Chapter 473: Divine Temple Forbidden Zone

Chapter 473: Divine Temple Forbidden Zone


Even Grandmaster Yi got curious and asked, “What kind of domain is it?”

A Lich Dragon was already very rare, since only one in a thousand Dragon corpses would become one. Especially after the Magus Era, a naturally born, self-aware Lich Dragon was almost extinct. However, according to most records, a naturally born Lich Dragon would be better in arcane skill research than when it was alive. That was due to the changes in its physical body state allowing it to comprehend arcane power laws more easily.

The records also mentioned various talent domains of pure blood Dragons. However, the Lich Dragon lived in seclusion and disliked walking under the sun, so almost nobody knew its mysterious talent domain.

“I know, it must be Absolute Zero!” Stingham shouted.


Rinloran wanted to choke Stingham, “That’s just Audrey’s domain forbidden art!”

Ayrin did not answer their question for a while.

It was a strange feeling.

There was no image of casting any arcane skill in his mind. Instead, his entire body was filled with a unique sensation. It felt as if a domain would appear at any moment, as if that domain belonged to himself. However, he was unsure of how to manifest it.

“It’s the resonance of the Ice Dragon Spirit in my body! It seems similar to a talent domain from the bloodline source!”

However, he immediately realized that it was naturally formed from the aura released by the Ice Dragon Spirit particles integrated into his body.

Arcane masters could learn different domains. However, due to the differences in bloodline, after reaching a certain stage of cultivation, the source domain that could be naturally perceived was one of a kind.

The arcane power of such domains had the best affinity with the arcane master’s cells and arcane particles. Hence, the power of the talent domain would be greater than other domains the arcane master learned.

For example, Baratheon arcane masters could learn multiple domains. However, the most famous and powerful domain would be their talent domain: Perfect Storm.

“The Ice Dragon Spirit cannot alter my bloodline and has to coexist with it. This means that I possess two bloodlines...... If my arcane level reaches a certain stage and I obtain a talent domain from my own bloodline, does that mean I will have two talent domains?”

Ayrin was surprised by his own thought.

He immediately asked the monsters, “Hey! Do any of you know of another Spirit like the Ice Dragon Spirit?”

“Do you know how few Lich Dragons have been born since the War with Dragons? The chance of a Lich Dragon safely reaching the end of its lifespan and becoming a Spirit is even lower. How are we supposed to find another one?”

The five monsters had the worst expression possible. They desperately shook their heads and felt the strong urge to curse.

“What a pity! If there’s another Spirit like this, I might be able to have three talent domains.” Ayrin shouted in disappointment.

“Three talent domains?” Meraly could not hold back any longer and screamed, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, it is the Ice Dragon Spirit’s talent domain. But I may need some time to understand and control it.” Ayrin fixed his mood and explained, “This Ice Dragon Spirit integrated with my body. It did not change my bloodline, but seems to have spread out and permeated into my body. I’m just thinking that if there’s another Spirit left behind by a Lich Dragon, it will be just like this one when I eat it.”

“As expected of the bloodline that can fight against the Evil Dragon’s bloodline according to legend, it’s too much of a cheat in some areas.” Rinloran and Ferguillo glanced at each other and were in awe.

“You bastard! You aren’t satisfied with obtaining such a cool visual effect and want more? Are you thinking of overtaking me in handsomeness?”

Stingham shouted with frustration, “I’m the most handsome!”

“Young man, you must understand moderation. Do not be too ambitious.” Grandmaster Yi also had a poor expression. He knocked his cane on the ground out of habit and said, “There should only be one complete Ice Dragon Spirit from the Era of the War with Dragons until now. It’s impossible to discover another one.”

“Yeah! As a brave warrior, I need to work hard on perceiving the Ice Lich Dragon’s talent domain first, then try to activate my own bloodline’s talent domain!”

Ayrin swung his fist with great fighting spirit.

He began holding great expectations towards the talent domain of the secret bloodline Old Ginns let him integrate with.

Grandmaster Yi turned around and sternly told the five monsters, “Lead the way, our destination is the Green Dragon Divine Temple.”

“Underneath the Green Dragon Divine Temple? You want to infiltrate the Green Dragon Divine Temple from the sewer?” The five monsters shuddered.

“What’s wrong?” Ayrin felt something was amiss from the reaction of the five monsters.

The Cave Lord rushed to answer. “That area is a forbidden zone!” It felt that it had to talk more so that Ayrin would lose appetite when looking at it and would not think of eating it, “Even the royal guard patrols won’t get near that area when doing their rounds.”

“Why?” The group was confused.

“I don’t know...... We can sense that there may be something dangerous occupying that area. No one has ever returned from there, neither monster nor arcane master,” The Cave Lord quickly explained.

“You better stop talking, it affects my appetite. Also, being so energetic with just one head makes me feel uncomfortable.” Ayrin pointed at the Swamp Lord, “You look more pleasing to talk with.”

The Cave Lord became teary-faced again.

The Swamp Lord immediately became excited instead. It felt that it would be the safest monster amongst the five. It explained, “Years ago, there were three lord level monsters more powerful than us which ventured into that area. They never returned. Furthermore, the royal arcane teams from the Kingdom of Doa are much stronger than us, yet even they don’t dare to enter.”

“It’s impossible to infiltrate into the Green Dragon Divine Temple from the ground.” Charlotte looked at Ayrin and the rest as she explained, “According to our intel, the entire inner Doa Palace is heavily guarded. However, the Green Dragon Divine Temple is isolated. The interior of the Divine Temple does not have any royal arcane teams. Patrols only pass by it. So, we can get in the Green Dragon Divine Temple from underground and use it as our base for operations.”

“Even the royal arcane teams don’t dare to enter...... Since it’s not a deployment by the Royal family, it should be a monster that completely surpasses the Lord level at most.” Rinloran looked at Ayrin, “With our current fighting strength, we should be able to handle Emperor level monsters.”

“If it’s an Emperor level monster, there may be some good stuff as well. We definitely need to go there!” Ayrin became excited and shouted to the five monsters, “Lead the way!”

Nothing can be scarier than this monster youth......

The five monsters made the comparison in their minds and felt that the forbidden zone was not a big deal anymore.

“Although......” The Swamp Lord nodded, but it seemed like he wanted to say something.

Ayrin glanced at it, “Although what?”

The Swamp Lord mustered up its courage and spoke, “The sewer area under the Green Dragon Divine Temple contains well-preserved underground buildings stemming from the ancient Kingdom of Doa, making the area quite complex. We have never ventured into there before, so we can only guide you up to there. Afterwards, you will have to find your own way.”

“It’s fine, I still have the map of that area!” Grandmaster Yi spoke.

“......” The rest of the group almost tripped. Can you still trust that screwed up map?


The five monsters led the way and the rest quickly followed behind.

“He’s clearly trying to perceive the Ice Lich Dragon’s talent domain.”

Rinloran and Ferguillo could sense the constant changes in Ayrin’s aura. It felt as if an intimidating power might burst out at any moment.

That feeling was getting stronger and stronger.


Suddenly, Ayrin’s body shook a little. The eight frost auras suddenly made another change. The white chilling air released by the white frost auras extended backwards by dozens of meters. What astonished them was that the white chilling air floated in the air but did not disperse, as if it permanently existed.

Meraly had also clearly felt Ayrin’s change. She turned around and asked Ayrin, “Have you understood the method to use the domain?”

“Ayrin, Rinloran, something feels off!”

However, Stingham suddenly shouted as if he had seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?”

Ayrin was surprised for a moment. He touched around his own body, “I don’t feel anything wrong. I don’t feel any change in my body either, even after clearly sensing the domain.”

“He really sensed the Ice Lich Dragon’s talent domain already!”

“It’s impossible to learn an arcane skill that fast, even if there’s an especially detailed arcane skill scroll!”

“He must be a humanoid monster!”

The five monsters leading the way did not even dare to curse Ayrin in their minds anymore.

“He really learned it......” Although Meraly had witnessed Ayrin’s learning ability during previous battles, hearing Ayrin’s answer still made her want to puke blood.

Staying with Ayrin will only hurt my confidence, and continuously at that!

“No, I’m not talking about you!”

At that moment, Stingham’s trembling voice rang again, “I’m saying that this place feels weird...... I think I have been here before.”

“You have been here before?” Everyone focused on Stingham, then followed his gaze to look at the place up ahead.

The color of the stone changed, indicating the difference in material used in the sewer construction compared to other areas.

The stone had a smooth surface and looked similar to the texture of an emerald.

The streams of water flowing out from the green zone were clear. The flow also seemed to be controlled at the same pace and did not make any noise.

“That’s the forbidden zone......” The Swamp Lord turned around and spoke with a little pause in its breathing, “This is left behind by the ancient Kingdom of Doa. The construction material is similar to the material used for the Green Dragon Divine Temple.”

Ayrin and the others finally realized the situation and asked Stingham, “You remembered something?”

“He’s really a child washed out from the sewers!” Meraly’s face paled.

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