Chapter 475: He is the Green Dragon Prince

Chapter 475: He is the Green Dragon Prince


The girl who was similar to Chris in both age and height suddenly shouted, “Not good, we wasted too much time here.”


“Rainstorm Reaper!”

The young man next to her nodded and chanted.

“It's a Draconic chant!”

Ayrin’s eyes sparkled.


Drops of cyan rainwater suddenly appeared in the originally humid air.

In the next moment, those cyan raindrops started falling down at a terrifying speed.


The surroundings became a slaughterhouse.

Every huge black spider was penetrated without exception.

The huge black spiders were instantly reduced to minced meat.


“Who are these people?”

Meraly’s self-esteem was greatly hurt yet again.

She could cast a large scale arcane skill that could strike all the spiders, but it was impossible for her to make it so powerful.

The amount of arcane power an arcane master could integrate was fixed. It depended on the strength of their arcane particles and talent from their bloodline. Apart from domain forbidden skills, the wider the range, the lesser the damage to an individual unit.

The attack power of a water arcane skill was weaker than the purely destructive fire or lightning arcane skills. Still, that young man’s cyan rainwater possessed such penetrative power despite casting such a large scale arcane skill. It could only prove that he had an unbelievable affinity towards water arcane power.

These arcane masters clearly have a Doa’s accent.

However, since when did the Kingdom of Doa gain these arcane masters who can use such powerful water arcane skills? And seven at once!

At that moment, Ayrin mumbled, “Those green spiders have such great arcane resistance......”

Every black spider was exterminated by the young man’s attack. The ground was littered with minced up spider carcasses, making the place look like a slaughterhouse.

However, the bigger green spiders were not even wounded.

Their bodies had an oily green glow. The rainwater that hit them did not even stab through the skin.

“Those green spiders seem a little creepy.” Charlotte stopped showing her usual shy behavior when facing battle. She frowned, “Their arcane resistance is on par with Lord type monsters. However, the green spiders have much weaker arcane energy fluctuations.”

“It does seem strange.”

Ayrin nodded. After Charlotte’s reminder, he also felt that the green spiders had gained some special enhancement and looked unnatural.

“The royal arcane team is already here.”

At that moment, the youngest girl who seemed to be the leader of the group suddenly changed her expression. She signaled the other six and coldly spoke towards the direction of Ayrin’s group, “Since you’re here, stop hiding and come out!”

“We? Royal arcane team?”

Ayrin’s group took a glance at each other as they realized they were discovered.

“You misunderstood, we are not a royal arcane team.”

Ayrin immediately jumped out and corrected the misunderstanding.

“You’re not a royal arcane team?”

Seeing Ayrin’s group, the seven arcane masters were dumbfounded.

“The group that ran straight into the monster’s lair and fought the monsters were you guys?” The girl who looked like the leader realized the situation and asked back with a bitter expression.

“Did we make a big commotion in the monster’s lair?” Ayrin scratched his head and embarrassedly smiled, “Are you saying you heard our fight with the Swamp Lord’s group?”

“Who are you people?” The girl became angry, “You actually went to fight those monsters and made such a loud noise! Aren’t you worried about getting discovered? Are you all idiots?”

“Us, idiots?” Stingham looked at the girl, “Aren’t you also fighting against monsters and making a big disturbance?”

“You......” The girl’s expression turned grim.

“Watch out!” Ayrin warned.

Green spiders had appeared above their head. At that moment, two were soundlessly sliding down along spider silk just a few meters away from the girl.

The girl quickly reacted and a water swirl splashed from her feet.

The wave rose up while she dashed a few meters away.

Psst! Psst!

Two balls of green flames scorched the ground she stood on just a moment ago.

“Great Saber: Spring Water Cut!”

The arcane masters around the girl did not show any change in their expressions. One bearded arcane master chanted and two cyan sabers slashed out.

“So fast!”

Rinloran’s gaze narrowed.

He could clearly see the two materialized green sabers, but they also seemed to be amplification devices that were constantly gathering water arcane power. As a result, the two sabers dealt additional water arcane damage.

Furthermore, it was unknown how many times that bearded arcane master had practiced this move, but it was astonishingly fast.

Pssh! Pssh!

The two green spiders with strong arcane resistance could not defend against the two sabers. They were cleanly cut in half.

However, in the next moment, two green metallic glows dashed out from the split carcasses.

The bearded arcane master yelled and swung the two sabers again.

After several metal clashing sounds, the bearded arcane master retreated a few steps. Blood spilled out from several deep wounds on his chest.

“What does that mean?”

“There are metal spiders in their body?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide in surprise.

What dashed out from the green spiders were actually two one-meter big green metal spiders!

A glowing layer of green arcane resistance covered the green metal spiders. Their legs were all sharp blades.

Metal humming sounds could be heard coming from inside their bodies. Their skin seemed to be a single piece as there was no sign of welding.

“Could it be that the arcane resistance those green hairy spiders possess come from the metal spiders?” Charlotte was also greatly shocked, “Do the other green hairy spiders also have these metal spiders inside?”

“Is this the product of merging a living creature and a metal golem? How can there be such a monster?” Meraly shouted in disbelief.

Boom! Boom! Boom!......

The seven arcane masters were already engaging the green hairy spiders. They quickly killed the green hairy spiders, but green metal spiders crawled out without exception.

The metal spiders were extremely hard to handle. Not only were they extremely agile, their metal husks were also very resilient. Even the saber that the bearded arcane master used could only slightly crack their skin.

Even when the spiders were blasted away by arcane skills and got some of their legs crushed, their movements still did not seem affected as they ran with great agility using their remaining legs.

“Should we help?” Meraly turned to look at the others and asked.

“Sure, let’s help!”

Ayrin was immediately filled with fighting spirit and nodded.

“Sure! Let’s help!” Stingham also nodded.

“Water Dragon!”

With a loud boom, he immediately cast an arcane skill towards the seven arcane masters. A huge water dragon slammed towards the seven arcane masters.

“Stingham, what are you doing?!” Even Ayrin was dumbfounded.

“Didn’t you say to help?” Stingham looked at Ayrin and the others strangely.

“If you’re helping, hit those spiders. Why are you attacking them?” They were speechless.

“Aren’t we helping the spiders?” Stingham opened his eyes wide, “Didn’t those spiders carry me out of this place?”

“......” Ayrin and the rest gave up.

“Who exactly are you people!?”

The girl’s expression became worse.

“Whirlpool: Shark Swarm Formation!”

A surging domain power exploded from her.

Innumerable cyan water currents appeared out of thin air and formed a huge whirlpool that surrounded the seven arcane masters.

The black spider carcasses and green hairy spiders were swept up into the whirlpool, rapidly spinning and crashing against one another.

At the same time, several lumps of cyan light appeared in the whirlpool and became sharp blades like shark fins. The blades cut apart the spiders that crashed into them.

Countless flesh cutting and metal clashing sounds could be heard.

The violently spinning whirlpool became a huge meat grinder.

Not a single green spider was spared and even the metal spiders were slowly dismembered by the continuous cutting, eventually becoming nothing more than metal scraps.

A loud splash.

The whirlpool eventually disappeared and the water dispersed. The spider carcasses could no longer be seen, only metal scraps were left on the ground.

“What a fierce domain!”

Meraly mumbled, “Stingham, your saviors were killed.”

“Yeah! Let's avenge them!” Stingham felt it made perfect sense and shouted in agony.

“Idiot!” Rinloran kicked Stingham, “We haven’t understood the current situation! These spiders are clearly golems controlled by someone!”

“I will ask you one more time. Who are you people?” The girl’s green hair fluttered and her killing intent grew, “If you aren’t going to be honest, I will kill you without mercy!”

“Should we tell them?”

“If we tell them we are the Holy Dawn Academy team and they want Baratheon’s dragon egg, it will be troublesome if they fight us here......”

“If we don’t tell them, they won’t let us go either, right?”

Ayrin’s group quickly discussed among themselves.

“I will check their reaction.” Meraly’s gaze flashed and pointed at Stingham. She shouted towards the seven arcane masters, “He is the Green Dragon Prince!”

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