Chapter 471: Unexpected Change

Chapter 471: Unexpected Change



Ayrin retched.

“Ayrin, you won’t stuff yourself to death,right?” Stingham shouted with worry.

“No...... I don’t feel stuffed...... It’s just so bland......” Ayrin muffled in reply and continued to wolf down the Ice Dragon Spirit. However, he seemed to realize something and shouted, “Merlin, can you throw some seasoning over?”


The Swamp Lord, Shoal Lord and Cave Lord finally tripped down.

You still want to wolf it down despite already retching from the blandess!?

You have eaten half of it, yet you’re saying you’re still not stuffed!?

“He really won’t get stuffed to death!”

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord were numbed from the shock they received.

It was an act similar to munching on artifacts. In theory, the arcane power released by that many Ice Dragon Spirit shards would have burst open Ayrin’s body.

“I seem to be full,” Ayrin called out several minutes later. He grabbed the remaining Ice Dragon Spirit with one hand and rubbed his tummy with the other.

“You’re only now full?”

The three monsters fell down again after getting up.

Half of the twenty meter long Ice Dragon Spirit was eaten by him.

Even if it was made of jelly in the candy shop, the monsters could not eat that much.

“Oh no!”

Ayrin’s left hand suddenly covered his mouth.

Pale blue light spilled out from the gaps between his fingers.

In a moment, pale blue light leaked out from even his pores, nostrils and eyes.

His body seemed to be completely filled with the Ice Dragon Spirit’s arcane power.

“Get devoured!”

Ayrin stared forward and desperately covered his mouth.

The arcane power of the Ice Dragon Spirit was very strange. The arcane particles converted in his body were very small, as if the Ice Dragon Spirit’s arcane particles and arcane power had become another kind of unique particles. Those unique particles were also devoured by his body. However, they affected his flesh and bloodline.

Due to eating too much Ice Dragon Spirit, the particles released in his body were overflowing and escaping it. However, he felt that they were useful and did not want to waste any.


There were too many particles trying to escape through Ayrin’s mouth. His hand eventually failed to hold them back and a beam of pale blue light shot out.

“Such a waste!”

Ayrin relaxed. He watched the pale blue light dispersing into countless tiny particles and eventually dissipate. He immediately felt wasteful.

He then opened his mouth and ate another piece of the Ice Dragon Spirit.

“......” Everyone became frantic, “You still want to eat after you just puked!?”

“I won’t waste it this time!”

Ayrin desperately held back the urge to puke. As the Ice Dragon Spirit particles integrated into his body, it became easier to absorb them. His body absorbed them faster and faster.

It took a dozen seconds to digest what he’d eaten so far. After which the fullness completely disappeared, as if it’d never been there in the first place.

“I can eat faster now!”

Ayrin’s eyes beamed with joy.

He opened his mouth and began to wolf the Ice Dragon Spirit down again!

“How brutal......” The cold sweat of the three monsters was flowing like waterfalls.

Ayrin felt that it became easier and easier.

Every piece he swallowed would be quickly digested.

He could feel that a layer of pale blue arcane power wrapped around every blood cell in his body.


The arcane power around his body suddenly shook.

An icy blue glow began appearing behind the natural aura his body released.

“Did he get sick from eating too much? He’s becoming a monster!” Stingham exclaimed first.

“The Ice Dragon Spirit was digested by him? This should be a strange mutation?”

Rinloran, Charlotte and the rest became completely speechless.

Streaks of icy blue light condensed into huge ice swords behind Ayrin. There were a total of eight swords neatly lined up behind him.

The pale blue color slowly faded and became a pure white.

The eight ice swords were not materialized swords, they were the condensation of his aura. The chill they released felt like a burning fire.

“So cool!”

Stingham suddenly became frenzied. He desperately rushed towards Ayrin, “Let me eat the rest! This looks so cool! This scenery is straight out of the Era of the War with Dragons when someone equipped a legendary artifact!”


However, the fiercer he dashed, the further he was repelled by the Ice Dragon Spirit’s arcane power.

“This is unfair!” Stingham wailed.

“It’s useless even if you can take a bite from it.” Meraly spoke with disdain, “You can’t eat as much as Ayrin.”

“Oh yeah......” Stingham was stunned for a moment, then he ran out of the domain in tears, “Ayrin, I hate you!”

“What change is this...... There doesn’t seem to be a change to the bloodline, nor is there a mutation. It seems that my cells were coated with something......”

Ayrin was thinking hard while sensing the changes from wolfing down the Ice Dragon Spirit.

His body obviously showed a change, but neither the arcane particles nor his bloodline showed any changes.

“My physical strength doesn’t seem any different, and my body also doesn’t feel any more resilient......”

Ayrin tried swinging his fist and let arcane particles flow through his body. However, he could not sense any change.

“What kind of monster are you!?”

“Spit it out!”

Ayrin still could not comprehend the situation, but the Ice Lord and Frost Lord almost went mad.

They spent decades researching the arcane skill left behind by the Ice Lich Dragon and finally learned how to fully use the Ice Dragon Spirit.

As long as they succeeded in the arcane skill this time, they would definitely see a big increase in their strength and even evolve to Emperor level monsters.

However, with the speed at which Ayrin ate the Ice Dragon Spirit, they would not be able to absorb sufficient Ice Dragon Spirit particles.

That meant they would not be able to evolve and would have exhausted their own arcane particles instead. The end result would be devastating.


As the two monsters roared in madness, they stopped providing the arcane particles as the white pillar faded away.

The domain power dispersed.

They only had one thought at that moment, and that was to kill the monstrous youth who ruined decades of their efforts.


The two enormous entities rampaged in the still dispersing domain and crashed into Ayrin.

Ayrin was knocked back, but he still grabbed onto the unfinished Ice Dragon Spirit.


The three thick legs of the Frost Lord reverberated terrifying arcane energy fluctuations.

Its enormous body could move at a speed comparable to Moss. It appeared right before Ayrin as if it teleported.

It had entered a complete rampage state. Its casting speed had reached an unimaginable state.

A powerful glacier exploded forth and swept up Ayrin.


Ayrin was frozen by a thick layer of ice.


A terrifying sonic boom exploded at the same time.

It slammed its tail against Ayrin. A layer of materialized particles coated its fat tail during the swinging motion and instantly condensed into metal blades.

Its meaty tail became a huge metal whip blade!

Rinloran began his drastic acceleration, sword flashes emerging from his body.

Ferguillo’s eye glowed pink.

In such a situation, they assumed that Ayrin would not be able to block the Frost Lord’s attack.


However, contrary to everyone’s expectation, the hard layer of ice around Ayrin completely shattered.

The Frost Lord’s action also slowed down.

“Have you forgotten that the Ice Dragon Spirit has a powerful arcane resistance? It’s just like a powerful shield...... Though it’s a pity that it also acts towards myself, or I would have left a piece to use as a shield!” Ayrin proudly spoke.

The moment his voice could be heard, a slashing sound also sounded out.

A crimson gold sword flash swept past.

The Frost Lord cried in pain.

Its tail was easily severed and dropped to the ground.

Ayrin’s eyes immediately sparkled.

The three monsters who were prepared to help Ayrin jumped back in fear.

Is he going to eat that tail?

As expected, Ayrin immediately shouted, “This tail should be tasty...... It’s perfect for flavoring! The Ice Dragon Spirit can be the rice and this tail will be the main dish!”

“You want to eat my tail?” The Frost Lord screamed in disbelief.

“What about it? One of my heads was eaten by him.” The Cave Lord cried, “You better surrender!”

“I’m going all out!”

The Ice Lord’s eyes became bloodshot.

“This place is big enough, a perfect chance to test the Mountain Cleaving Titan summoning!”

Seeing the approaching Ice Lord, Ayrin became even more excited.

Arcane particles gushed out from his hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

White light spread out from his wrist and three huge light pillars appeared above his head.

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord contracted their pupils, their expressions twisting as they stood rooted to the ground.

Three humongous metallic entities jumped out from the light pillars. The weight pressed on the surrounding air, causing terrifying tornadoes to rampage around.

“You better surrender! Hurry up and surrender!”

The three monsters sincerely persuaded them.

Ayrin watched the three Titans land and exclaimed, “So big!”

Back in Cororin Town, he often fantasized huge guys helping him to dig through the mine. Now, he owned three Mountain Cleaving Titans that were similar to three hills. If they were to dig in the mine at Cororin Town, the mine would not even last a day!


When the three Titans landed, they slightly bent down.

Huge cracks immediately spread out on the ground and everyone was propelled into the air from the tremor.


At that moment, Ayrin had a strange sensation. He felt as if there were ice shards everywhere in the air and he could grab a handful of them if he reached out.

He unconsciously reached out to grab.


He was astonished when he felt the coldness in his hand and realized that he really had grabbed a ball of ice shards!

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