Chapter 488: Kaleidoscope Type Arcane Master’s Training Ground

Chapter 488: Kaleidoscope Type Arcane Master’s Training Ground


Such a coincidence can happen?

After so many tries, he really hit one coincidentally!

Ferguillo’s mood completely calmed down.

“Do you understand now?”

Ferguillo plainly spoke, “The Green Dragon desired nature and peace. The real Green Dragon bloodline also wields the benevolent spear. And only true benevolence can protect the entire Kingdom of Doa.”

“Is Ferguillo talking about me?” Stingham did not catch up to the turn of events yet.

“Benevolent spear......”

Every Divine Temple arcane master became drenched in cold sweat again and pondered over the meaning of those words.

“It sounds incredible!”

Stingham became proud again, “Benevolent spear. Yes, I just don’t want to hit you guys.”

“Idiot! Shut up!” Rinloran and Meraly cursed in a low volume with darkened expressions.

“Where is Jean Camus?” Ferguillo calmly asked. His voice seemed to contain great power.

Nobody answered for a moment. However, most people turned to look at the arcane masters wearing red and white arcane robes.

They immediately understood and exclaimed in a low volume, “Heretic Judgement Center!”


Helgy was dashing through the sewer.

Her alluring face was filled with shame and frenzy.

I am actually running away from such a brat! This is the shame of a lifetime!

That brat called Ayrin is definitely my archenemy!

I must kill him and snatch that strange metal clockwork war avatar!

Suddenly, her body jerked. A terrifying yet familiar aura swept towards her from up ahead.

A woman wearing a white priestess robe with a holy radiance appeared before her. The woman took a deep glance at her and then at the dark sewer behind her.

“A strong one.” She mumbled to herself as she shook her head.

Helgy suddenly felt scared and asked, “What do you mean?”

“An interesting guy followed you. His Evil Dragon bloodline should not be weaker than yours, but he was very cautious. The moment I discovered him, he immediately disappeared.” The white-robed priestess took a glance at her. “What kind of enemy did you face? Even you couldn’t handle it?”

“It’s the Holy Dawn Academy team.” Helgy’s face twisted, “Epic Silver Dragon bloodline. Baratheon’s deduction is correct. I can guarantee the Holy Dawn Academy team’s Ayrin possesses the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline!”

“It’s the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline?”

The white-robed priestess released a holy radiance again, “In that case, we must not let them leave no matter what price we have to pay.”


Ayrin, Charlotte and Merlin were dashing through the sewer.

Their direction was opposite of the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

Since the battle caused such a great commotion, we must have been discovered. We should act as bait and divert as many enemies as possible for Rinloran’s group!

Suddenly, Ayrin focused on something in the distance.

Several strands of hair on his forehead soundlessly fell off.

Someone’s here to stop us already! Ayrin thought.

A thin line of blood appeared on his forehead. However, his feet were forcefully stabbed into the ground, preventing him from moving forward.

At the same time, he stretched out his arms to block Charlotte and Merlin behind him.

A black-robed arcane master of over thirty years old appeared before their group. He had untied waist length hair and an extremely pale skin.

At the same time, three arcane masters appeared behind them. They wore full body heavy armor which made them look like metal war avatars.

Nobody initiated a conversation. The black-robed arcane master just pushed aside the long hair covering half of his face with his right hand.

He had a narrow and long face. His thin and narrow eyes reflected snake eye-like glints.

Ayrin’s pupils contracted.

Pssh! Pssh!

Two soft sounds came from his chest.

His body shook as a dragon scale-like illusion flashed.

Two trails of blood flowed down from his chest.

Two inch-long cuts appeared on his chest.

“An assassination skill without any arcane energy fluctuation?”

Ayrin’s face did not show any fear, but excitement instead.

The black-robed arcane master had used a unique arcane skill.

The arcane thread he set up before was similar to Wurinlan’s Invisible Thread Execution. However, his arcane thread was purely condensed by arcane power and deployed in the air. After which it could not be moved anymore.

However, his arcane skill was not only an assassination skill that did not have any arcane energy fluctuation, it was also a silent chant.

Ayrin only sensed the arcane particle flow in the opponent’s body, when two invisible blades without any arcane energy fluctuations had already reached him.

If he did not learn Dragon Scale Absorption, he would have died from that attack.

It’s interesting and useful. If he uses it a few more times, I should be able to learn it!

At that moment, Ayrin saw countless glitters gathering in Charlotte’s hand. It seemed to be a tiny skull pieced together by innumerable diamonds. Ayrin knew that it was the automatically activated defensive artifact ‘Starlord’s Lost Skull’. Faerie Dragon ‘Great King’ must have secretly given it to Charlotte. Automatically activated artifacts were certainly the most effective defense-type artifacts. 

Ayrin immediately shouted at Charlotte as he dashed forward, “Charlotte, don’t interfere! I will handle this guy!”

“Handle me?”

The black-robed arcane master shook his head, his hair fluttering slightly.

Ayrin crossed his arms before his chest.

At the same time, blood spilled out from his arms as two more wounds appeared.

You have gotten better, you actually detected my attack.

However, even if you have decent defensive skills, how long can you resist?

The black-robed arcane master emotionlessly stared at Ayrin and flicked his hair out of habit.

Ayrin’s hands suddenly raised up and guarded his eyes.

Two attacks cut into his hands.

A few more hits and his arms will break, right?

The black-robed arcane master revealed a sarcastic grin.

The three heavy armor arcane masters behind Ayrin’s group did not approach them. They only stood there to seal off the escape route.

Ayrin moved again as he rapidly dodged to the side.

Psst! Psst!

However, his left flank still suffered two cuts.

This arcane skill has quite the speed. Even if I sense the direction, I can’t dodge it with my current speed.

However, the arcane particle flow of this arcane skill...... I think I can clearly sense it.

Ayrin’s face looked a little twisted as he did not hide his pain, but his eyes shone brightly.

Ayrin even showed a smile filled with fighting spirit and excitement as he asked the black-robed arcane master, “What’s your name? What’s this arcane skill called?”

“Is it necessary?”

The black-robed arcane master was very arrogant, but he still answered Ayrin’s question with a snort, “I’m Diginril, the captain of the Tracker Team. This is my Formless Silent Blade.”

“Formless Silent Blade huh? That is indeed a powerful assassination skill. Only those high level arcane masters with incredible sensing abilities can handle this arcane skill without precaution.”

“But for assassination skills like this, shouldn’t you be hiding in the dark and cast it when fighting against an enemy? If you let those three arcane masters attack while you hide in the dark and use it, wouldn’t that have a greater chance of killing us?”

Ayrin looked at the black-robed arcane master and spoke with a serious expression, “But an arcane master like you who tries to kill the opponent without even asking for our identity must not be some decent arcane master. So, I shouldn’t feel any guilt in killing you.”

“Killing me?”

The black-robed arcane master was taken aback for a moment, then narrowed his eyes.

He stroked his long hair out of habit.

However, at that moment, his long hair suddenly fell off.

His pupils contracted while his eyes opened wide.

Two streaks of blood spurted out from his neck.

The instant loss of blood caused him to almost lose consciousness and fall down to the ground.

“What happened?”

The three heavy armor arcane masters nearly jumped in shock.

The guards and royal arcane masters in the Kingdom of Doa were all extremely powerful. Not to mention their arcane skills!

Apart from the arcane teams guarding the sewers, other arcane teams should be unfamiliar with the underground kingdom...... So, the arcane teams rushing to intercept us did not arrive together, but separately.

Since we are the bait to let Rinloran move more safely in the Green Dragon Divine Temple...

If I can find a more suitable place...... I should be able to get rid of the individual arcane teams one after another and learn many new arcane skills!

This underground kingdom shall become the kaleidoscope type arcane master’s training ground!

These thoughts caused his blood to boil as he patched up his wounds with proficiency.


A ring of silver flames seemed to flicker around him again.

Ayrin glanced at the three heavy armor arcane masters behind with fighting spirit, but disregarded them. Instead he shouted toward Charlotte and Merlin, “Let’s go!”

“That’s right! This is it!”

Due to the long years of mining in Cororin Town, Ayrin had a great sense of direction in such a dark environment. After a while of running around, an area with abundant vines appeared before them.

“The territory of the Ice Lord and Frost Lord?”

Charlotte could not understand Ayrin’s intention and asked, “What do you want to do after running here?”

“I want to fight those pursuing arcane teams here!”

“The Frost Mist Labyrinth inside will make intruders lose their sense of direction. That should ensure that there won’t be multiple arcane teams arriving together. There are some water tower-like buildings that are very solid and have only one or two entrances around here. If we fight inside those buildings, even if my prediction is wrong and multiple teams arrive, it will be easier to defend.”

“This kind of battle will definitely help me learn many new arcane skills. It’s just like a kaleidoscope style training!”

Ayrin quickly explained while leading Charlotte and Merlin through the area full of vines.

He could sense even more arcane energy fluctuations behind him. This clearly indicated that more arcane masters were catching up to them.

“Learning arcane skills? Treating the battle as training?”

Although Charlotte had gotten used to Ayrin’s temperament, she still felt astonished.

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