Chapter 481: The Bloodline Flame Activated For The First Time

Chapter 481: The Bloodline Flame Activated For The First Time


“Watch me!”

“Big guy vs big guy!” Ayrin excitedly shouted.

Helgy could not understand his behavior.

Rings of milky white light glowed from Ayrin’s hand. At the same time, the entire space started shaking.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three enormous pillars of light manifested along with loud booming sounds.

“What are those?”

Helgy could only see the cold metallic hue reflecting out from the light pillars.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

In the next moment, three huge metal bodies measuring over twenty meters tall heavily landed.

She was bounced into the air from the tremor.

Even the semi-undead, semi-metal bone dragon backed away on reflex.

“You guys fight that big guy!” Ayrin excitedly shouted to the three Titans.

The bone dragon assembled by a combination of necromancy and artificer craft was over thirty meters long. It looked bigger than a single Titan. However, with three Titans added together, they were much bigger than the bone dragon.

Ayrin was dying to witness such enormous creatures battling. It would definitely be more thrilling than monsters like the Ice Lord or Frost Lord fighting against the Titans.

“Mountain Cleaving Titans! Impossible!”

Helgy’s eyes opened wide in shock. She screamed, “Even if some Mountain Cleaving Titans were preserved until now, it’s impossible for them to listen to the arcane masters of the current era and execute their commands!”

“So, those Mountain Cleaving Titans should only obey the voice commands of their original arcane master? Merlin really modified them!” Ayrin completely understood what happened. He turned around to look at Merlin, then back at Helgy. He could not help but feel proud of Merlin.

You call yourself the greatest artificer since the Magus Era?

However, our Merlin is as good as the great artificers from the Era of the War with Dragons!

Now, let’s see who’s the greater artificer!

“Big guys, fight!”

As Ayrin excitedly shouted, the three Mountain Cleaving Titans let out terrifying booming sounds. The Titan which shot out yellow lasers from its armor drew an astonishingly huge bladeshield from its back. The Titan draped in blue frost drew its spear. The third Titan which had steam constantly blowing out from the gaps in its armor took out the morningstar.


The first attack was with the house-sized morningstar. It made the air tremble wherever it passed by.


Ayrin was in awe.

If a metal ball that big smashes into someone, they will definitely become a putty on the ground!

The battle between big guys he looked forward to began.


A volcanic eruption-like dragon breath was spat out by the bone dragon.

The dragon breath was extremely bizarre. The arcane power rapidly condensed into what seemed to be purple crystal pillars.


The purple crystal pillars shattered, countless shards flying through the air. The morningstar was forcefully repelled and crashed into the Titan’s chest instead.

A shock wave visible to the eye spread out. The thick armor of the Titan was slightly dented.

Crack crack crack......

The metal ground underneath its feet screeched.

It desperately tried to support itself, but eventually succumbed to the impact. It fell back and landed on the ground.

The entire place shook violently.

The deafening noise reverberated.

A Titan was knocked down in the first clash!


However, at the same time, the frosty Titan wielding a spear jumped up. The spear in its hand became a real metal stream, the entire space seeming to be torn apart.


The purple crystal pillar-like dragon breath was shattered by it.


At almost the same time, the Titan wiedling the bladeshield made a single action. It held the huge bladeshield before its body and fiercely crashed into the bone dragon.


Ayrin’s ears were stung by the deafening noises generated. He started to feel dizzy.

A visible shockwave exploded in the air.

Countless flames and bone shards flew through the air.

The Titan holding the bladeshield wobbled back while many bone joints of the bone dragon fractured.


The bone dragon spewed out another terrifying dragon breath.

The Titan wielding the bladeshield was blasted by the dragon breath and could not balance itself after retreating back many steps. It fell to the ground, another violent tremor shaking the place.


However, at that moment, the Titan wielding the spear swung its spear and slammed the huge dragon head into the ground. A ring of shock waves spread out on the ground. The dragon head seemed to nearly crack open. Innumerable dragon aura particles and light splashed apart as if a crystal flower bloomed with the dragon head as the center.

The bone dragon swept its tail and crashed into the Titan wielding the spear.

Within the mind-blowing clash, cracking sounds came from the bone dragon’s body. Countless metal shards and bone shards broke off and its humongous body fell down to the ground.

The Titan could also not support itself anymore and fell down sideways.


“What a loud sound!”

“What kind of battle is going on back there!?”

Meanwhile, Shanna, Rinloran and the others were dashing forward in a passage far away. The sudden noise and violent shaking almost made them lose their balance.

“Is this the clash between Dragons?”

Shanna looked at the surroundings that were still shaking, her face turning pale.

How much power does that unreliable-looking guy actually possess?

Only then did Shanna and the other six Chinyu arcane masters realize that they were greatly mistaken about Ayrin.

“Such a violent clash...... He even summoned the Mountain Cleaving Titans?”

“Looks like the opponent Ayrin is facing is stronger than anyone he’d faced before......”

Rinloran and Ferguillo glanced at each other and shared the same thought.

They knew that Ayrin was a natural-born battle arcane master, an arcane master who found joy from battling and growing stronger from them. To Ayrin, it was only meaningful and enjoyable if he fought against opponents who were stronger than him. Hence, they were sure that if Ayrin had the advantage...... or a slight disadvantage which he could endure, he would never bully the opponent with the Mountain Cleaving Titans.



“Hey...... The greatest artificer since the Magus Era, your bone dragon doesn’t seem to be able to beat my Mountain Cleaving Titans!”

Meanwhile, Ayrin was covering his ears and shouting excitedly.

The battle was too thrilling. It was totally unlike how he imagined. A battle between huge entities did not require any technique. It was a simple clash of strength, extremely violent.

Such a scene made his blood boil. A restless factor began flowing in his body.

Even Ayrin himself did not notice that his skin seemed to be flowing as every cell in his body became restless. It wanted to rampage and destroy.

Helgy kept retreating backwards.

She did not have many arcane particles left. If she was caught in the aftershocks of the battle between the bone dragon and Titans, she would only end up as a putty on the ground.

“Kill them!”

“As long as I kill you, the three Mountain Cleaving Titans will lose control! They will become useless!”

Helgy shrieked as she felt great shame for being forced into a corner by an arcane master with a lower arcane level.

As she screamed, the frozen war avatars broke out from the ice and rushed towards Ayrin and Charlotte.

So many?

The aura they give off feels like normal three-gate or four-gate arcane masters.

There’re so many of them, it will be a blast!

There were at least a hundred statue-like semi-humanoid war avatars. A powerful aura reverberated from each war avatar. Necro aura of various colors combined with the gem amplification aura made for a terrifying tide.

However, something within Ayrin seemed to explode after seeing the swarming war avatars. He lost control over his crazy fighting spirit.

During the special training after the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign, Liszt had told him that his path as an arcane master was fated to be a kaleidoscope type.

What Liszt arranged for him was a combination training specialized for that.

Since then, although Ayrin had met many powerful opponents, he had yet to encounter a large number of various types of opponents.

Now is the time to see how much I have improved!

“Merlin, stay with Charlotte and protect each other! Leave these guys to me! I’m going to fight to my heart’s content!”

He roared out with great excitement.

His body uncontrollably dashed forward.


A ring of silver aura spread out from his feet.


Helgy backed away on reflex again.

It was a devastating destructive aura!

The silver aura sweeping out from Ayrin’s feet was turning into something extremely terrifying and huge. However, it seemed there was insufficient power and it remained as a pale silhouette.

The silver silhouette looked like a scenery of countless fallen strongholds, countless collapsed mountains and countless dismembered Dragons.

“What is this?”

At that moment, Ayrin could also catch a glimpse of a unique aura he had never felt before.

It seemed to be some power manifested by his bloodline, but it was too vague and disappeared almost immediately. He could not grasp the feeling.

Before he could think further, a winged war avatar wielding two swords approached him.


The war avatar spat out hot flames and swung its two swords toward Ayrin.

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