Chapter 479: Epic Silver Dragon Bloodline!

Chapter 479: Epic Silver Dragon Bloodline!


A dangerous green light suddenly exploded forth from the depression in the wall.

“So strong! She can still cast at such a speed!”

Ayrin held his breath. He unconsciously used his left arm to protect his face.

The green light struck him and countless octopus-like vines instantly started growing on his body.

The roots rapidly grew into his flesh and the vines madly entangled him.

Ayrin’s expression twisted from the tearing pain in his body.


It was an unimaginable pain, but Ayrin did not stop. He continued to slam into the depression with his sword.

Half of the wall collapsed and metal shards burst apart.

The bewitching female arcane master was sent flying back, much like the shattered metal shards, and slammed into another wall.

Ayrin landed amongst the metal shards. His entire body spasmed, but the vines entangling him had lost their power as they turned into a grey mist.

He stared at the bewitching female arcane master with eyes burning with fighting spirit.


Charlotte appeared next to Ayrin.

“Is she dead?”

Ayrin breathed heavily. The intense pain sharpened his senses.

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, he felt an ominous sign. Before Charlotte could say anything, Ayrin hugged her waist and jumped back!


Wriggling purplish red vines thrusted out from the ground. Each vine’s tip was extremely sharp and reflected a cold glint.

After missing their targets, the vines shrank back underground.

Over a hundred holes were left in the solid metal ground.

“Ayrin, what should I do?”

Charlotte did not show her usual embarrassed expression, instead turning to Ayrin for instruction.

It was clear the opponent had not been incapacitated.

Those purplish red vines gave her a creepy feeling, as if they would attack again from underground at any time.

“She still can fight?”

Ayrin did not immediately reply to Charlotte. His gaze remained locked onto the bewitching female arcane master who did not show any clear movements. He quickly chanted, “Veil of Winter!”

Countless palm-sized ice flakes condensed in the air.

“Start hitting me with harmless arcane skills.” Ayrin retreated to the Eternal Winter Domain at the back, then turned around to tell Charlotte, “I need you to help me replenish arcane particles!”


“Wind Entanglement!”

Charlotte did not show any hesitation. Arcane particles surged out from her hands and two transparent wind currents entangled Ayrin’s body.

It was the easiest binding skill from the Divine Shield Academy. Charlotte was certain that such a level of binding skill had no effect on the current Ayrin.

“You actually have such great fighting strength......”

At that moment, the bell-like voice of the bewitching female arcane master could be heard again. Her voice carried an ounce of pain.

She gradually walked through the floating ice flakes with green light surrounding her body.

She lightly rubbed her abdomen with one hand and a trail of blood ran down the corner of her lips.

There were several green vines on her body that wriggled like living creatures.

Each green vine had leaves as hard as metal, shattering the ice flakes around her.

“Green Dragon bloodline...... So powerful!”

“Stingham has a higher Green Dragon bloodline than her, but he doesn’t want to train!”

Ayrin took in deep breaths. His body stopped shaking. The fighting spirit burned brighter in his eyes, but his expression became grim.

“Don’t think about trying to stop Stingham and the others from entering the Green Dragon Divine Temple. Your opponent is me, I won’t let you pass through.” Ayrin shouted towards the bewitching female arcane master.

He did not have many arcane particles left. It required time to accumulate them, so he tried to stall.

“You’re wrong. Based on your performance just now, I have ascertained a few matters. You are much more important than them.” The bewitching female arcane master also did not attack immediately. She looked at Ayrin with a mysterious gaze, “Even if they enter the Green Dragon Divine Temple, their total worth is not as much as you.”

“What do you mean?” Ayrin showed suspicion in his eyes. His body was ready to act if the bewitching female arcane master made a move.

“Because, just as House Baratheon claimed, it is highly possible that you possess the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline.” the bewitching female arcane master slowly said.

Sounds of metal being penetrated came from behind Ayrin and Charlotte.

The purplish red vines grew out from every passage around them. Those vines rapidly grew along the passages and sealed up every opening. There was no way to retreat.

It was clearly a sign that she’d given up on catching Stingham. Her focus was now on Ayrin.

“Epic Silver Dragon bloodline?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide in surprise, “You’re saying that my bloodline is the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline?”

He did not know what bloodline Old Ginns gave him. In fact, it was the first time someone told him what bloodline he possessed with some certainty.

“What? Don’t you know about it yourself?” The bewitching female arcane master was also surprised.

“Since you made sure we’re sealed in here together, let’s clarify this matter first and fight later.” Ayrin took a glance at the sealed up passages, then cautiously retreated some distance. He retreated to the center of the Eternal Winter Domain, “What bloodline is the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline?”

“You really don’t know?”

The bewitching female arcane master almost tripped.

“I don’t! Don’t lie to me!” Ayrin firmly denied.

The bewitching female arcane master took a deep breath and asked with sparkling eyes, “Then how did you integrate your bloodline?”

“Tell me what the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is first!” Ayrin demanded.

“You never read any books!?”

The bewitching female arcane master was speechless, “The arcane master who killed the Evil Dragon and ended the Era of the War with Dragons had the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline!”


Ayrin was completely dumbfounded.

“You really don’t know?” The bewitching female arcane master still could not believe it.

Can there be such an idiotic arcane master? Who doesn’t know what bloodline they have?

“Charlotte, did you know about my bloodline?” Ayrin turned and asked Charlotte.

“......” Charlotte was also dumbfounded.

“Is she your girlfriend? Even the one you’re most intimate with doesn’t know?”

“I understand......” The bewitching female arcane master suddenly realized something and heaved a sigh, “It must be your Holy Dawn Academy teachers wanting to protect you. That’s the only explanation.”

“Protect me? What does that mean?” Ayrin was truly confused.

“The Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is the sole bloodline that is on par with the Evil Dragon bloodline. As the terminator of the War with Dragons, even if the Evil Dragon bloodline is reborn, the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline successor will be the most dangerous opponent of all Evil Dragon followers. He must be the first to be eliminated. No wonder an extremely conservative House like Baratheon would offer a Storm Dragon Egg as your bounty. To a House like theirs, a bloodline stronger than theirs is the greatest threat! Your Holy Dawn teachers hid the truth in order to protect you. Makes sense, right? The Epic Silver Dragon bloodline is extremely mysterious. It hasn’t appeared since the War with Dragons...... Apart from a few ancient Houses and Draconic Scholars, people only know that the bloodline is powerful, but do not know what abilities it possesses. Hence, even your closest friends can only suspect, or know your abilities but cannot be certain if it is the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline.”

After a pause, the bewitching female arcane master looked at the dumbfounded Ayrin and continued, “Actually, even those ancient Houses and Draconic Scholars who spent their lives researching the Era of the War with Dragons could not determine the exact abilities possessed by the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline. That’s because nobody could find out even during that Era. The limited records only ascertained that the Epic Silver Dragon bloodline possesses powerful recovery ability, extraordinary stamina, astonishing learning ability and a bizarre arcane particle replenishment ability. Despite having exhausted your arcane particles, more seem to be produced from your body continuously.”

“Old Ginns......” Ayrin was shocked, he could not say anything.

He was certain that Old Ginns made him integrate with a powerful bloodline. However, he had never expected that...... the bloodline would be this powerful!

Old Ginns, who exactly are you?

“As such, all of your friends together are worth less than you...... but you actually stayed behind to let them escape......” The bewitching female arcane master looked at Ayrin with mixed feelings, then giggled, “Luckily, I know a thing or two about the legendary Epic Silver Dragon bloodline. I know that I cannot fight a battle of attrition against your bloodline. I must use quick methods to incapacitate you or powerful physical strength to defeat you.”

“Epic Silver Dragon bloodline......”

“Wahahaha, I really possess such an incredible bloodline!”

However, that bewitching female arcane master and Charlotte never expected that Ayrin would laugh at that moment.

Ayrin’s eyes beamed. His smile reached his ears and it looked as if he was going to drool!

Bewitching female arcane master, “......”

Charlotte, “......”

Merlin remained silent.

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