Chapter 482 (B): Sneaky

Chapter 482 (B): Sneaky


Crack crack crack......

Merlin worked at an amazing speed. A relatively complete war avatar was quickly dissected into bones and metal pieces.

Her silver eyes glowed mysteriously.

“Mer...... lin......”

Light yet unique metallic sounds could be heard from her body.

Thin streaks of light scanned through all of the metal pieces.

She seemed to be studying the metal pieces, or comparing them to her memory. However, it caused her to overheat.


Smoke rose up from her body.

However, she did not stop and pulled another war avatar to her. She dissected it into parts like she did the last.

“Ah! Ow!”

Elsewhere, Ayrin screamed in pain again.

He was flung away by the huge tail of the bone dragon and embedded into the ceiling dozens of meters above.

“Is he dead?”

Helgy looked at the human-shaped hole with an unfocused gaze.

Two war avatars also jumped up and rushed towards the human-shaped hole.

However, at that moment, Ayrin shouted from that human-shaped hole, “So satisfying!”

He seemed to be spasming and his face twisted in pain with tears and snot almost flowing out, yet he bounced back down like a missle.

Helgy jumped on reflex and cursed, “Pervert!”


“But this battle is so satisfying!”

“Their skin is too hard! I can’t use my fists to punch them!”

“Let’s use the old method!”

At the start, Ayrin’s battle instinct seemed to have surpassed his own consciousness. Even he himself was uncertain why he had fought that way. However, after the refreshing battle, that battle instinct seemed to have completely integrated into his mind and body, allowing him to freely control it.

The instant he clashed against the two war avatars, he grabbed their legs.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Ayrin returned to his tested method of swinging the war avatars around like a club.



At that moment, the ground violently shook again. The war avatars bounced up along with Ayrin who only just had his feet hit the ground.

The Mountain Cleaving Titan wielding the morningstar had fallen down again.

Its right leg seemed to be fractured. The part below the knee was twisted backwards.

However, the three Mountain Cleaving Titans still held an advantage against the bone dragon. Ayrin’s smash had also caused a disruption in the bone dragon’s focus.

The moment that the Titan fell down, a huge spear penetrated the bone dragon’s skull and pinned its head to the ground.


The ground violently shook again.

Ayrin turned around and saw the bladeshield-wielding Titan sitting down on the bone dragon. It pressed its bladeshield down as it restricted the bone dragon.


“It has become a melee now!”

Ayrin took a glance at the fallen Titan, wholly astonished.

“One of its legs is crippled......”

Seeing the bent leg, Ayrin felt heartbroken.

There are only these three Mountain Cleaving Titans in all of Doraster!

I wonder if Merlin can fix it.

However, just as he felt heartbroken, the fallen Titan knelt on one knee and pulled out a heavy sword.


It slammed the heavy sword onto the bone dragon like it was striking metal with a hammer.

“So violent!”

“Even more violent than me!”

Ayrin was stunned.

A war avatar dashed towards him from behind.

“Annoying! That bone dragon is almost finished!”

Ayrin did not even turn around as a huge ice pillar erupted from the ground, launching the sneaking war avatar up into the air.

“This guy really has an inexhaustible amount of arcane particles! He is able to use arcane skills immediately after clashing only a few times with his physical strength! It’s really as the legend stated, the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline can continuously generate arcane particles during battle!”

Helgy kept retreating with a pale face.

However, she suddenly noticed something and stopped moving. She quickly chanted, the aura of arcane particles reverberating from her body.

She had noticed that if she did not replenish her own arcane particles soon, she would be in danger herself!

At that moment, Charlotte finally discovered the sneaky noises behind her.

She turned around and was shocked.

Merlin was leaning on a chunk of ice and working on something.

The bone fragments and parts scattered on the ground were everywhere.

Meanwhile, Merlin seemed to be assembling a war avatar!

Merlin worked unbelievably fast!

Charlotte only blinked once and the small part of a war avatar had become mostly finished apart from the head.


Elsewhere, a war avatar made out of a golden skeleton gathered golden particles in its hands and condensed arcane power. Its body was human while its head was bird-like.

The war avatar maintained its focus on the rapidly moving Ayrin.

At that moment, an angel-like war avatar appeared next to it. However, it completely ignored the new arrival.

The angel-like war avatar wielded two weird tools and struck the golden war avatar.

Its upper torso and lower torso suddenly separated.

The upper torso was carried away by the angel-like war avatar.

“What’s going on!?”

Helgy felt a familiar and powerful arcane energy fluctuation shrouding over her as she used an incantation to speed up the replenishment of her arcane particles.

The moment she opened her eyes, she opened them wide.

She did not directly believe what her eyes showed her.

An angel-like war avatar, which should be her seventh generation prototype, was aiming at her while carrying the upper torso of a golden war avatar.

The upper torso should be a prototype from her ninth generation. It seemed to have lost control as golden particles erupted out from its hands. The particles towards her like a golden tide.


At that moment, a war avatar wielding two swords appeared behind her and swung its two swords down at her.

“What’s going on!?”

The moment of bewilderment allowed the swords to reach her, cutting her back open.


She had no more time to evade. The arcane particles she scraped up surged out and three wriggling demonic flowers grew out to block the golden tide.


“What’s happening? Your war avatars malfunctioned and attacked you instead!”

“So funny! There’s even one that carries the upper torso of another to attack you!”

“What cruel things did you do to them? That they would even attack you like that!”

She became even more furious when Ayrin exclaimed as if he found a new continent.

“Huh? Why does there seem to be a few more?”

The surrounding war avatars were already scarce after his refreshing battle. However, he felt there were a few more now.

Despite the increase in numbers, some war avatars did not do anything and even less attacked him.

“Ayrin, you are going to expose it if you shout like that!”

Hearing Ayrin’s exclamation, Charlotte scolded him in her mind and turned around to look at Merlin.

Merlin was picking parts from a pile of war avatar remains.

Compared to before, there were not as many parts she could choose from. The crafting technique and war avatars she was familiar with were greatly different from these war avatars. So, she began picking suitable metal parts to assemble a full metal war avatar.

“Metal clockwork war avatar?”

“A metal clockwork war avatar that can change parts...... and even build war avatars?”

Helgy finally noticed the sneaky Merlin. She became even more bewildered.

What the heck is that?


“What the heck is that?”

Ayrin was similarly bewildered.

That was because he felt a chill as two items appeared in his hand.

They were pink-colored gem pieces in the shape of seashells. Unique arcane energy fluctuations reverberated from them, as if great arcane power dwelled within them.

He immediately understood that the Faerie Dragon ‘Great King’ must have done it again when Helgy was fully focused on replenishing her arcane particles. It must be some amplification device.

However, the shape looked strange, and he could not tell what kind of amplification devices they were.


Helgy suddenly seemed petrified.

She saw the items in Ayrin’s hand.

She felt a chill in her chest.

That chill spread out to her entire body.


Those are my...... how can they be in his hands?


Ayrin tried injecting arcane particles into the strangely-shaped amplification devices.

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