Chapter 484: Things Go Wrong

Chapter 484: Things Go Wrong


The water in the pond turned into fist-sized water droplets and floated in the air. There was almost no presence of arcane power from them.

The ground below the pond suddenly opened up and revealed a hidden passage.

“Bloodline arcane power seal?”

“What did Clan Chinyu hide in there?”

Rinloran, Ferguillo and Meraly glanced at each other.

It was clearly a secret seal that could only be unsealed by a special combination of blood and arcane power.

“Follow me!”

Shanna ran down the passage without any hesitation.

Everyone followed behind.

In mere seconds, the passage closed up and the water droplets fell back into the pond. The pond returned to normal. No arcane energy fluctuations could be felt.

“This is......?”

Meraly’s eyes opened wide.

It was a secret chamber of just twenty to thirty square meters right underneath the pond. As they had gotten used to the huge and majestic halls, suddenly squeezing into a small chamber caused them to feel a little packed.

At the center of the secret chamber laid a dark green gem the size of a table. A pale green scepter was stabbed into the gem.

That scepter looked like a pale green vine with a fist-sized pale green gem embedded on the tip. The other end of the scepter seemed to have taken root in the dark green gem.

Behind the scepter, there was a golden grail containing a pale green liquid.

Shanna turned around and told Stingham without any explanation, “Go, take the scepter!”


Stingham’s expression was strange. He kept making gestures.

“What are you doing!? Speak!” A few veins popped up on Shanna’s temple.

“You told me not to talk!”

Stingham heaved out a breath, “I think this place is weird. Don’t tell me you purposely deceived me into coming here to get me to do something?”

“This is the Green Dragon Scepter! It will tell us if you truly are the Green Dragon Prince!” Shanna gritted her teeth and shouted, “Quick! The enemy might have tracked our presence already. Stop wasting time!”

“Really?” Stingham looked at the scepter and asked, “Is it mine if I take it?”

Shanna’s eyes gained an undetectable mysterious light.

 “Yes.” She nodded, “If you are really the Green Dragon Prince, it is yours.”


Stingham’s eyes beamed. Before anyone realized it, he had jumped onto the dark green gem and pulled out the green scepter.

“This scepter is quite heavy. The gem is so big. It looks powerful!”

Stingham asked Shanna and the other six Chinyu arcane masters while swinging the green scepter with glee, “What’s the use of the scepter? Is it an amplification device? Do I just have to inject arcane particles?”

Shanna and the six Chinyu arcane masters were petrified from the scene.

“What’s wrong?”

Stingham played around with the scepters for a while before he finally noticed Shanna and the six Chinyu arcane masters looking at him with an extremely stiff expression.

Suddenly, Shanna knelt down, followed by the six Chinyu arcane masters. They pledged to Stingham, “Clan Chinyu will carry out its duty and obey the King.”

“What do you mean?” Stingham was dumbfounded.

“He really is the Green Dragon Prince?” Meraly was also dumbfounded. She did not understand what happened.

“The dark green gem under the Green Dragon Scepter is the Baptism Gem. It is an extremely powerful seal. Only someone with the high Green Dragon bloodline that has received the true Divine Temple inheritance, in other words the true Green Dragon royalty, can pull out the Green Dragon Scepter.”

Shanna stood up and continued, “No one else can pull it out. Even if the person possesses strength exceeding the Baptism Gem and forcefully removes the seal, it will only destroy both the Green Dragon Scepter and the Baptism Gem.”


Stingham was dumbfounded. He tried sticking the Green Dragon Scepter back into the gem and pulled it out again. He repeated that action numerous times, “I pull, I stick. Look, it doesn’t show any response! Did the Baptism Gem malfunction?”


Meraly was speechless.

She felt great sympathy towards Shanna’s group.

This kind of idiot is really the Green Dragon Prince?

These powerful Chinyu arcane masters who will even risk their lives have to protect such an idiot!

If I were from Clan Chinyu and realized the person I must protect is such an idiot, I would also feel frustrated.

Suddenly, Stingham remembered something and asked Shanna, “Oh right, what are you scheming? Why did you call me King just now?”

“If the King were still the old King, the Green Dragon Divine Temple would never have been taken over by evil so openly.” Shanna coldly spoke.

“Are you saying the current King is no longer the old King, or that he was manipulated by the Evil Dragon followers, or that he perhaps even became an Evil Dragon follower for the Evil Dragon bloodline?” Rinloran’s asked with a cold gaze.

Shanna nodded.

She felt heartbroken, and was frustrated in her heart just as Meraly imagined.

Stingham is the sole hope of the Green Dragon Divine Temple and the Kingdom of Doa, the King.

But why must he be such an idiotic and unreliable guy?

Even if it were Rinloran or Ferguillo, even that battle maniac Ayrin would have been better!

“So, that father in Stingham’s memory who tried to kill him may not be his real father? The current King may be a fake.” Ferguillo looked at Stingham, “Can you remember more things now?”

“I can’t.” Stingham blinked and shook his head.

There was no new image appearing in his head. The memories he did have were from so long ago that they’d turned blurry.

“What can this Green Dragon Scepter do? And what’s that grail for?”

His attention immediately returned to the scepter and the grail.

Both the scepter in his hand and the grail gave off an aura that made him feel comfortable.

“Drink the Deep Green Spring in that grail.” Shanna took a deep breath and reminded herself that the unreliable idiot before her was fated to be the King of the Kingdom of Doa. He was fated to be the hope of the Green Dragon Divine Temple, the target she had to protect for the rest of her life. She looked at Stingham and explained, “The Deep Green Spring and Green Dragon Scepter are the holy artifacts of the Green Dragon Divine Temple. Our Clan Chinyu has guarded this secret for a thousand years. We can only use it at the most crucial moment.”

“Is this related to the Deep Green Domain?” Meraly asked on reflex.

“Perhaps, but it was never clarified.” Shanna answered, “In our Clan Chinyu’s inheritance, it was only said that this Land of Baptism is also the Land of War. When the Green Dragon Divine Temple faces its greatest crisis, the successor holding the Green Dragon Scepter will lead us to war and defeat all enemies.”

“This is too vague, it doesn’t even provide any details?” Stingham grumbled, “How old is this cup of liquid? Did it spoil? What if I get a stomach ache after drinking it?”

“Only our Clan Chinyu’s bloodline can release the seal. Nobody can mess with it. The holy artifacts will never spoil.” Shanna’s mouth was twitching, but she forced herself to explain his questions patiently.

Stingham asked unconvinced, “Only your Clan Chinyu can release the seal?”

“That’s right. When the Green Dragon Prince is born in each generation, it is us who baptize the Prince at the Land of Baptism. This announces the beginning of a new generation and is the pride of our Clan Chinyu.” Shanna nodded.

“What if the Chinyu arcane masters all die?” Stingham grumbled, “Then nobody would know and this secret seal would disappear?”

What kind of question is that!?

Is this cursing your own guardian clan to be exterminated?

A guardian clan like Chinyu will definitely have countermeasures in place to avoid such a thing from happening!

Hearing Stingham grumbling, Rinloran and Meraly lamented.

“Our Clan Chinyu will definitely leave behind the successor at a safe place. Take this operation for example. It carries the risk of death. So, the successors aren't with us. They are in a safe place and only I know where that is.”

Shanna’s expression was chilling, “The sealed land will never disappear. Any sealed land has the possibility of being discovered. Our objective this time was to confirm if the Green Dragon Divine Temple had really become what we hypothesized. If the Green Dragon inheritance had been cut off, we would personally destroy this place to avoid them from being used by evil.”

“Then, what if you didn’t encounter us? Aren’t you too rash?” Stingham swung the scepter and complained.

“Who would have thought the Green Dragon Prince was washed out from the sewer!” Meraly was speechless, “A living Green Dragon Prince got washed out of the sewer from a place controlled by Evil Dragon followers. Do you think there is such a possibility!? Also, are you going to drink the Deep Green Spring or not? If you continue to waste time, I’m going to drink it!”

“I will!”

Stingham could feel that the content in the grail was definitely good stuff. Hearing Meraly threatening him, he immediately took the grail and drank it empty.


The moment the Deep Green Spring entered his body, Stingham was surprised. It felt as if an arcane skill exploded inside his body as a terrifying arcane power spread out.

His every cell seemed to be stuffed.

At the same time, the green scepter in his hand showed a change.

A powerful ball of pale green light spread out from the gem at the tip of the scepter. A flow of arcane power trailed along the scepter and wrapped around his arm.

“So powerful!”

Stingham was astonished.

He could feel the tremendous power, as if he could smash open a hill if he swung the scepter.

“I smash!”

Stingham swung the scepter on impulse.

There was no powerful arcane energy fluctuation, but the space before the scepter became black as if a piece of the space was vanquished.

“What a terrifying power! It feels like Chris’s Dark Destruction Dragon! It’s like the particles in the air were crushed and vanished!”

Everyone’s expression changed.


“This must be more powerful than Teacher Rui’s black stick. Next time he uses that black stick to smack me, I will smack him with this! His black stick will surely be smashed into pieces!”

Stingham was astonished, then his eyes beamed. His drool was almost spilling out.

“As expected of the final secret treasure of the Green Dragon Divine Temple, the relic of the Land of War!”

Rinloran and Meraly were speechless. They felt that the lazy Stingham always got lucky.

“I smash!”

“I smack!”

“I smash again!”

Stingham was excited. He constantly swung the scepter. He felt it was really powerful. Even a pervert like Ayrin would become a putty on the floor if he used this scepter!

In the excitement, he accidentally smacked the scepter onto the dark green gem below him.


A cracking sound could be heard.

Stingham suddenly stiffened.

Everyone else also stiffened.

Their gaze focused on the Green Dragon Scepter in Stingham’s hand.


The Green Dragon Scepter broke in two. One segment fell down next to Stingham’s feet.

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