Chapter 489: Duel! Battle Against Royal Arcane Masters!

Chapter 489: Duel! Battle Against Royal Arcane Masters!


“We’re here!” Ayrin soon exclaimed.

He, Charlotte and Merlin had entered the Frost Mist Labyrinth. After he had swallowed the Ice Dragon Spirit, the ice arcane power around here seemed to have dispersed somewhat.

A few huge water tower-like buildings shrouded in the frost mist could vaguely be seen.

Those buildings looked no different from a huge pillar with the inside hollowed out. However, the sharp tips did not reach the ceiling.

The buildings only had an arch entrance, dozens of steps connecting it to the ground below.

They were mostly still intact. Ayrin immediately chose a well-preserved one and entered.

So solid!

Ayin immediately grinned.

The towers were built by stacking strange, solid green rocks. Each rock was enormous, creating ten-meter plus thick walls. It would be difficult for normal arcane skills to penetrate the walls.

There were dozens of steps leading up to the entrance. It would be easier to defend from a higher vantage point.

There were sixteen to seventeen such buildings in their immediate surroundings. Even if one was smashed, they could change to another immediately.

“What were these buildings built for?”

“Are they some sort of enclosed training ground?”

Ayrin’s attention immediately turned to the buildings themselves. The space inside them was huge. It was the size of a small cultivation hall.

“It’s the seed warehouse of the ancient Kingdom of Doa.” Charlotte quickly inspected one round and noticed many weathered plant seeds.

“Seed warehouse?” Ayrin could not comprehend the meaning.

“Many lords have these seed warehouses built in their territories,” Charlotte explained to Ayrin. “Especially during the Era of the War with Dragons, the size of those Corps were enormous. Not to mention the many races and beasts with large appetites. Hence, they required large quantities of food. Only the best seeds could reap a decent harvest. Some seeds were even required to be collected in the wild and saved up until enough were gathered. Building a seed warehouse in such a place could preserve the seeds for a longer period of time. The ground floor of these buildings are much higher than the ground outside. This is to prevent the water vapor from seeping in and keep the interior dry to avoid molding.”

“Charlotte, you are so knowledgeable. You better stay with me as much as possible in the future.” Ayrin admired her deeply.

You insensible dummy, aren’t you embarrassed for saying something like that?

Charlotte blushed.

“Charlotte, can you beat me a few times again? The enemies should be arriving soon, I need to replenish some arcane particles. Also, when the battle starts in a bit, ignore me and replenish your own arcane particles.”

The insensible Ayrin tapped the solid wall and looked satisfied.

Beat you?

Is this the real essence of beating equals intimacy, scolding equals love?


Charlotte gave Ayrin a glare and stretched out her hand. However, she did not use an arcane skill to hit Ayrin and grabbed his hand instead.

“Electric Viper Hand!”

Bzzzt...... Streaks of electricity were released from her hand and coursed through Ayrin’s body.

Ayrin’s hair stood up.

“So...... So thrilling!”

Ayrin could feel numbness from his entire body while holding Charlotte’s hand. It was very comfortable. He excitedly shouted, “Charlotte, give me more.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three figures rapidly dashed toward the entrance of the building.

They were three arcane masters wearing the Doa Royal Palace arcane robes. The golden and silver decorations on their arcane robes were very elegant.

“Why are they stopping here?”

“Electric discharge?”

“A girl electrocuting a boy...... is there such a kind of seduction? For real?”

Seeing Charlotte electrocuting Ayrin, the three royal arcane masters were dumbfounded.

“Thunder Whip!”

Seeing some enemies arriving, Charlotte bit her lip and used a little more powerful arcane skill.


A whip-like lightning slapped Ayrin. Ayrin gulped and made a muffled scream. His body violently trembled and even his hair shot out sparks of electricity.

“BDSM...... I tried that once when I was young......” A royal arcane master spoke in realization.

“Really?” The other two royal arcane masters showed a sly look.

“Almost there, I can handle those guys.”

Ayrin shouted towards the three royal arcane masters while sparks still scattered from his hair, “You three over there, anyone dare to fight me alone?”

“Is that kind of play... really ecstatic?”

The two royal arcane masters looked at their enlightened compatriot, then at Ayrin, “He even seems to have reached a climax! His eyes are showing strong fighting spirit.”

“Of course it’s ecstatic! But I have never seen anyone tasting the thrill right before a battle.” The enlightened royal arcane master reminiscenced.

“Who are you people? What are you plotting by infiltrating here?” He asked Ayrin and Charlotte.

“If we say we are just passing by, would you let us go?” Ayrin asked in a serious tone.

“Passing by? You created such a big commotion from passing by?”

The mouths of the three arcane masters twitched.

“If you won’t let us go, we will have to fight. Why waste time chatting?” Ayrin looked at the three royal arcane masters and repeated, “Anyone dares to accept my one-on-one duel challenge?”

“What a weird youth. Looks like we have to fight one round first.”

The enlightened royal arcane master who looked like a middle-aged guy with a messy beard whistled and shrugged his shoulders. He casually leapt towards Ayrin.

The moment he landed on the first step of the tower, a vague arcane energy fluctuation reverberated from him.

An icy arcane power immediately exploded.

Chilling light suddenly flashed in the space before him and a hundred ice swords condensed in the air.

“Ice type arcane skill?”

Ayrin felt an inspiration as he stood at the entrance of the tower.

After devouring the Ice Dragon Spirit, he gained great affinity towards ice arcane power. Various ice type arcane skills had become more useful to him.


The middle-aged royal arcane master handsomely waved his hand. The ice swords condensed around him before immediately rushing towards Ayrin with a loud boom.


“He’s at least a five-gate arcane master!”

The strange battle instinct immediately filled Ayrin’s subconsciousness.

Ayrin could tell that he would not be able to stop that attack using any defensive skill alone with his current arcane level.

“World of Water!”

He first used his water arcane skill.

A cubic body of water appeared around him.


The ice swords stabbed into the water and slowed down.

“Dragon Scale Absorption!”

Using that time bought to take a breather, Ayrin hugged his head, crouched down (Charisma Guard) and cast Dragon Scale Absorption.

Crack crack crack......

The ice swords passed through the water and hit him.


The cubic body of water suddenly shot out countless streams of water and collapsed.

Ayrin was buried inside a big ball of ice shards.


However, the ice shards split apart and Ayrin jumped out, shivering.

The strength of that arcane skill should be of an arcane master who just opened the fourth gate. He used that water arcane skill to buy some time and used his arcane resistance skill to endure it...... His battle experience and instinct are impressive.

The royal arcane master’s eyes reflected a mysterious glint. He rubbed his chin with one hand, but did not move his body. The vague arcane energy fluctuation reverberated from his body once again.

A chilling aura exploded.

Ice beads the size of grains condensed in the air before him.

Although the ice beads seemed scarce, they were spread out widely. Even the interior of the tower behind Ayrin contained them.

The ice beads silently floated in the air as if they did not have any weight.

The royal arcane master’s eyes reflected those mysterious glints again.

Ayrin suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

“What? You want to surrender?”

The three royal arcane masters were surprised.

“Uncle, can you use that arcane skill you used before again?” Ayrin spoke with anticipation, “Just one more time.”

He’s actually requesting the opponent to use a specific arcane skill in the middle of a battle?

The three arcane masters were at a loss. They did not know whether they should cry or laugh.

“I can do that, but you better defend this one first.” The royal arcane master who was surprisingly expert-like for his very average looks shook his head helplessly.

It seems dangerous...... It’s really difficult to face arcane masters one level above me without using any artifact.

But the more I fight such opponents, the more I can improve!

“What’s this powerful arcane skill called? Come!”

Ayrin nodded and swung his fist while shouting a hot-blooded reply.

“An interesting fellow, if only I had a student like you.”

The royal arcane master took a glance at Ayrin and that gentle arcane energy fluctuation surged out from his body again.


A thin ice crystal short sword appeared before him before shooting towards Ayrin.


Ayrin felt the ice crystal short sword had less force than the ice swords before.

A crimson gold light appeared in his hand. He wanted to use his materialized sword to block the short sword.


However, the ice crystal short sword suddenly disappeared before his eyes!

A numbing chill came from behind his head.


Every single cell in Ayrin’s body seemed to be about to explode as he threw himself forward.


However, that chill abruptly changed its direction.

A spring of blood spurted out from his right shoulder.

“It can actually change direction and speed as it likes?”

He was greatly astonished.

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