Chapter 491: Kill On Sight

Chapter 491: Kill On Sight


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At that moment, another three arcane masters arrived.

They wore dark green leather arcane robes, and gave off the disciplined and merciless aura unique to Corps arcane masters.

“Lord Chiya!”

“Lord Omorei!”

The moment they saw the two royal arcane masters, they immediately stopped and respectfully greeted them.


The olive-shaped ice crystal cracked open along the seam Ayrin’s longsword made and broke into two. The royal arcane master with the messy beard appeared from inside. He had a nasty wound on his back.

“Lord Roha!”

The moment the newcomers saw the third royal arcane master, they were even more shocked and hurriedly greeted again.

The wounded Roha did not treat his own injury, instead asking with a frown, “Viper Corps arcane team...... Who’s the enemy this time? They even activated the Outer City Defense Corps?”

“According to the orders we received, it’s the Kingdom of Eiche’s Holy Dawn Academy team and a group of anti-Green Dragon Divine Temple heretics. They are most likely trying to infiltrate the Green Dragon Divine Temple to cause destruction.” One of the three newly arrived arcane masters immediately answered.

“Holy Dawn Academy team?”

Roha was surprised and took a glance at Ayrin.

“Oi, you guys actually ignored me! And what anti-Green Dragon Divine Temple heretics?” Ayrin shouted in denial, “The ones currently controlling your Green Dragon Divine Temple are the heretics! The female arcane master wearing the seductive green arcane robe I fought against a while ago is an Evil Dragon follower! She even admitted she is the Evil Dragon Vice Bishop!”

Ayrin continued, “I rushed over here after receiving Jean Camus’s letter! He suspects that his mother, the one you call the Holy Priestess, is the Evil Dragon Arachne Bishop!”

“Female arcane master wearing a seductive green arcane robe... Is he referring to the Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Oracle Priestess Helgy? He even accused the Holy Priestess as an Evil Dragon follower?”

The three newly arrived arcane masters and the three royal arcane masters changed their expressions.

“Nonsense! The two priestesses cannot possibly be Evil Dragon followers!” One of the Viper Corps arcane masters immediately refuted.

 Ayrin looked at that arcane master with disdain and reasoned, “You have never fought against them, how do you know it’s impossible? Where’s Jean Camus? If you don’t believe me, you can ask him.”

Roha felt some doubt. He hesitated for a moment before saying, “This matter is suspicious...... Why don’t you cease your resistance and follow us back to the Doa Royal Palace, then we will investigate.”

“Lord Roha......”

The three Viper Corps arcane masters seemed to want to say something.

Roha looked at them and asked, “What’s wrong?”

One of them took a deep breath and answered, “The Royal Palace, our Corps and the Green Dragon Divine Temple have all issued the same order. If we encounter these enemies, we must kill them on sight!”

“Kill them on sight?” The three royal arcane masters were astonished.

Even if they got into a conflict and fought down here in the sewers, it’s not an unforgivable crime. Besides, they are the Kingdom of Eiche’s champion arcane team. If they were simply killed, wouldn’t it cause more warfare between the two kingdoms?

This overly aggressive method seems even more suspicious.

Hearing that Viper Corps arcane master’s words, Ayrin did not show any fear but shouted like a battle maniac instead, “So after all this talk, we are still going to fight! Let’s do it!”

“Lords, are we waiting for something? Why aren’t you taking him on?” The three Viper Corps arcane masters looked at the arrogant Ayrin and felt strange.

Roha glanced at the three and said, “If you want to take him on, go ahead. I have already lost.”

“What? Even Lord Roha......”

The three Viper Corps arcane masters drew a cold breath in shock.

Variable Swordmaster Roha was the number one expert in the entire Doa Royal City’s Western Zone. He once defeated thirteen challengers consecutively. There aren’t many royal arcane masters who can defeat him, yet he lost to that youth?

“What? If you don’t believe me, you can go try.”

Roha saw the shock in the three Viper Corps arcane masters, then turned to look at Ayrin, “In that case, you should be the Holy Dawn Deviant Six’s Ayrin? When fighting them, please show some mercy. They are just Corps arcane masters who are following orders.”

“Sure! Hurry up and let’s fight! I will try to only incapacitate them!”

Ayrin shouted with force. His breath became heavier. There was a battle before his eyes, yet it was getting dragged on. It caused his body to crave destruction more and more, as if his blood was heating up. It gave him the urge to demolish the towers in this zone.

Enduring it made him feel very uncomfortable.

However, the heated blood made every cell in his body more active than usual. He could clearly feel an improvement in his recovery speed. The wounds on his arm were  itching as the damaged flesh was quickly growing back.

“Lord Roha is pleading for us?”

“This zone will probably be sealed by our Corps soon...... He’s actually staying here and fighting us? What’s the meaning of this?”

They could see Ayrin’s body appeared to be on fire, as if each of his breaths spewed out red flames. The three Viper Corps arcane masters became even more astonished and hesitated further.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At that moment, another three figures rapidly tore through the frost mist and landed nearby.

Another three?

These Doa’s arcane teams are in groups of three?

Damn, they still aren’t coming to fight!

The more that comes, the more troublesome it will be!

Seeing another three arcane masters arriving, Ayrin’s irritation and desire for destruction became more and more vivid. His bones were crackling.

“General Chifon!”

The moment the three Viper Corps arcane masters saw the person who arrived, they held their breaths and gave a military salute.

Amongst the three, the middle one was a middle-aged arcane master wearing black metal scale armor with a red mantle.

His nose was hooked, and his eyes were sunken. He seemed stern and merciless.

“Have you discovered the enemies? Why aren’t you engaging them?”

The stern arcane master saw Roha’s group, but did not greet them. He only stared at the three Viper Corps arcane masters and coldly questioned them.

Ayrin really could not endure any longer. Plus, he did not like that merciless looking middle-aged general. So, he roared out, “That’s because they don’t dare to fight me! What about you?”

The expression of the Corps general called Chifon turned chilling. He seemed to have only noticed the existence of the royal arcane team then. He turned around and asked, “Roha, what’s the meaning of this?”

“He has great fighting strength. It’s not wise to advance without a plan, and I have already been defeated by him......” Roha calmly spoke.

“Is that so? Then you don’t need to interfere. Our Viper Corps will surround this place soon.” Killing intent flashed in Chifon’s eyes. He shifted and started the assault.

Ayrin could feel the thick killing intent and bloodthirsty aura sweeping towards him. The blood in his body had become so hot he almost had trouble breathing. He shouted towards Roha in his last moment of calmness, “That middle-aged uncle seems very violent. I won’t show any mercy to a guy like that!”

Roha, who purposely left the wound on his back alone and let it bleed, twitched his mouth.

These merciless and cold-blooded Corps arcane masters who only execute extermination orders will probably pay a heavy price this time.

“You’re just a brat who opened four gates! Roha, you bunch of royal arcane masters...... Do you think that I don’t know the doubts you royal arcane masters hold ever since that incident in the Palace!?”

The merciless Chifon narrowed his eyes into a seam.

“Raging Flame: Gravity Arcane Ball!”

With a loud boom, a ring of black flames suddenly erupted around his body as he charged towards Ayrin. The black flames rapidly contracted and condensed into a black arcane ball.

The black arcane ball was extremely heavy and let out a dangerous humming sound.

“What a powerful suction!”

“I can’t dodge it huh!?”

Ayrin could finally liberate the urge he had been suppressing.


A heat wave spread out from his body.

At the same time, a ring of silver light vaguely spread out from his feet.

The impact of the black arcane ball was clearly very powerful and it contained a unique suction power as well as a restriction force, locking Ayrin down.

However, Ayrin did not try to dodge it.

He raised up his arms again and protected his face.

“He’s going to endure it!?”

“His right arm can move again already?”

Roha held his breath. A chill ran down his spine as he felt that he would see a shocking scene soon.


Crack crack crack......

The black arcane ball crashed into Ayrin. Bone cracking sound came from his entire body and the ground under his feet also cracked. There seemed to be strange waves released from his feet. However, the powerful impact drove him back several meters and threw him against the wall.


Ayrin spat out a mouthful of blood.


The Viper Corps arcane masters were also shocked as the charging Viper Corps General Chifon suddenly roared. Two streaks of blood spurted out from his neck along with two light cutting sounds.

Mutual sacrifice method!

He immediately used the mutual sacrifice method!

The eyelids of the other two royal arcane masters twitched non-stop.

Chifon desperately covered the wounds on his neck with his hands.

The blood vessels and windpipe on that side were completely severed.

Formless Silent Blade!

How can he know this assassination skill!?

Whatever! I will still kill you!

Even if that attack wasn’t enough to kill you immediately, my black flame will wrap around you and destroy your bodily functions!

Arcane particles swarmed out from Chifon’s neck to block the wounds. At the same time, he let go of one hand and took out some medication.

“He can still stand up?”


However, he and the other Viper Corps arcane masters stiffened as the fallen Ayrin jumped up again.

Meanwhile, the black flame surrounding him was quickly disappearing.

A formless killing intent suddenly appeared at Chifon’s flank again.


Chifon stopped treating his wounds and blasted out all of his arcane particles through his feet to dodge to the side.

However, at that moment, blood spurted out from the left side of his neck again.

His body stiffened and crashed into the ground.

“General Chifon!”

The Viper Corps arcane masters dashed towards their fallen General. They fell into great despair when they saw the blood flowing from his neck. There was nothing they could do, his pupils were already losing their light.

Even General Chifon......

The Viper Corps arcane masters were drenched in cold sweat.

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