Chapter 478: I Will Take The Rear

Chapter 478: I Will Take The Rear


“The Eternal Winter Domain reappears on Doraster.”

The bewitching arcane master stared at Ayrin, “Who exactly are you?”

“Your clothes have lots of holes in them. You don’t look proper.”

Ayrin did not answer her question. Instead, he looked at her and gave such a comment.

Now’s not the time to be making such a comment!

Rinloran and the others lamented.

Ayrin then continued with a serious expression, “But you’re strong. We are just passing by. If there’s no other business, we will go first.”


Everyone felt the urge to vomit blood.

Passing by?

Can someone pass by in this kind of place?

Why is fate so unfair!? Not only is the Green Dragon Prince that we have to protect an idiot, even his teammates are idiots! Shanna’s face twisted as she roared in her heart.

“Prepare to run and find a path to get into the Green Dragon Divine Temple. I will stay here to fight that female arcane master!” Ayrin transmitted to everyone’s ears in an extremely low volume, surprising them all.

“You’re staying behind alone?” Meraly turned to look at Ayrin with disbelief.

“Didn’t Stingham say that this is underneath the Green Dragon Divine Temple? That female arcane master surely made a move to prevent us from entering inside. This place is too close to the Green Dragon Divine Temple, the arcane masters above will definitely notice when we fight. When they rush down and surround us, it will be too late to infiltrate into the Divine Temple.” Ayrin quickly explained.

“Hehehe...... What a great plan.”

The female master suddenly giggled, “Stingham? Then that makes you lot the Holy Dawn Academy team.”

“What? You can hear us?” Ayrin was dumbfounded.

“It should be lip reading.” Rinloran coldly spoke. He could tell the female arcane master was reading the movements of their lips.

“Anyway, the plan doesn’t change. I will take the rear!”

Ayrin was about to force her to fight him.

“You’re staying behind alone to fight her?”

Stingham rolled his eyes. He looked at the revealing outfit the female arcane master wore, then suddenly shouted, “Ayrin, you guys go. I will take her on alone!”

Ayrin and the others were dumbfounded.

Stingham already jumped out from the encirclement of the six Chinyu arcane masters before they could even react and ran towards the female arcane master.

He shouted while running, “Go now, don’t worry about me.”


A dangerous aura reverberated.

“Ah!” Stingham cried in pain. He was sent flying back and slammed into the ground. He was embedded into the frozen ground like a putty.

Shanna and the other six Chinyu arcane masters immediately turned pale. They dashed towards Stingham.


Seeing Stingham foaming but still alive, Shanna could not endure it any longer and stomped on Stingham’s chest.

“Ah!” Stingham screamed again.

“This idiot has created a new dimension of stupidity!” Rinloran’s face was so dark that ink seemed to be dripping down.

“I really pity those Chinyu arcane masters who have to protect him.” Meraly looked at Shanna’s group with sympathy.

“So strong!”

“Such fast casting speed!”

Ayrin’s gaze locked onto the female arcane master. Her casting speed was so fast he could not follow it.

“You better go now. She’s not someone I can defeat quickly.” He said to Rinloran and the others.


Rinloran and Ferguillo returned a glance, then agreed. Ferguillo dashed and grabbed Stingham.

“Impossible! How can you hold back someone as powerful as her by yourself!?”

Shanna resolutely shook her head.

In her perspective, Ayrin’s arcane level was far too low compared to the opponent. Especially after Ayrin used the Eternal Winter Domain, his arcane particles exhaustion had to be severe.

“Go! Even if he can’t kill her, he can at least run away.” Rinloran dashed past her and emotionlessly spoke, his back turned towards the female arcane master.

“I will stay with him.” Charlotte blushed a little, “You guys go!”

“Sure!” Ayrin was surprised for a moment, then immediately smiled in a bliss, “We have not fought together for a long time already.”

Is this guy really an idiot?

Are his teammates also idiots?

The opponent is a level above them, yet they are so confident?

Shanna was convinced everyone in this group was unreliable. Her body stiffened and could not move.

“Just go. Isn’t your mission to protect him?”

However, the smiling Ayrin turned around and pointed at Stingham, who was being carried away by Ferguillo. He looked at the Chinyu arcane masters and said, “Please remember your mission and protect him.”

Shanna’s body trembled.


She bit her lip and dashed away without hesitation.

Merlin also stayed behind without making any sound. She stood behind Ayrin and Charlotte while the rest quickly left.

“What an interesting team. But it won’t be so easy to leave.”

The bewitching female arcane master smiled.

A dangerous arcane energy fluctuation suddenly exploded forth from her.

“Not good!”

Everyone was shocked. Plants started growing from their bodies.

However, unlike with Stingham, the roots grew inside their bodies, causing them to feel a stabbing pain and numbness.

“This is the Green Dragon Thorn Vine!” A Chinyu arcane master suddenly exclaimed.

It was a forbidden skill that could only be used by arcane masters possessing the Green Dragon bloodline. The skill soundlessly made tiny seeds appear inside the body of the opponent.

“World of Water!”

Ayrin did not show any hesitation. The arcane skill did not seem to work on him. The plants that grew out from his body immediately withered and turned to dust.

A huge cubic water barrier enveloped the bewitching female arcane master along with a powerful arcane energy fluctuation.


At the same time, a humming sound could be heard from Charlotte’s body. Countless heavy particles clashed and smashed against the roots within her body.

At almost the same time, the bewitching female arcane master calmly chanted, “Demonic Flower Protection!”

Three strange purplish red flowers suddenly grew high around her.


The three flowers reached several meters high. They looked like big mouths with sharp teeth. As the arcane power reverberated, they burst open the cubic water barrier and big blobs of water splashed out.

The three flowers began absorbing the water. A great amount of water was absorbed by them in an instant.

Seeing all this, Shanna ignored the pain rampaging through her body that left her unable to move and roared, “I told you, you can’t use water arcane skills to fight her! Her arcane skills are specialized against them!”

“Nature Goddess Blessing: Sword of Nature!”

At that moment, arcane particles swarmed out from Rinloran’s body.

A vast amount of pale blue arcane energy was generated in the surrounding air and surged towards him, creating a swirl.

The plants growing on them instantly withered. Streaks of green arcane power were pulled out by Rinloran and became a green sword flash instead.

The green sword flash shot towards the bewitching female arcane master as Rinloran’s eyes flashed a cold glint.


He did not even check the result as he turned and ran.


The female arcane master did not show any movement. The three huge flowers around her opened their mouths and bit the sword flash.

The sword flash was swallowed by the three flowers, allowing them to grow several times bigger.

Each flower had become a monster the size of a house.

“Did you think it’s only water arcane skills?”

“In the Eternal Winter Domain my fighting strength will greatly increase as if I’m carrying a powerful ice arcane power amplification device, right?”

“In that case, let’s try another Eternal Winter Domain!”

The bewitching female arcane master carried great confidence in her smile. However, at that moment, Ayrin’s brilliant smile grew wider and revealed his white teeth.

“Got you!”

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Eternal Winter Domain!”


Ayrin suddenly opened seven gates as he dashed forward.


An even greater Eternal Winter Domain power instantly descended.

The three wriggling flowers immediately became still.

Everything was frozen.

A layer of pale blue ice crystals even formed on the surface of the bewitching female arcane master.

“He can cast that domain again?”

“Is that the legendary Holy Gate of Life from the Holy Dawn Academy?”

Shanna and the others were shocked.


A layer of green light emerged from the bewitching female arcane master.

The pale blue ice crystals began showing signs of cracking.

“Go now!” Ayrin shouted. He dashed out like a cannonball. Crimson gold light surged out from his hand as he slashed towards the trapped female arcane master.

Crack crack crack......

The massive blobs of water from World of Water froze solid in mid-air, becoming large chunks of ice, and then fell to the ground.

As Ayrin swung his sword, waves of chilling aura rapidly condensed towards his body.

They not only created a protective layer of transparent ice crystals around his body, but also enlarged his materialized sword. It became a massive ice sword of more than five meters long.


A loud explosion occured.

The bewitching female arcane master was blasted backwards and heavily crashed into the wall behind her. Her body was deeply embedded into the wall.

Countless shattered ice shards filled the entire space and shrouded their vision.


“Even his physical strength is so great!”

“Go!” Shanna shouted again. They stopped hesitating and followed behind Rinloran.

“Is she dead?”

Ayrin dashed out again. He swung his sword towards the bewitching female arcane master embedded in the wall once more!

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