Chapter 477: Eternal Winter Domain

Chapter 477: Eternal Winter Domain



Suddenly, Stingham began laughing.

“What’s wrong?” Ayrin looked at him.

“Now Belo can’t boast in front of me.” Stingham proudly spoke, “My retainers all possess a Dragon bloodline. They are much stronger than his retainers!”

“That’s what’s on your mind!? You must prove your identity first before you can feel proud!” Rinloran gritted his teeth.

The scenery before them suddenly changed.

The ground that seemed to be made of jade changed to one that reflected a metallic hue. The walls and pillars all had a green metal coating.

 Stingham’s laughter suddenly stopped. He looked at the surroundings and said, “I remember this place! It’s near the Green Dragon Divine Temple.”

“These statues seem strange.” Ayrin commented.

After running into the metal zone, they found human-sized statues everywhere.

Thse statues were of various strange shapes. They were semi-humanoids, with either wings on their backs or weapons in their hands. They were made by piecing bones and metal together.

“Are we almost underneath the Green Dragon Divine Temple?”

With the tidal wave-like sound disappearing in the distance behind them, Shanna relaxed a little. She wanted to turn back and ask Stingham what else he could remember.

However, at that moment, she heard Stingham’s mumble, “Weird, these statues weren’t here before.”

She felt uneasy and looked at the feet of the statues.

There was not the smallest speck of dust on the ground around the feet of the statues.

“Be careful!”

Her expression changed as she came to a stop and warned.


The moment the other six Chinyu arcane masters stopped, the eyes of the sword-wielding statue in front of the bearded arcane master suddenly glowed. It swung its sword down with extraordinary speed.

A piece of the bearded arcane master’s sleeve was cut off and dropped down to the ground.

The bearded arcane master was shocked. There was no sign at all! If not for Stingham’s mumble, he would have been bisected.

“It’s an ambush! These statues are war avatars and not decorations that were put here! There are signs of movement!”

Shanna’s warning came again.

At that moment, all the half bone, half metal ‘statues’ began moving!


Bell ringing-like giggles suddenly came from the depths of the darkness.

“Who’s there?”

“These war avatars are so weird!”

The creepy half bone, half metal war avatars surrounded them.

“There’s even a necromancy aura on them!”

Ayrin did not show any fear, he was only surprised.

The majority of the arcane aura those war avatars exuded belonged to a necromancy aura.

The creepy war avatars gave him the feeling of a combination between metal parts and undead creatures!

Somebody used the bones of monsters and several other materials to create undead, then added metal parts to strengthen them!

It's an extremely creepy and never heard before artificer craft!

“Sneaky bastard, get out!”

Although Shanna was similar to Chris in age and size, her temper was much fiercer. She immediately yelled towards the direction the giggle came from.

“Little girl, you have a bad temper. Please be careful. A bad temper makes it easy to grow freckles. Besides, you’re the intruder, not me.”

The bell ringing-like giggles sounded out again.

“Bad temper makes it easy to grow freckles?” Stingham rubbed his face, “I better keep a better temper then.”

“I...... Whirlpool: Shark Swarm Formation!” Veins popped out from Shanna’s temple.

“No way!”

Ayrin and the others were taken aback and desperately ran to Shanna’s side.

What a short temper! She immediately used a powerful domain and they almost got caught in it.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!......

The other six Chinyu arcane masters dashed and surrounded Stingham instead.

“Looks like you really have a bad temper. If you use this kind of domain continuously, your arcane particles will soon be exhausted......”

The giggles continued.

A ball of green light gradually appeared from the darkness. A slim figure seemed to be within. At the same time, another domain power was wedged in.

Countless plant buds appeared from both sides of the water passage as well as from the cracks in the walls. Next, plants crazily grew out.

Countless roots surged onto the ground. Even the most common weeds stood up like big trees.

The thinnest root was as thick as a barrel. Layer after layer of roots piled up on top of each other, covering the ground.

No one could see the metal ground or walls anymore. It was as if they were swallowed by a huge plant.

The whirlpool smashed into the huge plants and quickly weakened, the water flow slowing down.

“What is this domain? Is it the Deep Green Domain?” Ayrin shouted in astonishment.

“This is the Huge Forest Domain, not the Deep Green Domain! Who exactly are you!?”

Shanna’s expression could not be any worse.

The Huge Forest Domain not only contained a few portions of the Deep Green Domain’s power, it also could only be used by someone carrying the Green Dragon bloodline.

At that moment, Stingham shouted towards Shanna, “This domain of yours is no good.”

Slurping sounds could be heard. The roots of the humongous plants were desperately drinking the water. Although Shanna’s whirlpool minced up some of the plants, the rest grew even bigger after absorbing the water.

The countless roots began pressing down on everyone like a wall.

“This domain is a bane to our water arcane power! We must break free!” A Chinyu arcane master shouted.

“It’s fine, let me do it!”

Ayrin’s eyes were lit with fighting spirit. He became excited.

She can actually use such a powerful domain to make the Chinyu arcane masters helpless all by herself!

She must be a strong arcane master!

But the stronger the opponent is, the more interesting it is to fight.

This is the perfect chance to test the talent domain of the Ice Lich Dragon!


As Ayrin shouted out with excitement, a frost aura swarmed out from his back.

Eight swords condensed from the frost aura and appeared at his back like a fan. A frost ring rushed out from him.

At the same time, the unique arcane energy fluctuation of the domain spread out from his body.


It was as if time had suddenly stopped.

The scenery before everyone’s eyes changed. All colors disappeared except a pale icy blue.

Water currents, plants, wriggling roots, everything was frozen to the core and covered with ice spikes.

The surroundings had become a frozen world.

Even the green light around that slim figure grew pale.

Everyone could now clearly see that she was a bewitching female arcane master.

She was tall and had snow-white skin. Her hair and eyebrows were green and the green arcane robe she wore released a jade hue. However, there were many areas hollowed out and revealed the snow-white skin underneath. It gave off a bewitching charm.

“What is this domain?”

The bewitching female arcane master seemed a little absentminded.

It was clearly an extreme frost domain. However, nobody felt cold at all.

All the coldness seemed to be sealed inside the layer of ice and did not leak out.

“This is the talent domain of the Ice Lich Dragon you obtained after devouring the Ice Dragon Spirit?” Meraly was dumbfounded. The scenery before her eyes went against the laws of nature and looked surreal.


Grandmaster Yi swung his cane and smashed out a small piece of an ice spike.

Ayrin grabbed the ice spike up out of curiosity.

“It......” He was also surprised himself.

Even the broken off part of the ice spike did not feel cold.

Although it felt cold, the ice spike did not melt even after he held it in his hands. It seemed to have become a complete crystal-like structure.

“This is the Ice Lich Dragon’s talent domain, the legendary Eternal Winter Domain!” Grandmaster Yi called out with a hint of envy.

“Eternal Winter Domain?” Meraly almost fainted.

“What’s the Eternal Winter Domain?” Stingham asked.

“It takes several thousand times longer to heat up anything inside the Eternal Winter Domain. Places frozen by this domain can remain frozen forever. This domain not only has tremendous freezing ability at the start......” Grandmaster Yi took a deep breath and turned to look at Ayrin, “The caster himself can make use of the ice arcane power within the domain when fighting inside it. Hence, this domain itself is like an amplification device and enhances the arcane skills you use later on!”

“It’s actually such a domain!”

Ayrin excitedly shouted, “Grandmaster Yi, in that case, if I cast this domain first and then fight inside it, any arcane skill I use will be enhanced and become more powerful than normal?”

“Indeed!” Grandmaster Yi changed his attitude towards Ayrin.

Just this Eternal Winter Domain is enough to let Ayrin become a legendary existence in the future...... And this child will definitely also obtain a talent domain from his own bloodline!

This child will definitely become a monstrous existence!

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