in the face of the Viper Corps!

“General Lifon, your Troll Team will go!”

Tanry did not change his expression, but the anger in his heart was constantly growing.


The black-armored Viper Corps arcane master who had just arrived immediately answered.

One royal arcane master grumbled, “You are using wheel tactics?”

“The so-called arcane master’s pride? Perhaps you royal arcane masters mind it and want to face the enemy while maintaining the arcane master’s pride. A fair match? Our Corps finds it foolish and senile.”

Tanry calmly glanced at the royal arcane master, “In our eyes, there’s only the difference between enemies and allies. As long as it’s an enemy, we will use any method we have to eliminate them. If the risk of friendly fire wouldn’t grow exponentially in a battle like this where there are less than a handful of enemies, I would have thrown more arcane teams into the fray already!”

If not for my identity as the Vice Leader of the Viper Corps which would receive mockery if I personally fought against mere students...... I won’t hold myself back against a bastard who dares to provoke our entire Viper Corps!

As Tanry slowly turned his gaze from the royal arcane master back to Ayrin, he mumbled to himself in an icy tone.


Ayrin suddenly felt a dangerous aura locking onto him as he was beating up the rocky arcane master.

He instinctively crouched and shrunk himself around the chest of the rocky arcane master.


At that instant, a terrifying shock wave hit them.


The rocky arcane master raised a shriek as the rocks protecting his body were torn apart by the powerful impact.

He flew back along with Ayrin and crashed into the steps leading up to the tower.

Countless cracks spread out on the ground.

Ayrin!” Charlotte shouted from inside the huge tower.

The arcane team led by General Lifon did not care about the rocky arcane master and immediately attacked.

Their display of determination to kill Ayrin looked maniacal to even Charlotte who had experienced service in the Corps.


Charlotte was worried about Ayrin receiving fatal damage from that attack. However, the moment she was about to call out again, Ayrin shouted, “Bastards! You don’t even care about the life of your own people!”

Ayrin, clad in scaly light, pushed away the arcane master on top of him and bounced to the entrance of the huge tower like a missle.


The instant he ran, a metal cross exceeding two meters crashed down on the spot he was at.

“Super Inertia: Destruction Meteor!”

Amongst the three Viper Corps arcane masters who spread out and approached Ayrin, General Lifon did not waste any time and crossed his ten fingers together. The magenta arcane particles gushing out from his hands became an astonishing arcane particle clump. It looked very intricate and gave off powerful arcane energy fluctuations.

Another powerful arcane skill was about to be shot by him!


However, at that moment, ice swords condensed in the space before Ayrin.


Lifon and the other two arcane masters drew their breaths sharply. They and every spectator contracted their pupils to the limit.

It was clearly the signature skill of the Variable Swordmaster Roha, Ice Sword Rush!

However, Roha’s Ice Sword Rush could only condense a hundred plus ice swords. Currently, the ice swords filling their sight numbered over a thousand!

The densely packed ice swords almost filled up the entire space in front of Ayrin and turned into an ice sword wall! The ice swords suddenly accelerated at an amazing speed!

How can we block all of those!?

Lifon and the other two arcane masters were originally determined to follow up with attacks. However, they stopped their offensive arcane skills after seeing such a spectacle.


A reverse waterfall blocked Lifon’s group.

Next, a square green crystal barrier.

Lastly, sixteen burning shields floated around the three.

Triple layered defense!


However, the three screamed in astonishment when the thousand ice swords easily shattered after crashing into the first layer of defense.

Not a single ice sword penetrated through that reverse waterfall.

They did not break through even the first layer of defense. Granted, it took them their full power to conjure.


“He tricked us!”

“Those swords did not even contain any power!”

The three arcane masters came to a sudden realization!

“He even knows such an arcane skill! ...... He didn’t even put in much power into the Ice Sword Rush. Isn’t he afraid if one of them didn’t get tricked and used a full power attack instead? This boy possesses such courage......” Roha wondered before showing a bitter smile soon after.

Compared to the courage to face an entire Corps here...... What does that courage amount to?

However, the astonishment Ayrin brought to everyone did not end there.

“Warlock Variation!”

The moment those three arcane masters came to the realization, a colorful ring of light spread out from Ayrin’s body.


The ring of light flashed and all the shattered ice swords vanished.

The reverse waterfall also disappeared, the same went for the square green crystal barrier.

“This is......” Everyone’s body suddenly stiffened.

The sixteen burning shields did not disappear.

There did not seem to be anything happening for a moment.


Ayrin was dumbfounded.

Did my gamble this time fumble?

The unstable cocktail variation did not show any offensive effect but just removed a barrier from the opponent?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the same time, another few wind breaking sounds could be heard and more arcane masters arrived.

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