Chapter 487: Godly Prediction! Godly Precision!

Chapter 487: Godly Prediction! Godly Precision!


Why is he showing mercy?

Why is it that his weapon isn’t restricted in the Green Dragon Divine Temple, but is amplified by the arcane power here instead?

Why does he possess such a high Green Dragon bloodline? Why does he claim to be the Green Dragon Prince?

Waves of suspicion flooded the minds of the Divine Temple arcane masters.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Another few arcane masters arrived.

“What’s happening?”


The newly arrived arcane master noticed that their comrades were pale and drenched in cold sweat. They thought that the other group was in danger and immediately emitted powerful arcane energy fluctuations. They rushed to the hall entrance, attempting to trap Stingham’s group in the hall.

“I won’t believe I can’t hit them!”

“I’m the most handsome genius, the real Green Dragon Prince!”

“I won’t be defeated by this kind of easy task!”

Stingham shook his head in refusal after figuring out the root cause of the problem.

“I poke!”

Stingham aimed at an approaching arcane master and threw it again.


The fresh arrivals were shocked.

A patch of the ground before them was vaporized.

“It still won’t hit...... I stab again!”

Stingham cried dry tears and attacked again.

The new Divine Temple arcane masters also leapt back in shock.

A piece of the door frame burst apart.

“More people are coming!”

The Holy Dawn and Chinyu group had reached the hall entrance. However, more and more enemy arcane masters were arriving and the sonic booms kept ringing out.

In just a few seconds, another two teams totalling over ten arcane masters arrived.

“I poke!”

“I stab!”

Stingham kept throwing the spear. The newly arrived Divine Temple arcane masters all dodged in shock and spread out to the back.

“Can’t you aim properly!?”

Seeing those Divine Temple arcane masters with powerful arcane energy fluctuations standing all over the place, Meraly wanted to vomit blood, “Please, even if you hit two or three out of ten times, the power of your Green Dragon spear...... should be able to open a path! Please show me you can aim just a little!”

“Let me try again!”

Stingham’s face was dyed red in shame. He took a long time to aim at an arcane master and finally attacked.

“I stab!”

As he shouted, the green flame flashed past and tore a large hole into a pillar some ten-odd meters behind his target.

“Stingham! See that pillar in front of us? Can you hit it!?” Meraly could not endure any longer. She shouted next to Stingham’s ear and pointed at a pillar a few meters away from them.

“Let me try...... I poke!”

Stingham muttered and attacked with that pillar as target.


Cold sweat poured down an arcane master’s forehead, he almost fell flat to the ground.

The green flame zoomed past his scalp. It scorched a patch of hair on his head, becoming a bald patch.

“......” Stingham was speechless.

Meraly clenched her fist. Her expression darkened, her body trembled.

This is so frustrating!

He can’t even hit a pillar less than ten meters away! It deviated a few meters and actually almost hit an arcane master far away!

“They are shocked by the spear and don’t dare to approach us. They think we are showing mercy. Rinloran, Meraly, don’t let them realize Stingham can’t aim properly.” Ferguillo whispered, “Stingham, say that you are the Green Dragon Prince and this spear is the holy artifact of the Green Dragon Divine Temple. The situation might change.”

“It seems true! They don’t dare to come close. Haha, looks like I’m still super handsome and super strong!”

Stingham took a look around and realized that the enemy did not dare to approach them and stood at least forty to fifty meters away. When his gaze swept past them, they nervously took another step back.

He immediately felt proud, “Oi! You guys, why are you still blocking me!? I told you, I’m the real Green Dragon Prince!”

“This spear is the holy artifact of the Green Dragon Divine Temple, a weapon that can only be used by the real Green Dragon Prince!”

“All of you should be protecting me. What? Now that you have seen the most handsome Green Dragon Prince in history, you want to attack me instead of pledging your loyalty!?”

The Divine Temple arcane masters were getting more and more confused. One of them shouted back, “Our Kingdom of Doa does not have a Green Dragon Prince.”

“That’s because the truth has been hidden. It’s because I was almost killed after birth. Luckily, I escaped to the Kingdom of Eiche through the sewer!”

Stingham flicked his hair and continued, “Clan Chinyu can prove that. If you don’t believe us, they can open up the sealed room hidden below the Land of Baptism. Clan Chinyu is the guardian clan in charge of the Baptism for every new Green Dragon Prince. They might be mysterious, but don’t tell me there is nobody in the entire Green Dragon Divine Temple who knows about them! You are too lacking in knowledge, call someone who is knowledgeable to speak with me!”

“Clan Chinyu...... Is there really such a clan?”

One arcane master suddenly spoke out, he seemed to have heard of Clan Chinyu.

“Don’t be fooled!”

However, at that moment, a loud yell came from the end of a passage.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Following the yell were more than ten arcane masters.

They wore red and white arcane robes. The person at the front was a male priest over fifty years old wearing a white priest robe and holding a green scepter.

“Lord Fellin......”

Seeing the priest, every Divine Temple arcane master gathered was shocked.

“Have you forgotten your roles? Do you want to turn into heretics who betray the Green Dragon Divine Temple by listening to these blasphemers who infiltrated the Divine Temple? You want to be locked up in the Heretic Judgement Center until death!?”

The white-robed priest scanned past every Divine Temple arcane master with an icy gaze and sneered.

The Divine Temple arcane masters felt a chill and stiffened.

Stingham was taken aback.

This new guy seemed to have turned the situation around after it was just getting better.

“You look so arrogant! Who are you?” Stingham shouted towards the white-robed priest.

“I am the priest in charge of Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Heretic Judgement Center. Heretics like you should be executed immediately.” The white-robed priest snorted.

“I am the Green Dragon Prince, you dare to be arrogant towards me?” Stingham was furious, “Sure, come execute me. Come if you dare!”

The white-robed priest changed his expression and ordered, “What are you standing around for!? Execute the heretics!”

The Divine Temple arcane masters did not dare to move.

The newly arrived arcane masters wearing red and white arcane robes released powerful arcane energy fluctuations and dashed forward.

“You old bastard! I stab!”

Stingham attacked.


The terrifying green flame flew out once again.

The advancing arcane masters also stopped in their tracks from shock.

A patch of the ground before them vaporized as a deep hole opened up.

“Lord Fellin...... The weapon in his hand is too powerful, and it can be shot continuously. We can’t resist it.” Some Divine Temple arcane masters at the back warned.


The white-robed priest changed his expression several times, especially after seeing the green spear blinking back to Stingham’s hand. Yet another hole opened up on the ground before them.

“You shrink back from just that!?”

“He’s alone. There are so many of you, are all of you scared of death!?”

“Kill him!”

However, after changing his expression several times, he scolded with an even stricter tone.

Every Divine Temple arcane master began advancing with hesitation.

The arcane masters wearing red and white arcane robes remained at the front.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Stingham also knew that it was the most dangerous moment. He constantly threw the spear, but due to his horrible accuracy, none of them hit.

The constantly appearing green flame and soundless vaporization of the ground and walls made the arcane masters advance with a stiff pace. They became strangely slow as they were all terrified of being on the receiving end of Stingham’s attack.

The white-robed priest narrowed his eyes, a mysterious glint flashing across his gaze.

“You were tricked!”

“You bunch of fools, what are you hesitating for!?”

“Although his weapon is powerful, he can’t hit anyone!”

“If he could, he would have killed all of you already!”

“You fools, you would have known if you had dared to rush in!”

The white-robed priest who seemed to have a high standing in the Divine Temple showed a menacing expression.

“Shit, he saw through it!” Meraly and Shanna’s heart sank to the bottom.

“You old bastard!”

Stingham was completely enraged, “I will poke you to death!”

He did not take any aim and threw the spear in the general direction of the white-robed priest.


The white-robed priest’s shout abruptly stopped. He dodged to the side immediately.


Everyone held their breath and became petrified.

The white-robed priest was so fast they could not catch sight of him, but the green flame accurately landed on him.


His blood vaporized without spilling a single drop.

The white-robed priest received a headshot. His entire head disappeared and the headless body fell limp to the ground.

Meraly, Rinloran and the others opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

“Stingham, how did you do it?” Even the most composed Ferguillo could not hold back his question.

So precise!

One-hit kill!

Even such timing and speed weren’t enough for Lord Fellin to dodge it!

It takes godly prediction to pinpoint Lord Fellin’s position.

It must be a godly prediction!

Godly precision!

As expected, the owner of such a weapon surely can’t miss at such a distance.

As expected, he did not intend to kill anyone and was really showing mercy!

Every Divine Temple arcane master was stiffened. They stopped on the spot as countless thoughts filled their minds.

Stingham’s eyes twitched.

His lips also twitched.

I missed again...... Why can’t I hit at all......

Coincidence...... It’s a complete coincidence......

I missed by such a margin...... that old bastard coincidentally ran into it himself......

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