Chapter 490: The Secret of Composite Skill, Defeated!

Chapter 490: The Secret of Composite Skill, Defeated!


“Impressive reaction. How is my Variable Ice Sword?”

The middle-aged, messy beard royal arcane master proudly rubbed his chin, “But I didn’t use my full power just now. Do you want to surrender now?”

Variable Ice Sword?

There was no arcane power thread guiding it and yet it could change direction in mid-air.

What a strange arcane skill...... This is more powerful than the simultaneous shot of a hundred ice swords, and it’s an arcane skill that saves arcane particles.

Ayrin pulled out a roll of bandage with his left hand and bandaged his wound while calling out, “Uncle! One more time!”


You can’t even lift your right arm anymore, yet you have the courage to continue fighting with those eyes filled with fighting spirit?

The royal arcane master frowned and narrowed his eyes.

“Fine, again it is!”


As he casually talked, an ice crystal short sword appeared next to him and then disappeared.

The Variable Ice Sword reappeared to Ayrin’s right. However, in the next instant, it suddenly appeared on his left.



Ayrin stomped hard on the ground.

In that instant, he also completed a spin. The area under his right shoulder’s wound spilled out blood.

He actually forced his right arm to clash into the ice crystal short sword!

Another deep hole opened up on Ayrin’s right arm, but he shouted out in excitement instead, “I can sense it clearly now!”

“It’s a composite skill! The secret of your arcane skill lies in the floating ice beads!”

“These ice beads can instantly absorb your short sword, then shoot it out again! Plus, the power contained within the ice beads can accelerate your short sword!”

“Hence, the short sword did not freely change directions. The advancing pattern of your short sword is through reflection! It advanced like a light ray getting reflected by floating mirrors! You just need to control which ice beads the short sword will head towards to control where it will reflect and decide where and when to attack!”

“You actually saw through my arcane skill so soon?”

“You’re right.” The royal arcane master looked at Ayrin’s right arm with a little astonishment, “However, why did you you forcefully spin yourself and use your right arm to collide with my short sword?”

“Because I can’t avoid it anyway. I have to take the hit in the end.” Ayrin spoke as if it was natural, “Since my right arm cannot be used after taking one hit, I should just use it as a meat shield.”

“Meat shield?”

The three royal arcane masters twitched.

What a savage speech...... What kind of monster says something like that so naturally?

“Composite skill...... The difficulty of those two arcane skills does not seem high. The problem is using them together...... I more or less got it.” At that moment, Ayrin mumbled something to himself after bandaging his wounds.

“What more or less?”

The royal arcane master with the messy beard was dumbfounded.

“Uncle, shouldn’t you use that arcane skill you used before now?” Ayrin called out with anticipation.

“You still want to fight? And you want me to use the Ice Sword Rush?”

The royal arcane master looked at Ayrin and felt confused.

“Uncle, hurry up!”

Seeing the royal arcane master not attacking, Ayrin began urging him.


The royal arcane master took a deep breath.


The calm air before him suddenly became choppy.

A hundred ice swords manifested.

This time, he used his full power. The ice swords became faster and more powerful.


The continuous sonic boom joined up to become a single sound.

This time, a huge ice ring appeared around Ayrin.

The ice swords forcefully penetrated the ice ring and rammed into Ayrin.

All the ice swords shattered on Ayrin’s scaly body. Ayrin was buried in ice shards once again.

Ayrin jumped out from the ice shards and exclaimed, “I got it!”

Does he not know pain?

He’s so happy despite getting so beaten up?

Is he the definition of a masochist?

The three royal arcane masters twitched again.

After jumping out of the ice shards, the shivering Ayrin immediately asked, “Uncle, do you maybe have a weird arcane skill more powerful than these two?”

“Even if you do, I can't endure them. I guess it ends here.”

However, before the royal arcane master could answer, Ayrin shook his head in regret and looked at him again, “Uncle, you seem like a good guy. I will begin my counterattack now. Please be careful.”


The three royal arcane masters glanced at each other and had an ominous feeling.

“Let’s begin!” Ayrin shouted.

The royal arcane master with a messy beard contracted his pupils. Before his two companions realized any incongruity, he blasted out arcane particles under his feet and dashed backwards.

Two cuts appeared on his arcane robe near his chest, revealing two shallow wounds.

“Assassination skill! Silent chant assassination skill!”

“This...... This is Merciless Killer Diginril’s Formless Silent Blade!”

The two other royal arcane masters opened their mouths wide in shock and finally realized what happened.

“I got the initiative!”

The fighting spirit in Ayrin’s eyes burned brighter.

This assassination skill should be a top-notch assassination skill in the entire Kingdom of Doa! Arcane masters on this level also can’t dodge it completely!

You may get even more astonished if you see your own arcane skill next, it may even affect your reaction!


The air before Ayrin suddenly rampaged.

A hundred ice swords carrying overwhelming ice arcane power appeared before him.

“Ice Sword Rush! What’s going on!?”

The royal arcane master with a messy beard was overcome with disbelief.

Is he able to copy other people’s arcane skills......? Or does he possess some artifact that can steal the opponent’s arcane skill!?


He clenched his right fist and countless arcane particles gushed out from the gaps of his fingers.

Snow revolved around him and became a hurricane.


The ice swords collided into the snow hurricane and countless shattered snowflakes and ice shards splashed out.

“What a powerful arcane skill!”

“Even though he is only a four-gate arcane master, he possesses such power. He has such great affinity with ice arcane power!”

The three royal arcane masters changed their expressions.

Ayrin’s power far exceeded their estimation.

Especially the royal arcane master fighting Ayrin, he felt that his snow hurricane could not hold on any longer. A few ice swords had already penetrated it.


Ayrin became more excited instead. The light in his eyes almost materialized.

An ice crystal short sword appeared in front of him and vanished.

The royal arcane master with the messy beard suddenly stiffened.


A raging gale surged out around him and his body which was flying back forcefully dove to the side.

However, at the same time, the ice crystal sword appeared behind him. A trail of blood spurted out.

“Even the Variable Ice Sword......?”

The two spectating royal arcane masters paled, their mouths twitching.

The royal arcane master with the messy beard could no longer maintain his composure. Still in mid-air, he quickly chanted, “Absolute Ice Seal!”

Layers of black ice condensed around his body and encased him into an olive-shaped ice crystal.

The moment the ice crystal took shape, two slashing sounds could be heard. Two clear cracks appeared on the black ice crystal.

It’s Formless Silent Blade again!

What a formidable combo skill!

If he was even a second later with his reaction, he would either be dead or gravely injured!


The olive-like black ice crystal fell and stabbed into the ground.

Only then did the two spectating royal arcane masters remember that Absolute Ice Seal could not be broken by the user.

Should they help him break it open, or slowly wait for the arcane power to dissipate and disappear by itself?

The two royal arcane masters hesitated.


However, at that moment, Ayrin suddenly disappeared from the tower entrance.

He instantly appeared in front of the black ice crystal.


Brilliant crimson gold light appeared in his left hand and slashed onto the black ice crystal.


The crimson gold longsword cut into the black ice crystal.

“What kind of materialized sword is that? How can it be so sharp and even cut the ice crystal formed by Absolute Ice Seal!?”

“Stop!” the two royal arcane masters shouted. A wind swirl appeared above the black ice crystal and sucked the ice crystal in.


At the same time, a dazzling pillar of light rushed towards Ayrin.


The ground beneath Ayrin exploded again as he dashed back.

The dazzling light pillar swept the ground and broke a few stairs.

“You cheaters! How dare you ambush me!” Ayrin frustratedly shouted towards the two shocked royal arcane masters while holding his sword in his left hand.

The two royal arcane masters could not say anything.

At that moment, a solemn voice came from inside the black ice crystal, “I lost.”

“You surrender?”

Ayrin immediately turned to the two royal arcane masters who were still in shock, “Great. So, do either of you dare to fight me alone?”

He wants to fight again?

Isn’t he too much of a battle freak?

Where did this monster come from!?

The two royal arcane masters were speechless.

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