Chapter 482 (A): Satisfied

Chapter 482 (A): Satisfied


The aura manifested from Ayrin’s bloodline only flashed for an instant.

In the next moment, the silver silhouette seemed to have never existed.

However, as the war avatar spewed flames and swung its swords at Ayrin, Ayrin’s body generated some strange battle instincts.


A crimson gold sword flash shone.

In past battles, Ayrin would definitely observe his opponent and think of what method to use to defeat the opponent. This time, however, he did not think about any of that and immediately manifested the materialized sword, lunging at the flame-spewing war avatar’s mouth with a powerful stab.

The swords of the war avatar were similar to Ayrin’s longsword in length. The war avatar was a head taller than Ayrin. It would seem the swords it wielded would hit Ayrin first before Ayrin could stab into its mouth.

However, Ayrin somehow felt this move would finish off the war avatar.


The chilling aura rapidly gathered towards his crimson gold longsword and fended off the incoming flames.

His longsword was still half a meter from the war avatar’s mouth, while the war avatar’s swords were about to pierce his robe.


At that moment, Ayrin’s arm suddenly extended. The sword stabbed into the war avatar’s mouth. The powerful force penetrated through its head.

Half of the war avatar’s head was smashed to pieces. The powerful impact caused the war avatar to stagger backwards.

Its sword was unable to touch Ayrin.

“Secret Demonic Ape Fist!”

Ayrin was surprised himself as he shattered the war avatar’s head.

He actually integrated House Roland’s fist technique into his sword skill unconsciously. It was something he had never done before.

However, he did not have any time to think deeper on it.

A raging gale was surging from his left.

A mountain dwarf war avatar pounced towards him.

Its head was a big, white skull and two dark green gems were embedded in its eye sockets. It wore heavy armor and held a huge snow-white, double-edged war axe in its burly hands.

As the huge war axe was swung towards Ayrin, layers of white power brands flowed in front of the war axe.

“I hack!” Ayrin shouted.

He changed from holding his longsword with one hand to two hands. He swung down his longsword just like the approaching war axe.

Many of the war avatars were about to reach him. Clashing head on in a power fight against a heavy weight opponent did not seem to be a good choice.

However, Ayrin felt he could finish off the war avatar like this.


The huge war axe was split apart by Ayrin’s sword as was the war avatar’s body.


Ayrin’s body carried a raging wind as he dashed through the bisected war avatar and charged into the two war avatars behind it. Meanwhile, several arcane skills exploded behind him. The arcane skills blasted a three-meter wide crater on the ground while releasing a devastating light.

Behind the bisected war avatar was another one that did not wield any weapon, but had two black balls floating around it.

It had just cast an arcane skill and powerful arcane energy fluctuations lingered around its body.

By the time Ayrin approached it, it was left defenseless. However, Ayrin did not swing his sword to slay it, but rather crashed into it like a bull.


The war avatar was flung backwards and crashed into another war avatar behind it.


Ayrin’s charging body was stopped by the collision. He greatly twisted his body as his crimson gold longsword cut horizontally.

The two stacked up war avatars were severed from the waist, becoming four parts.

“Ice Witch’s Throne!”

Without pause, a huge ice ring exploded out from Ayrin.

At least a dozen war avatars collided with the ice ring.

A small portion of them were repelled back by the collision, while the rest forced their way through and dashed towards Ayrin with ice clinging to their bodies.


A metal-spiked fist approached Ayrin’s face.

Ayrin’s pupils contracted, but he ignored the fist. Instead, he charged forward and grazed past it.

The crimson gold longsword was swung forward and snapped the spear held by a war avatar in two. His sword continued its course and chopped off half of the war avatar’s body.


The war avatar’s body flashed. In an instant, its body strangely exploded into a cloud of dark green gas.

Ayrin dashed through the gas cloud.

He jumped up high while bringing his fist back, then struck the head of a war avatar.

The war avatar’s head was sunk into its neck by the force of the punch. At the same time, Ayrin’s other hand which wielded the longsword slashed backwards.

A war avatar wielding two black short swords which suddenly blinked out from behind him seemed to have rammed into the sword by itself. Its torso flew high up in the air.

Ayrin’s body suddenly vanished.

In the next moment, he silently stood behind a three-meter tall war avatar.

He chopped off one of its legs.

The war avatar holding a big flail lost its balance. The flail fell from its hand and struck the war avatars around it, flattening them.


Ayrin suddenly threw his longsword like a javelin. The sword flew with great speed and nailed a clown-like war avatar which showed great arcane energy fluctuations into the ground.

Meanwhile, Ayrin made use of the momentum to pounce forward. Grabbing onto one leg from one war avatar with one hand and another one with his other, he shouted, “Take a spin!”

As he yelled, he lifted the two war avatars up into the air.

Ayrin spun like a windmill. The war avatars that got near him were smashed away by the two war avatars he spun with centrifugal force.

Bones and metal pieces violently clashed against one another. In the end, the two war avatars Ayrin held only had their legs left. Countless bone shards and metal scraps splattered around.

Ayrin furiously charged. The two legs in his hands were swung like clubs.

About five war avatars were blown away. By the time he reached the clone-like war avatar, only the ankles and soles of the legs were left intact.

Clang! Clang!

The two soles struck the face of an approaching war avatar.

That war avatar staggered back.

“How does it feel to have a foot strike you in the face?” Ayrin shouted. He had pulled out the longsword nailed into the ground and swung it.

The staggering war avatar was bisected.


A ball of grey flames finally locked onto Ayrin and struck him in the back.

“Ah! Ow!” Ayrin cursed. He was pushed forward by the force and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Bastard! You dare to smack me!”

However, he forcefully twisted in mid-air and threw out his longsword again, nailing a slow-moving war avatar to the ground.

“Winter’s Pillar!”

The instant he crashed into the ground, his incantation completed and a huge blue ice pillar over three meters thick erupted from the ground behind him.

The pillar looked like a frozen geyser and several fast war avatars pursuing behind him were knocked up by it.

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

Ayrin jumped up while enduring the pain. He slammed his fist against the huge blue ice pillar.


The ice pillar suddenly changed shape and exploded like a horizontal crown.

Several war avatars that had just gotten close were knocked away by the sharp ice stakes from the explosion. Some were even damaged to the point they fell to the ground.


“I spin!”

“I spin again!”

Ayrin dashed through the ice fragments without a care for the cuts caused by the shards. He grabbed another two war avatars by the ankles and smacked them around like a whirlwind.

Clang! Clang!

Each swing caused at least one war avatar to become twisted, countless shards and parts flying through the air.


Helgy’s expression turned green.

Her mouth twitched non-stop, her hands unconsciously grabbing her hair and her body trembling.

This is crazy!

Although her war avatars were prototypes from her various stages of experiments and were not too strong, they still had the fighting power of a normal arcane team at the very least.

Ayrin’s fighting method seemed savage and reckless. There was no plan to it whatsoever!

However, his every action and attack took at least one war avatar down, be it by dismemberment or bisection!

It is completely inhuman!

This is a pure war machine, a violent destroyer!

How did it become like this?

How can this be possible?



Ayrin was elated!

He was feeling satisfied from all the fighting!

He could fight without a care in the world. There were sufficient enemies for him to use every move he felt like. It was thrilling. Everytime he killed one enemy, another would take its place.

It was such a crazy battle, which left him feeling satisfied.


He picked up another war avatar and slammed it into the enormous silhouette before him.


The war avatar in his hand was splattered, and he was dumbfounded.

He had accidentally rushed into the battle between the three Mountain Cleaving Titans and the bone dragon. He was so drunk in the sensation of battle that he used a war avatar to smack a section of the bone dragon’s tail!


By then, Charlotte had also become speechless.

Ayrin was like a hurricane, war avatars constantly flying out around him.

There was not a single war avatar coming after her.

On the other hand, while nobody paid attention to Merlin, she hid herself behind a large ice chunk and stealthily opened her metal box. Then, she grabbed the leg of a war avatar that had fallen and pulled the incapacitated war avatar behind the ice chunk.

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