Chapter 476: Clan Of Water Type Dragon

Chapter 476: Clan Of Water Type Dragon


“What!?” The seven arcane masters exclaimed in disbelief.

“You don’t believe me? He has the Green Dragon Royal bloodline.” Meraly spoke to Stingham, “Prove it to them.”

“Fine.” Stingham seemed reluctant. Then, a bunch of grass suddenly grew out from his hair while he stood still.

“......” Meraly and the rest almost tripped, “Stingham, can’t you use some other arcane skill to prove it?”

“It’s really the Green Dragon Royal bloodline! Just the aura of the arcane particles stimulated plants to grow!”

Stingham looked funny, but the expressions of the seven arcane masters changed.

Ferguillo looked at the seven arcane masters and asked, “Who are you people?”

The seven arcane masters looked strange at him.

The outside world should not have any news about the Green Dragon Prince. The Kingdom of Doa claimed that the King did not have any children. The outside world only assumed that the Green Dragon bloodline had difficulty reproducing offspring. However, the seven arcane masters showed more astonishment than suspicion about the message.

“Let’s get away from here first so that we won’t be surrounded by the royal arcane teams.”

The girl took a meaningful glance at Stingham and led the way to retreat.

After running for several minutes, the girl looked at Meraly and asked, “You said that he is the Green Dragon Prince, but why do they have an Eiche accent?”

“You don’t seem to be enemies at least.”

Before Meraly could answer, Ferguillo said, “Let’s not waste time. We are his friends. He has Green Dragon Royal bloodline and had his subconsciousness sealed by a forbidden skill. When the forbidden skill lost effect, his memories regarding the Green Dragon Divine Temple started to come back to him. His bloodline has even activated a portion of the Deep Green Domain. Hence, we suspect he is the Green Dragon Prince and brought him here to investigate his birth and the events that happened in the Green Dragon Divine Temple.”

“Deep Green Domain?”

The seven arcane masters trembled and stopped.

“Can you tell us your origins? What are you trying to do by risking your lives to come here?” Ferguillo looked at the girl and added, “We don’t want to make anyone an enemy. We just want to find out some matters.”

“We......” The girl became a little flustered all of a sudden. She hesitated for a moment, then glanced at her six team members before explaining, “We are from Clan Chinyu. Our clan is one of the guardian clans of the Green Dragon Divine Temple.”

“Aren’t you a royal arcane team then?” Stingham was taken aback.

 The girl looked at Stingham and said, “We don’t belong to the royal arcane team. Our destiny or mission is only to protect the inheritance of the Green Dragon Divine Temple.”

“Then, aren’t you similar to the shadow and wind department that protect House Swashe?” Ayrin was surprised, “Looks like there are many secluded Houses and Clans like these in the Kingdom of Doa.”

“You even know of House Swashe? That’s the strongest Psychic Style House...... However, you’re wrong. Houses and Clans like ours are scarce.” The girl shook her head.

“Since you are the guardian clan of the Green Dragon Divine Temple, why are you infiltrating from here? Did something happen?” Charlotte asked as she felt that they were about to touch on the important topic.

“A major incident.”

The girl took a deep breath. She stopped and turned around, her eyes showing a bizarre glow.

“It’s regarding the Green Dragon Price, the inheritance of the Green Dragon Divine Temple!”

“Related to Stingham?” Ayrin stared at Stingham with wide open eyes, “Could what you remember really be true? That you had an older brother who was killed while you were exiled?”

“He has an older brother?”

The six arcane masters behind the girl were shocked.

“It’s coinciding.”

The girl began to look pale, but her tone became calmer instead, “The outside world has always claimed that the King had no children. However, an arcane master in our Clan suspects that the King did have children, twins even. He once sensed the birth of the Green Dragon presence of the royal twins in the Green Dragon Divine Temple. It should have been joyous news to the Kingdom of Doa. However, the Royal Palace never released any news regarding the birth of the Green Dragon Princes. Afterwards, that arcane master in our Clan could not even sense the Green Dragon presence anymore.”

“If this matter ended there, we would have suspected that the twins accidentally died and the Royal Palace wanted to cover up the sad news.”

The girl paused, then slowly continued, “However, our Clan Chinyu and Clan Anye, another guardian clan of the Green Dragon Divine Temple, were both assaulted. Clan Anye was annihilated, and only a dozen members of our Clan Chinyu managed to survive.”

“Then, why did you come here to infiltrate into the Green Dragon Divine Temple at this timing?” Ferguillo continued to ask.

“In recent years, it’s not only us who suspect the Royal Palace and the Green Dragon Divine Temple.” The girl looked at Ferguillo and the others, “You may not know, but there was a rebellion in the Doa Royal Palace not long ago. Some Lords and Corps leaders who wanted to find out the truth were subjugated. There were also multiple royal arcane teams that perished in the rebellion. The defense of the Doa Royal Palace is at its weakest right now. We want to infiltrate into the Green Dragon Divine Temple and confirm if it is really occupied by evil. If that’s true, we will take some items away while destroying some others. Even if the Green Dragon Divine Temple is ruined, we must not let Evil Dragon followers make use of them.”

“In that case, our objectives are more or less similar!” Ayrin thought for a moment and suddenly asked, “Will you attack us for a Storm Dragon Egg?”

“What kind of question is that?” Rinloran and the others lamented.

Apart from fighting and training, he’s really lacking in other areas.

“Storm Dragon Egg? Eiche accent......”

The girl and the other six arcane masters looked at one another, “Are you the Holy Dawn Academy team?”

“Ah? You guessed it?” Ayrin scratched his head and embarrassedly laughed.

“Isn’t it obvious to guess that if you give them such a big hint?” Rinloran and Meraly were speechless.

The girl took a deep breath and asked Ayrin with a serious expression, “Is the Storm Dragon Egg more important than your own life?”

“Of course not.” Ayrin answered naturally. He could not understand why the girl asked that question.

“For our pledge and mission, we came here and are risking our lives. The Storm Dragon Egg is insignificant compared to our pledge and mission.”

The girl turned to look at Stingham, “From now on, we have an even more important mission.”

“What mission?” Stingham felt uncomfortable from her gaze.

“To ascertain if you really are the Green Dragon Prince.” The girl emphasized every word.

“You still can’t ascertain it?” Meraly blurted out. She believed that all the evidence and information clearly pointed towards Stingham being the Green Dragon Prince. They just did not know what kind of conspiracy was hidden behind the events.

“Not yet.”

The girl slowly shook her head, “Just these clues are not sufficient for us to offer our lives to him.”

“What do you mean?”

Meraly and the others were taken aback.

“If he really is the Green Dragon Prince, our mission is to protect him with our lives. The meaning of our existence is to ensure that he lives. Before we fall, we will never let him fall.” The girl sternly spoke.

“Just like the shadow and wind department protecting House Swashe, this guy is actually going to gain protectors?” Meraly immediately understood, “Then be careful, especially if you are going to try and protect this idiot.”

Ayrin’s expression turned strange, “Before you fall, you won’t let him fall...... But every time we’ve fought so far, we used him as a meat shield......”

“What? You used him as a meat shield? Don’t you know what the Green Dragon Prince means to the Kingdom of Doa?” The Clan Chinyu arcane masters almost jumped into the air in shock.

“It’s fine. This guy has a tough body, he won’t die.” Ayrin embarrassedly smiled, “So, how do you ascertain if he is the Green Dragon Prince?”

“If we can enter the interior of the Green Dragon Divine Temple, we can ascertain it.” The girl looked at Ayrin and Stingham, “There is an item in the Green Dragon Divine Temple which can ascertain if he has the Royal Green Dragon Prince bloodline.”

“In that case, if we enter the Green Dragon Divine Temple and prove that I’m the Green Dragon Prince, you will listen to my commands? Like if I say fight, you will fight?”

Stingham’s eyes sparkled, “You can help me with Teacher Rui then, so I can sleep without having to train every day.”


The girl and the six arcane masters twitched.

“It’s fine, you will get used to it.” Meraly looked at the seven arcane masters with sympathy.

“I’m Ayrin, what’s your name? Your bloodline is unique, what bloodline is it? Why do you have such great affinity with water arcane power?” Ayrin immediately got interested in the talents and arcane skills of the Clan Chinyu arcane masters.

“I’m Shanna.” The girl looked at Ayrin’s group and felt they were rather unreliable, “We have the Cyan Dragon bloodline.”

“Water type Dragon bloodline?”

Everyone was surprised, “No wonder you have such great affinity with water arcane power.”

“There’s sound!”

Suddenly, everyone could hear a sound similar to a tidal wave coming from behind them.

“We may have been discovered. We can’t get caught in a fight, let’s go!”

Shanna immediately made the decision and dashed away.

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