Chapter 492: One VS Corps, Begin!

Chapter 492: One VS Corps, Begin!


“You are detestable, you wanted to kill me from the start!”

“Any of you dare to challenge me!?”

Ayrin panted as he shouted to the remaining Viper Corps arcane masters.

The black flame surrounding him a moment ago was not a real flame. It was a strange arcane power that seemed to deteriorate the cells in his body. Although he absorbed them and replenished a good amount of arcane particles, he still felt very uncomfortable.

It seemed he had to lose some sweat by exercising to become more comfortable again.

“It’s a silent chant assassination skill!”

“We must use defensive skills first in order to block his surprise attack!”

“Let’s go together!”

The two Viper Corps arcane masters wearing black armor who accompanied Chifon became menacing.

Boom! Boom!

The air screamed around them.

“Storm Guard!”

“Absolute Barrier!”

One of them had a storm surrounding him, while the other had a transparent light barrier.

No matter how creepy the opponents are, they are just two people and a metal clockwork war avatar!

The other arcane masters of our Corps will soon arrive.

We don’t need to preserve our arcane particles!

The two Viper Corps arcane masters who used defensive skills first roared out in their minds and then charged towards Ayrin!


Ayrin’s heart contracted vigorously on reflex, pumping boiling blood to every nook and cranny of his body.


He did not hold his ground at the tower entrance, but rather charged towards the two Viper Corps arcane masters like a meteor!

The distance between them was instantly shortened to less than ten meters!

He was about to crash into them.

“Ice Sword Rush!”

At that moment, a hundred ice swords took form in front of him and clashed with the storm and barrier like a tide.

One of the two held his breath.

Amongst the countless ice shards which blocked his view, a crimson gold sword flash cut through his defenses like lightning and enlarged in his pupils.



Three Viper Corps arcane masters wearing black armor rapidly dashed through the frost mist zone.

One of them had a red mantle on his back. A coiled viper symbol was sewn on the mantle.

In the Viper Corps, that was the symbol of a general.

The Viper Corps was the Corps in charge of Doa Royal City’s Outer City safety. There were a total of fifty plus elite arcane teams and hundreds of normal arcane teams plus reserve arcane teams.

The fifty or so elite arcane teams were under the command of ten generals. Above them were the Corps Leader and Vice Leader.

“They’re fighting over there!”

The three suddenly stopped.

Strange wind and booming sounds could be heard from the depths of the frost mist.

“There are already so many people over there?”

“What? Are there many enemies?”

The three Viper Corps arcane masters leapt with amazing speed and quickly arrived at the tower zone. They saw the many arcane masters already there.

“Even Vice Leader Tanry has arrived?”


As they got closer, they showed a shocked expression.

Three Viper Corps arcane masters collapsed on the ground. Two of them had received grave injuries and were getting treated, while the other was clearly General Chifon who was already dead!

Meanwhile, the enemy was in a single tower which the Corps arcane masters had surrounded.

The enemies were a boy, a girl and a metal clockwork war avatar?

“Lord Tanry!”

The three newly arrived arcane masters greeted the Vice Leader, still shocked by the scene.

Viper Corps Vice Leader Tanry looked gentle and elegant. He was a handsome arcane master possessing the Elven bloodline, albeit of lower grade than Rinloran’s bloodline. His hair was silver and his ears were not as sharp.

His nickname was the Cold-Blooded Strategist, known for his mercilessness in his strategies against enemies.

“General Lifon!”

Tanry had also just arrived. He returned the greeting, then calmly asked the Corps arcane masters around, “What’s happening?”

“Their identities have been confirmed. They should be Holy Dawn Academy’s Ayrin and Divine Shield Academy’s Charlotte.”

“General Chifon was killed by Ayrin with Formless Silent Blade.”

“Rog and Leslin were injured by him using Ice Sword Rush and Variable Ice Sword. His materialized sword was also astonishingly sharp, far exceeding his arcane level.”

An arcane master next to Tanry seemed to have completed the investigation and quickly reported, “According to trusted information, Ayrin should possess the Treasured Book of Time and Treasured Book of Sealing. Powerful domains might be sealed by him and used against us.”

“Ice Sword Rush and Variable Ice Sword?”

Tanry frowned. He turned around to look at Roha who stood to the side and asked, “Lord Roha, if I remember correctly, aren’t those your specialty arcane skills?”

“Don’t question if I have met him before. I’m just as confused as you are.” Roha rubbed his stubby chin and spoke, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. He’s very strange. Not only does he possess superhuman battle instinct, he even has the ability to copy the opponent’s arcane skills.”

Copy the opponent’s arcane skills?

You think I’m an idiot!?

In the entire Doraster Continent, apart from unique artifacts like the Treasured Book of Sealing, there is no forbidden skill or the like that can directly copy the opponent’s arcane skills!

Don’t think that I’m unaware that after the suppression in the Royal Palace last time, many of you royal arcane masters were dissatisfied with the King and Green Dragon Divine Temple!

You can’t even handle two academy students with your strength?

It was as if another person was roaring in Tanry’s mind, but his expression remained stern and calm.

“More and more people are arriving!”

“So many Corps arcane masters!”

“Looks like the effect is great. They’re all coming after me. But I need to quickly disable as many of them as I can!

“It’s just right for my current condition!”

Seeing the Viper Corps arcane masters coming one after another, Ayrin did not feel tired, but felt the discomfort in his body being dispelled instead. His entire body seemed to be constantly injected with energy. The battles he fought before were like warm ups and brought his body condition to its peak. Even his injured right arm had regained its strength.

Seeing Tanry, who was clearly a celebrity in the Corps, Ayrin shouted, “Oi! What are you guys discussing over there? Don’t tell me you only dare to come after me once your entire Corps has arrived!”

“Is there no brave warrior who dares to take the challenge!?”

As Tanry watched Ayrin blocking the entrance of the tower and taunting them, a chilling glint flashed across his eyes, but his expression remained unchanged.

He ignored Ayrin and turned around to look at the three Viper Corps arcane masters who arrived first.

“Grass Reaper Team, you were the first to arrive, right?”

“Yet somehow General Chifon and his Demonic Wind Team who arrived second already fought, while you are just standing there.”

“Do you see that? The current situation makes him belittle our entire Viper Corps......”

The gentle and elegant looking Vice Leader calmly told the three Viper Corps arcane masters, “Even if we die in battle, we must not let the glory and dignity of the Corps be tarnished. Now, your team shall enter the battle first.”

The three arcane masters from the Grass Reaper Team hung their heads down in shame, then turned around while clenching their teeth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Arcane power booms could be heard from the three at the same time.

Three green-colored light barriers shrouded them.

“Flaming Viper!”

“Judgement Blade!”

“Barren Spear!”

The three arcane masters used long range attacks simultaneously.

A huge flaming viper, a long spinning bronze blade and a bluish yellow spear roared through the air and shot towards Ayrin.


The excitement in Ayrin’s body raised another level.

The surrounding air seemed to have become quieter.

Formless Silent Blade is so useful. Even though the opponent realized that I have this assassination skill, I can still force them to exhaust a large amount of arcane particles to maintain such all-rounded defenses.

Then, let the battle heat up further!

Only through constant battles can the chaotic arcane power yet to dissipate be absorbed by me like in the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign!

The rapidly flowing arcane particles suddenly gushed out from Ayrin’s hands and feet.


A huge blue ice pillar erected before him.

The three arcane skills ferociously crashed into the ice pillar and shattered it.


A terrifying booming sound rang out behind the shattered ice pillar.

Not good!

The three Viper Corps arcane masters changed their expressions. Before they could react, a figure shining in dazzling gold light had charged to them.

He actually chooses to charge in for a melee when facing three arcane masters at the same time!

“Rock Armament!”

The arcane master Ayrin was facing towards clenched his teeth and let arcane particles flow out without any reservation. His body was covered with a thick layer of green rocks. At the same time, a huge, green stone axe even taller than himself appeared in his hand.


A crimson gold sword flash approached and was blocked by the huge axe.


However, at the same time, his feet sank into the ground.

He felt as if he crashed into a solid wall and could not catch his breath. He even had difficulty to continue exerting strength.

What kind of a monster is this kid!? Even his physical strength has reached such a monstrous level!

That arcane master was greatly shocked!

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