Chapter 485: Grandmaster Screwface 2.0

Chapter 485: Grandmaster Screwface 2.0


“He actually broke the Green Dragon Divine Temple’s holy artifact......” Meraly’s mouth twitched.

“This kind of idiot will die of stupidity one day, right?” Rinloran’s mouth also twitched.

Stingham’s mouth also twitched.

“What happened?”

Stingham picked up the segment of the Green Dragon Scepter on the ground with disbelief and shouted, “How can the Green Dragon Scepter be broken!?”

How can it be broken?

Because you randomly smacked it around!

The expressions of Shanna and the Chinyu arcane masters twisted.

“Isn’t this too fragile? How can this be a holy artifact?”

Stingham tried piecing the two segments of the Green Dragon Scepter back together, but realized they would not stick.

He smacked the two segments of the Green Dragon Scepter in frustration.


The two segments became four.

Everyone’s eyelids twitched and thought in their minds, “Is this Green Dragon Prince left alive by the enemy on purpose to harm others?”

“This is too fragile! I was happy for nothing! Damn!”

Stingham was frustrated. He threw the two segments of the scepter in his hand onto the ground and began stomping on them.

He broke it...... yet he still wants to vent on the Green Dragon Scepter......

Everyone felt the urge to kill Stingham.


Suddenly, a ring of water splashed under Stingham’s feet.

Stingham was surprised as was everyone else.

Although the Land of Baptism was an underground chamber, there is no water here. So, where did the water come from?

Everyone focused on Stingham’s feet.


Stingham saw that the shattered Green Dragon Scepter had completely disappeared. The scepter fragments had turned into a glowing fluid.

It released a terrifying arcane power.

“What is this?”

Everyone held their breath.

The fluid suddenly began to gather before condensing.

Like the bamboo shoot after the spring rain, a green object quickly grew out from the ground.

“It can repair itself?”

Meraly was stunned.

However, she exclaimed in shock right after that, “What?” 

The green fluid condensed and erected before Stingham. It did not become the Green Dragon Scepter, but a two-meter long green spear!

The design of the spear was very simple. There was no decoration at all. It looked like a long rod with one end sharpened.

However, the surface of the green spear reflected the countless stars in the night sky, releasing a strange but threatening aura!

Stingham asked Shanna, “Why did it become a spear? I don’t like spears, the scepter looked better!”

Nobody answered Stingham’s idiotic question.

That was because the inheritance of Clan Chinyu had never mentioned such a change.

A puff of air suddenly reverberated from the green spear.

At the same time, a terrifying murderous aura was released by it.

Stingham retreated a step back in fear.

Just its aura alone made him feel as if a weapon was swung towards him.

“Its aura has completely changed...... The Green Dragon Scepter released a peaceful aura, but this spear releases murderous aura instead!”

“This place is the Land of Baptism. However, when Green Dragon Divine Palace faces a crisis, it is called the Land of War. Is this the true form of the scepter?”

Rinloran took a deep breath. He looked at the tip of the spear and could feel the sharp killing intent stabbing into his body, causing his body to tremble. He felt the urge to use Thousand Storms Sword to resist it.

“I don’t like you, spear. Can you change back into the scepter? You’re just not as cool like this.” Even at such a moment, Stingham was still grumbling.

“If you don’t want it, I will take it.” Meraly snorted as she was very familiar with Stingham’s personality.

“I better take it first then. At most I can just give it to someone.” Hearing Meraly’s words, Stingham immediately grabbed the spear.

Instantly, an explosive power filled his body.

“Let’s go! We can’t waste anymore time here. We must immediately return to the sewer and retreat. When you learn the Deep Green Domain, it will be the moment we take back the Green Dragon Divine Temple!”

It was definitely an unexpected change. Shanna immediately began casting. As the arcane power reverberated from her body, the passage opened up again.

“Immediate retreat?”

Hearing her words, Rinloran and Ferguillo glanced at each other and shook their heads, “You retreat first, we still have a mission to accomplish.”

“Yeah, we were originally here to save Jean Camus. We must find out if he’s dead or alive,” Stingham shouted.

“It’s too dangerous! You must understand that you are the sole hope of the Green Dragon Divine Temple. Only when you learn the Deep Green Domain, will the citizens believe that you are the real Green Dragon Prince. And only then will they follow you against the evil that has seeped into the Doa Palace to recover the Green Dragon Divine Temple!” Shanna gritted her teeth and quickly explained to Stingham, “For your own safety, you must leave now.”

“You can escort him back, we will continue our investigation.” Rinloran took a look at Shanna and Stingham, then nodded.

“It’s meaningless! Ayrin’s battle will surely have alerted the entire Doa Palace! Also, we have ascertained that the Green Dragon Divine Temple and Doa Royal Palace have been taken over by evil. Jean Camus has disappeared for a long time already. If you continue to stay here and investigate, not only will you fail to save him, you will even sacrifice yourselves!” Shanna saw Rinloran’s determined expression and tried to persuade him with a pale face.

“There is meaning.”

Rinloran coldly glanced at her and turned around, “The matter about Jean Camus is about the trust and promise between friends...... We must at least find out why the Evil Dragon followers have taken over this place. Besides, if Ayrin won against that female arcane master, he might already be infiltrating into the Green Dragon Divine Temple. If we just leave, we might leave him behind...... So, you should escort Stingham away for your own mission.”

Rinloran’s voice was convincing and stern. Shanna opened her mouth but could not say anything.

However, at that moment, Stingham shouted, “Rinloran, you bastard! Is that how you treat your teammate!?”

He grudgingly stared at Rinloran, “We are a team! Do you really want to throw me away so eagerly?”

“Idiot. You will die if you stay. Do you want to die!?” Rinloran lamented.

“Your defense is so weak, won’t you die without me?” Stingham scorned.

“No......” Shanna opposed.

“Are you my retainer or am I your retainer? Do your words or my words count?” Stingham flicked his hair, “ Anyway, leave if you want. I will definitely complete my team’s mission.”

Meraly suddenly interrupted, “Stop arguing! Grandmaster Yi is gone!”

“Where did that unreliable geezer go!?”

Rinloran and Stingham were speechless.

Grandmaster Yi had sneaked out somewhere.

Shanna’s chest heaved up and down. She suppressed her emotions and asked Rinloran, “What’s your plan?”

“Try to catch an arcane master here and ask if he knows about Jean Camus.” Rinloran answered.

“In that case, there will definitely be a battle......” Shanna’s expression twisted again. The arcane masters guarding the Green Dragon Divine Temple were few, but they were powerful existences.

If they fought inside the Divine Temple, they would not be able to escape.

“Our team never considers the implications our actions may cause.” Rinloran seemed to have seen through what she wanted to say and coldly stopped her.

That’s purely proceeding without a plan. They never think of the dangers!

What kind of bizarre team is this!?

Shanna began trembling violently.

“Let’s go! We should head to the Cultivation Hall! That should be the place where the weakest Divine Temple arcane masters train. If a battle occurs there, others may not realize it!”

She almost squeezed out those words.

“That’s better. A retainer should stay by my side.” Stingham proudly spoke.

“Not good! We’re discovered!”

However, at that moment, a scream could be heard. A figure holding a cane retreated back into the chamber.

“Grandmaster Yi?”

Rinloran and Stingham were shocked.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several figures had rushed in from the entrance of the hall.

“You sneaked out alone to do something bad and got discovered, then lured the Divine Temple arcane masters here! ...... What Grandmaster Yi? You’re Grandmaster Screwhead!”

They realized what happened and felt the urge to choke Grandmaster Yi.

“We don’t need a plan now.” Ferguillo lightly commented.

Shanna and the six Chinyu arcane masters had the worst expression.

“So many people?”

Suddenly seeing so many people in the hall, the arcane masters wearing green arcane robes were also shocked.

Stingham swung the green spear in his hand and called out to those arcane masters, “Oi! I’m the real Green Dragon Prince! I’m here to look for Jean Camus! Do you know where Jean Camus is?”


Rinloran, Meraly and the others had gotten used to Stingham’s antics. They did not show any reaction other than being speechless.

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