Chapter 472: Gaining A Domain From Eating

Chapter 472: Gaining A Domain From Eating


“What’s this?”

Ayrin was dumbfounded, then suddenly thought of a possibility. “Veil of Winter!” He immediately chanted and arcane particles gushed out of his hand.

The ice arcane power exploded forth like a wave. Palm-sized ice shards drifted in the air and made metallic knocking sounds on contact.

“What an astonishing icy aura! Is it because of the Ice Dragon Spirit?”

Rinloran and the others were still astonished by the Mountain Cleaving Titans, when they were assaulted by the sudden chill. It was so cold that even the arcane particles in their bodies could not flow properly.

Veil of Winter was just a common arcane skill. They had seen Ayrin use it many times before. However, the current Veil of Winter Ayrin used was leagues above the one in the past.

The original Veil of Winter was used to hinder the opponent’s sight and slightly interfere with the opponent’s skill casting. It did little damage to the opponent. However, the current Veil of Winter seemed like a mini ice domain. Although Ayrin cast it forward, even Rinloran’s group behind him had difficulty resisting it.

At that moment, Ayrin excitedly shouted, “I have greatly improved in my affinity with the ice arcane power!”

The feeling of being able to grab a handful of ice without any effort was because of his unbelievable improvement in his affinity with ice arcane power!

The reason Baratheon was called the House of Storm was due to their greater affinity towards the wind arcane power compared to normal arcane masters. Baratheon arcane masters could draw out wind arcane power at a greater speed and integrate more wind arcane power with the same amount of arcane particles. As such, the power of wind arcane skills they used were more devastating.

Ayrin’s physical strength and bloodline did not seem to show any change. However, the Ice Dragon Spirit particles he devoured had melded into every cell of his body and acted as a natural ice amplification device, raising his affinity towards ice arcane power to a terrifying level!

“It really worked? He can really digest the Ice Dragon Spirit and improve his ability?” The three monsters had completely lost their ability to think. The only thing they could do was tremble.

“Is it because the ice arcane power affinity of the Ice Lich Dragon is greater than the Ice Dragon?”

Rinloran and Ferguillo glanced at each other.

The Dragon Breath Academy’s Audrey had the Ice Dragon bloodline. However, they were certain that Audrey’s ice arcane power affinity was weaker than the current Ayrin.

“This should have been our arcane power affinity!”

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord wanted to puke blood while getting surrounded by the Mountain Cleaving Titans.

“This Ice Dragon Spirit is so useful!”

What made everyone more speechless was that Ayrin bit down on another piece of the Ice Dragon Spirit after understanding the change that occured to his body.

At the same time, he shouted towards the three monsters, “You three over there, stop idling about and help me cook that tail. Just braise it like last time. My hands are full with this Ice Dragon Spirit.”

“He...... He actually told us to cook the tail......”

The three monsters began clattering their teeth. Especially the Cave Lord, its trauma growing bigger after hearing the word ‘braise’.


The Ice Lord and Frost Lord darkened their expressions.

They saw the three monsters casting water arcane skills to clean the tail and chop it up before cooking it in a pan.

“Make your move, why aren’t you attacking?”

Ayrin continued to wolf down the Ice Dragon Spirit while watching the Ice Lord and Frost Lord with anticipation.

He wanted to see the scene of the two monsters fighting against the three metal Titans.

“We......” The Ice Lord and Frost Lord tried to muster up their courage a few times, but deflated after seeing the shadows of the three Titans shrouded over them.

Their current condition was no match against the three Titans, not to mention the monster youth behind them.

Fragrance wafted from the pan and Ayrin called out in excitement, “Such a nice smell! As expected, Lord level monsters have delicious meat!”

“Hurry up and fight! Why aren’t you fighting?”

Ayrin began munching on the meat as he shouted towards the Ice Lord and Frost Lord, “Even if you wanted to rest and replenish your arcane particles, you’ve had plenty of time. If you aren’t going to start, I will let the Titans attack first!”

“He’s really eating it?”

“He’s eating our meat and watching us fight at the same time? What are we fighting for!?”

The Frost Lord which had its tail chopped off had already taken out a huge ice lance which reflected white light. However, as it saw the scene playing out before it, the ice lance vanished.

They completely gave up any and all resistance and shouted, “We surrender!”

“They’re surrendering?”

“These two monsters also surrendered?”

Meraly blanked out for a moment before realizing what that meant.

If those two monsters also surrendered, Ayrin would obtain five Lord level monster companions!

Even the famous Monster Summoner Murado could only summon four at once, but Ayrin actually obtained five monster companions!

Regardless of how bizarre Ayrin’s fighting strength was, what kind of formation would it be after throwing the five monsters and three Mountain Cleaving Titans in the mix?

Ayrin also had the metal clockwork war avatar Merlin and super thief Faerie Dragon.

Such a lineup could even become a Corps during the current era!

“You’re already surrendering?”

However, she almost fainted when Ayrin seemed unsatisfied with the result. Ayrin even complained to the two monsters, “Don’t you think it will be interesting to fight against the Titans? Try it first.”

“We surrender! We won’t fight!”

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord refused with even more determination.

You must be kidding! Interesting? If I get so much as grazed by one of these Mountain Cleaving Titans, I’m going to lose over several hundred pounds of meat!

“Fine, I accept your surrender. But just try fighting them, I will treat you to meat, alright?” Ayrin looked at the Ice Lord and Frost Lord with anticipation and tried his best to tempt them.

“Bastard! That’s my meat!”

The Frost Lord cursed and simply slumped to the ground, “Beat me if you want, I can’t win anyway. Just kill me!”

“Do you want to fight?” Ayrin turned to the Ice Lord with even more anticipation, “I will treat you to meat.”

“Fight your head!”

The Ice Lord puked blood from anger. It manifested an ice longsword and held it against its neck. It shouted with bloodshot eyes, “If you force us to fight, I will commit suicide!”


The human group was completely speechless.

The two monsters almost went mad because of Ayrin.

Are they still ferocious monsters?

“Fine, then do the contract skill with me first......” Ayrin seemed dejected.

The Swamp Lord, Shoal Lord and Cave Lord cried out, “We’re finally safe!”

Finally, there are two bigger scapegoats than us! Those two guys will be eaten first.

“His appetite is way too big, he’s a monster in human skin.”

The five monsters were also ferocious and cunning existences. However, the scenes they witnessed one after another had paralyzed their minds and made their intelligence drastically deteriorate.

Ayrin finally finished off the last bit of the Ice Dragon Spirit and the Frost Lord’s tail all by himself.

“I’m finally stuffed.”

Ayrin was extremely satisfied. Perhaps due to the freshness of the Cave Lord’s ‘fish head’ and the Frost Lord’s ‘shark tail’, it was more nourishing than the food in the River Bend Academy. In addition, eating the Ice Dragon Spirit was like extreme stamina training. As a result, he felt his cells brimming with power, his physical strength and resilience rising to all new heights.

“We can finally move on since you’re full!”

Stingham was frustrated. Currently, whenever Ayrin’s arcane particles flowed, eight ice sword-like frost auras would manifest behind him. A frost ring would also appear underneath his feet. That image was just like a legendary champion, making Stingham who cared most about appearance extremely envious.


At that moment, everyone could feel Ayrin’s body stiffen. It seemed like the aura within his body started to vibrate violently. The eight frost auras were also greatly shaking and made slight humming sounds.

“What happened?” Charlotte became anxious and reached out to hold Ayrin’s hand.

“Did you finally get a stomach ache after eating too much?” Stingham gloated, “It’s fine. Ayrin, even if you become sick, I will take care of Charlotte for you.”

“This is?”

Ayrin took a breath with some difficulty and mumbled with uncertainty, “It feels like a domain...... I’m not sure, but the Ice Dragon Spirit’s particles...... seem to allow me to sense a new domain.”

“What? You got a domain from eating it!? You even sensed the Ice Dragon Spirit’s domain because you ate it whole?”

“The Ice Dragon Spirit is the crystallization of arcane power after its consciousness dissipated. It can only be the core domain of the Ice Lich Dragon, equivalent to a unique bloodline domain!”

“What domain is it?”

Everyone drew a sharp breath, even Ferguillo’s eyes expressed astonishment.

It would definitely not be a normal domain!

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