Chapter 480: Fight To The Heart’s Content

Chapter 480: Fight To The Heart’s Content


“Why is he such an idiot? Why did I fall for an idiot like him? But I just like him......”

Charlotte looked at Ayrin, speechless. However, Ayrin’s eyes contained the flame that pulled on her heartstrings.

“My bloodline is really such a legendary bloodline?”

Ayrin’s excitement gradually faded as an even greater burning fighting spirit replaced it.

“You trapped me here in fear of my escape in order to kill me, huh?”

“However, you misunderstood something. What does it matter which bloodline I possess?”

Ayrin took a deep breath and stared at the stiffened expression of the bewitching female arcane master. The skin on his body turned red as if it were burning.

“You don’t understand. To me, even if I possess the most common or the weakest bloodline, I will still fight against you people to the end.”

“You don’t understand. To me, being able to awaken a bloodline, training under the sun, learning arcane skills, fighting for my own belief, that is the greatest joy.”

“So...... if I really do possess such a powerful bloodline, I have to fight even harder!”

“So what if you know some of the abilities my bloodline possesses? I will still defeat you!”

“That’s because I’m a brave warrior.”


“Let’s fight to our heart’s content!”

Ayrin’s voice became louder and louder, until he let out a warcry.

Although he was small in stature, he dashed towards the bewitching female arcane master like a true Dragon.

His body grazed against the surrounding air. Even the coldest ice began to burn, forming a trail of blue flames!

“What does it matter which bloodline he possesses!”

As Ayrin yelled, Charlotte’s eyes also brightened up. Her eyes were as bright as the stars in the St. Lauren’s night sky.

“I like him...... not because of his bloodline. Someone like him would become strong regardless of bloodline...... He would stake everything to fight for his beliefs and dreams.”

“I like him because he is so simple minded...... His radiance when fighting with everything he has for his beliefs and dreams......”

“So, I must protect him, like he protects me. I will fight alongside him!”

The confusion, astonishment and fear towards the abnormally strong opponent Charlotte felt had completely disappeared.

Her eyes became clear and a blush colored her pale face.

She did not move. However, her body’s reaction speed had exceeded her usual limit.

“Raging Storm!”


A green wind current surged out from her hands and smashed into Ayrin’s back.

A golden sun suddenly shone in front of the bewitching female arcane master.

The crimson gold longsword and Ayrin’s body released a blinding light.

The female arcane master’s eyes burned in pain as tears ran down her face.

She was backing away while the three green vines that wriggled around her body like living creatures stabbed towards Ayrin with shocking speed.

Pssh! Pssh! Pssh!

Three bursts of blood splashed out from Ayrin’s body!


The already snow-white face of the bewitching female arcane master became even paler!

Every cell in her body felt like it was exploding and propelling her backwards.

She suddenly saw a golden sword flash encased in a layer of ice.

A spray of blood burst from her body.

The three green vines had their heads severed at the same time and twisted on the ground like headless snakes.


The bewitching female arcane master slammed into another wall.

I actually jumped back so far in an instant!

Can my body possess such strength under the threat of death?

That was the first thing that came to her mind.

Then, the pain and disbelief began to fill her brain.

She looked down at her body.

There was a deep wound on the left side of her body, blood profusely flowed out of it.

Ayrin was panting some distance away from her.

His two shoulders and abdomen also had three bloody holes.

He actually used a mutual-sacrifice method of fighting!

Does he really not fear death or pain!?

The indescribable emotions and the pain from her ribs caused her body to uncontrollably tremble.


“If fighting for your own beliefs and dreams is your greatest joy, fight on!”

“Wind Entanglement!”

Charlotte followed up with an arcane skill without any hesitation.

Ayrin straightened his body and a shining book appeared in his hand.

“Treasured Book of Sealing?”

“Do you really think you can defeat anyone with just beliefs and dreams?”

“In the Doraster Continent, arcane master world’s sole law is power!”

The bewitching female arcane master recovered from her shock. Her eyes emitted a raging green flame.

“What do you mean even if you possess the most common or the weakest bloodline, you will still fight and defeat me? Naive!”

As she shouted back, a ring of purplish black flames swept out.

“Evil Dragon bloodline!”

“Not only do you have a portion of the Green Dragon bloodline...... You also received the Evil Dragon bloodline. You are an Evil Dragon follower just like I expected!”

Ayrin was shocked.

A unique domain power spread out and the Treasured Book of Sealing in his hand dimmed.

“You want to use the domains sealed in the Treasured Book of Sealing against me!?”

“This is the Evil Dragon’s Domain Rejection Domain! In this domain, don’t even think about activating any other domain!”

The bewitching female arcane master took a step forward.

Green grass grew out from her wound, but immediately dyed purplish black by her evil aura. Her wound was completely covered by the purplish black grass and sealed up, not letting a single drop of blood flow out.

“Wind Entanglement!”

After the bewitching female arcane master stopped hiding her Evil Dragon power, her aura became even more terrifying, as if there was a man-swallowing swirl revolving around her. However, Charlotte did not show any hesitation and continued to cast one arcane skill after another.

Ayrin took a deep breath.

The chilling air seemed to have swept away all the pain and suffering of his body and his mind.

Bits of arcane particles continued to be generated in his body and flowed into his arcane gates.

The arcane particles coming from Charlotte gave him a feeling of warmth and happiness.

The thing that gave him even greater joy than fighting for his beliefs and dreams was to fight for them with the girl he loved!

“So what if I can’t use any domain?”

Ayrin could feel the arcane power of the domain slowly being absorbed by his body and converted into arcane particles.

He revealed a bright smile filled with fighting spirit, “You also won’t be able to use another domain! You depraved arcane master who has betrayed the arcane master's beliefs despite possessing the Green Dragon bloodline, I will defeat you!”

“Remember my name, I’m Helgy! My identity is the Green Dragon Divine Temple’s oracle, the vice bishop of the Evil Dragon flower. But I’m also the greatest artificer of this era. This is the identity I like the most!”

Green flames surrounded Helgy. At least ten green vines with weird eyes grew around her.

Her gaze became fervent.


She stretched her hands upwards.

A ring of dazzling green light quickly spread out from the metal ceiling high above them.

The metal ceiling within the ring did not show any change, but it gave off a feeling as if it had melted and a passage to the demonic realm was opened behind it.

A terrifying gale swept out from the expanding green light.

“What’s that?”

Ayrin and Charlotte took some steps back on reflex.

Even Merlin, who had kept a low profile behind a frozen plant, quickly moved next to the retreating Ayrin and Charlotte.

A huge head peeped out from the green light, as if it grew out from the metal ceiling.


Ayrin was shocked.

That was clearly an enormous dragon head!

“This is......”

However, he immediately realized what it was.

The dragon head that crossed through the green light ring had no flesh and only bones. There seemed to be missing parts on the skull, but they were filled up and connected by metal and gems.

The humming sounds of metal and bones rang out.

A bone dragon measuring over thirty meters assembled by metal and gems descended with a true dragon aura and powerful necromancy aura.

“She really combined necromancy with artificer craft. Even a Dragon skeleton was made into a half Lich Dragon and half metal dragon!” Ayrin exclaimed.

It was certainly an astonishing masterpiece.

The necro particles released by the Dragon almost blew him away.

“I am the greatest artificer since the Magus Era. Do you still believe you can defeat me?”

Green flames poured out from Helgy. A green light overflowed from the frozen ground.

Crack crack crack crack......

Ice cracking sounds rang out.

The frozen war avatars were reactivated and struggled out from the layer of ice covering them.

“So they are still operating...... So you have such an identity......”

However, her expression stiffened once more as Ayrin revealed a brilliant smile. He looked at the huge bone Dragon with even greater excitement.

“So big! I can finally witness a fight between big guys......”

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