Chapter 483: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Hope

Chapter 483: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Hope


A unique and moist arcane power erupted from the amplification device in Ayrin’s hand.

A pink transparent bubble covered his body.

“This is an arcane barrier? So comfortable!” Ayrin shouted in surprise.

The moist air in the pink transparent bubble cleansed his face, making his skin feel smooth and fresh.

He could feel a powerful arcane energy fluctuation from that thin bubble. It clearly had a strong resistance against arcane power.


Charlotte’s voice weakly called out, “That should be Sumel’s Chest Protector Gems......”

“Sumel’s Chest Protector Gems?” Ayrin was curious, “What’s that?”

“It’s an artifact left behind by a female arcane master called Sumel. The moisture arcane barrier can resist various fire and dust type arcane skills.” Charlotte was blushing as her gaze fell on Helgy’s chest.


Following Charlotte’s gaze, Ayrin immediately realized the reason.

“Haha, so they are...... But they are powerful artifacts. It’s better to have them.” He embarrassedly scratched his hair and laughed.


Helgy could not understand her own emotions anymore.

She wanted to shred Ayrin to pieces, but the various creepy events had extinguished her will to fight.

“Hey! What other moves do you have?”

Ayrin shouted towards Helgy as if he wanted to savor more of the battle, “I have killed enough of those bone and metal subordinates of yours, but they are lacking. Do you have anything new to take out?”

Helgy did not even want to stay and fight anymore.

“Dragon Breath Dust: Necromancy Storm!”

She clenched her teeth and exhausted what little arcane particles remained in her body.

“You really have something good?”

Ayrin was excited.

However, at that moment, the bone dragon suddenly collapsed. Its entire body turned into purplish black dust, a powerful wind blowing it up into the air. It became a large dust storm!


Ayrin jumped to guard Charlotte on reflex.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

However, the power of the dust storm filled with dragon aura was not as great as he expected.

“She ran away?”

When the storm died down, a thick layer of dust had settled on the ground. However, Helgy was nowhere to be found.

A passage behind where she stood had been opened. The broken vines lay scattered on the ground, as if they were bitten by a large mouth.

“The three demonic flowers can even follow her?”

“She only wanted to destroy the bone dragon. Is she worried about the bone dragon falling into Merlin’s hands and getting modified into something else?”

Ayrin understood the situation after spacing out for a moment.


“The battle seems to have stopped!”

Elsewhere, Shanna, Rinloran and the others could feel the tremors had finally stopped.

“Did he really win?” Shanna wondered. She turned to look at Rinloran’s group.

At that moment, Rinloran suddenly shouted, “Not good!”


Shanna and the six Chinyu arcane masters were all surprised.

“I forgot to tell him when and where to meet up.” Rinloran spoke.

Shanna and the six Chinyu arcane masters were dumbfounded.

Do they really have such great confidence in Ayrin?

“According to the map, we should be right beneath the Green Dragon Divine Temple.” Grandmaster Yi suddenly said.

Are you still holding on to that unreliable map?

Meraly was furious.

“That does seem to be the case.” Ferguillo calmly spoke.

His gaze fell on the water passage to the side.

Dirty water was flowing out from it.

A Chinyu arcane master guessed, “The dirty water here flows down almost vertically, so you think the Green Dragon Divine Temple is right above us?”

Ferguillo nodded, “Didn’t you say that only the Green Dragon Divine Temple’s sewer remained unchanged in the entire sewer system of the Kingdom of Doa? Since it should have been made during the ancient Kingdom of Doa’s era, the water flowing down almost vertically means that the Green Dragon Divine Temple is above us.”

“It might be the bathroom!” Stingham agreed.

“Idiot! It will only be the gathering junction of dirty water! Can one bathroom maintain such a big water current!?” Meraly stared at him with a murderous gaze, “Do you have any impression of this place?”

“I don’t.” Stingham shook his head.

“Then you should just die already!” Meraly gritted her teeth.

“Are we going up through this?” Rinloran looked at the gushing dirty water current and paled.

“Going up from here is safer as we’re less likely to be discovered.” Grandmaster Yi kept his map and affirmed it.


Rinloran clenched his teeth and shut his eyes. Arcane particles wrapped around his body and he dashed up against the dirty water current.


Everyone was shocked.

“What’s Rinloran doing?”

“Isn’t there a passage right there that seems to be a maintenance passage leading up to the surface?”

“Why is he swimming up against the current?”

“What?!” As the words reached his ears, Rinloran was dumbfounded. Unfortunately, he already was within the dirty water current.


A thin thread of water suddenly seeped out from the flat ground.

Although the thread was thin, it had great cutting strength. Without a sound, a one square meter hole opened up.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several figures leapt through the hole.

“Where is this place?”

Shanna was greatly shocked after jumping out behind Grandmaster Yi and Ferguillo.

Clan Chinyu had always been the guardian clan of the Green Dragon Divine Temple. Although they were unfamiliar with the sewer system beneath the Divine Temple, they were knowledgeable about the structure of the buildings and arrangements in the Divine Temple.

However, they did not recognize anything around them. It was clearly not the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

It was a huge hall. From a glance, it looked like a warehouse, with many shelves and long tables.

However, she immediately realized that it was a huge artificer laboratory!

Huge bone, metal and gem materials were scattered everywhere.

There were also many unfinished products of those two-meter tall humanoids.

“Could this be the laboratory of that female arcane master?”

Shanna immediately understood the situation as she recalled the war avatars they encountered a while ago.

“We’re still underground. There’s an exit over there. That should lead to the Green Dragon Divine Temple! It connects to the Oracle Hall! There is no arcane team in sight at the moment!”

A Chinyu arcane master quickly checked the few exits and reported.

“Directly leads to the Oracle Hall? The Green Dragon Divine Temple is really taken over by evil!” Shanna’s expression turned grim.

The Green Dragon was an existence that desired peace and harmony. The Green Dragon Divine Temple was a place that represented nature and holiness in the eyes of the citizens. It definitely would not be involved with necromancy products.

With this laboratory directly connected to the Oracle Hall, their hypothesis became reality.

“What’s the Oracle Hall like?” Stingham asked.

“Shut up!” Shanna turned around and shouted.

“What!?” Stingham was shocked. Shanna’s expression was very menacing.


Shanna took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

The Green Dragon Divine Temple is already corrupted.

The Green Dragon inheritance...... The Green Dragon Divine Temple’s hope now falls onto this guy!

She stared at Stingham with a stern face.

“From now on, don’t ask any questions and don’t make any noise. Follow us!”

She took another deep breath and dashed through the exit.

“Let’s go!”

Rinloran and Ferguillo nodded towards the shocked Meraly. They soundlessly followed behind Shanna.

The group entered a hall carrying an old, majestic and holy aura.

The hall was constructed with green-colored metal. Leaf-like patterns were carved in the walls.

The Green Dragon Divine Temple was larger than they imagined. It looked like an independent ancient kingdom!

After crossing the Oracle Hall, they passed by a few other halls with beautiful glass roofs.

The Chinyu arcane masters were familiar with the Green Dragon Divine Temple, so they led the way without any hesitation.

The entire Green Dragon Divine Temple looked like an empty castle, as if not a single person was inside.

The atmosphere was dense and oppressive.

The Chinyu arcane masters stopped at a hall that had a pure emerald ceiling and a clear pond at the center.

“Where is this place?”

“What do they want to do here?”

Meraly looked around nervously. Apart from drawings of green-colored dragons on the walls of the hall, there was nothing special to this place.

There came no reply.

A cold glint flashed across Shanna’s wrist. She slit her wrist and let the blood drip into the pond.

“By the name of duty: Unseal!”

A unique arcane power was released from her body.

The clear water in the pond bubbled as if it was boiling and rose up.

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