Chapter 470: The Real Glutton

Chapter 470: The Real Glutton


“What is this domain?”

The moment Ayrin entered the spiral-shaped domain, he instantly felt an overwhelming pressure.

The pressure was extremely dense. It felt like countless elastic balls were squeezing against his body and even blocking up his pores, making him unable to unleash his arcane particles.

“Ayrin, hurry up and drag that Ice Dragon Spirit away. I can’t get there!”

Stingham’s face was beet red from exerting all his strength, but he was repelled every time he got near the Ice Dragon Spirit.

The domain was filled with two types of power. One was the pressure from the domain, the other was the power released by the Ice Dragon Spirit. It was a strange arcane energy fluctuation. It did not seem to be destructive, but also did not allow anyone to get near. It seemed like the most powerful arcane protection.

“I will handle this domain first!”

Ayrin could sense that the Ice Lord and Frost Lord were trying their best to maintain the domain. The structure of the domain seemed to be very stable and could exist for a long time. He could also feel that more and more particles seeped out from the Ice Dragon Spirit. Those particles were integrating into the Ice Lord and Frost Lord!


He moved towards the three white pillars. However, the instant he touched the pillar, he felt as if he was electrocuted over and over again. His entire body almost collapsed.

“I can’t! Let me try if the Treasured Book of Sealing can break this domain!”

Ayrin did not show any fear, he got out from the domain and took out the Treasured Book of Sealing.


He used the Holy Gate of Life to activate the power of the Treasured Book of Sealing.

“What’s going on?”

However, the huge spiral-shaped domain only shook a little and did not get absorbed into the Book.

“Is it because the domain used by monsters is different from the ones used by arcane masters?” Ayrin tried to make a guess on why the Treasured Book of Sealing had not worked.

“It should be related to the special properties of this domain power. The nature of domains is the same, the difference is in the unique exclusivity of the arcane power that forms them.” Ferguillo shook his head. A streak of crimson flames surged out from him and rushed towards the huge spiral-shaped domain.


However, the crimson flames were repelled. The huge spiral-shaped domain seemed like an elastic ball.

At that moment, the winged-snake Ice Lord spoke, “Swamp Lord! What are you doing mixing around with these low level arcane masters!? Are you thinking of taking us on with these arcane masters?”

It had a voice that carried a hissing sound, making those who heard it feel uncomfortable.

Even its forked tongue was white and looked like a split carpet, giving discomfort to those who saw it.

“Low level arcane masters?”

The three monsters wanted to cry again, “Ice Lord, Frost Lord, you have misjudged them. They are not some low level arcane masters, they are monster arcane masters. You two better surrender to him like we did. Otherwise, he will eat you for dinner.”

“Surrender? Mud water must have gone into your brains!” The Ice Lord sneered, “Regardless of your intention, you will definitely regret it. This is the Lich Dragon’s Perpetual Protection Domain. It will repel any kind of arcane power, so it cannot be broken through. I advise you to run away now, because we will evolve into Ice Emperor and Frost Emperor soon.”

“It does seem to be the Lich Dragon’s Perpetual Protection Domain.” Ferguillo nodded and blandly spoke, “When my arcane skill hit it, there was no exhaustion in domain power. My arcane skill was simply excluded and caused the repelling effect.”

“Is it really unbreakable from the outside?” Ayrin asked.

“It should be.” Ferguillo answered, “According to the records, when the Lich Dragon enters certain training stages and requires a big modification to its body, it will use this domain to protect itself. This domain does not reject the Lich Dragon’s own arcane power, hence the white pillar particle conversion arcane skill those two monsters used on the Ice Dragon Spirit should be from their research of the Lich Dragon’s arcane skill. The only defect of this domain is its inability to reject physical strength.

“In that case, even if I throw the Mountain Cleaving Titan inside, it will lose its arcane power supply and become metal junk. It seems we can only drag the Ice Dragon Spirit out like what Stingham said.”

Ayrin did not show any hesitation. He rushed into the spiral-shaped domain again and advanced towards the Ice Dragon Spirit.

“Fool, do you think your physical strength can be on par with an adult Dragon? Even we cannot really come into contact with the Ice Dragon Spirit. Do you really think you can even get close to it?”

Seeing Ayrin approaching the Ice Dragon Spirit like Stingham, the Frost Lord also laughed loudly, “What a low level bug.”

“Don’t underestimate him. He’s a real pervert.” Stingham watched Ayrin advance while he gave up trying to advance himself and sat down in the domain.


The Ice Lord and Frost Lord could no longer mock Ayrin.

Although Ayrin’s advancement was slow, he was still steadily approaching the Ice Dragon Spirit.

“I won’t accept that I can’t reach you!”

Ayrin was exerting his full strength. With every step he took, his body seemed to be experiencing an explosive burst of strength. After a dozen steps, he felt soreness all over his body.

However, he was also devouring the arcane power released by the Ice Dragon Spirit. He was like a corrosive substance, gradually corroding the arcane protection layer surrounding the Ice Dragon Spirit to open a gap. Bits of arcane particles were continuously produced inside his body, just like what happened to any other domain he entered. It led Ayrin to believe that he would definitely reach the Ice Dragon Spirit.

“He really touched it......”

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord twisted their expressions.

They witnessed Ayrin moving under the Ice Dragon Spirit and slowly reaching out to grab the tail. He gradually pulled the Ice Dragon Spirit down.

“It’s not heavy, and feels very soft. It really looks like the chewy candy or jelly in the candy shop.”

Ayrin was elated. The Ice Dragon Spirit was not heavy, just that he still had to exert his full strength to resist against the arcane power released by the Ice Dragon Spirit.

The Ice Lord screamed in panic, “Stop him! He will really drag it out of the domain!”

The Frost Lord trembled as it did not seem to have any spare energy. However, it still shot out a white beam when the Ice Lord screamed, forming a white film and covering Ayrin along with the Ice Dragon Spirit.

“So numb!”

Ayrin wanted to go through the thin white film by force. However, the arcane power nature of the white film seemed to be similar to the white pillars. The moment he touched it, he felt a numbing sensation spread throughout his body, making him almost let go of the Ice Dragon Spirit.


The Ice Lord saw Ayrin’s advancement getting stopped and let out another mad scream.

Particles pelted its body in the white light and made popping sounds.

“Aren’t the three of you also physically strong? Do you want to get eaten? What are you still standing there for? Go help!” Stingham shouted to the three monsters.

“If even Master cannot go through that light film, how can we go through......” The three monsters had no confidence at all. They felt that they might not even get near the Ice Dragon Spirit. That was because they had been here before and experienced the repelling force from the Ice Dragon Spirit.

“Devouring the Ice Dragon Spirit? You want to devour the Ice Dragon Spirit particles before we can drag it out?”

“Let’s see if you can devour faster than me!”

Ayrin became hot-headed. He bit into the Ice Dragon Spirit’s tail without thinking.

“What!? He can even eat that!”

“He even eats the Ice Dragon Spirit!”

“Is it edible?”

Everyone became dumbfounded. The three monsters felt their scalp go numb.

There was a clear bite mark on the Ice Dragon Spirit, the missing part was already swallowed by Ayrin.

“What’s that guy doing? This is no different from crunching on stone!”

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord were also dumbfounded. It was a suicidal way to prevent them from devouring and integrating the Ice Dragon Spirit particles. What kind of grudge did Ayrin have with them? Was it worth the cost?

However, Ayrin did not stop and kept eating the Ice Dragon Spirit. In fact, he started eating faster than before.

As everyone stared in shock, the dragon tail of the Ice Dragon Spirit quickly disappeared.

Stingham gulped and asked Ayrin, “Is it delicious?”

“It’s not...... It’s tasteless......”

Ayrin muffled out a reply. He was putting in great effort to eat it. In fact, every time he put his mouth near the Ice Dragon Spirit, he had to exhaust all of his strength. However, he did not want the Ice Lord and Frost Lord to obtain anymore particles released by the Ice Dragon Spirit.

He could feel that the Ice Dragon Spirit lumps he swallowed had begun releasing particles which were absorbed by his body.

“What kind of person is he?”

“He already said it’s not delicious, yet he’s still wolfing it down!”

“If he even eats that, we are in danger!”

The Swamp Lord wanted to cry. It felt that it was not safe despite having a humanoid appearance.

“What are you trying to do? Stop it!”

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord went mad. The two of them could only devour a hundred particles in a breath. The total volume was less than a strand of hair, but Ayrin swallowed a bun-sized piece with each bite.

Ayrin reached the lower limbs of the Ice Dragon Spirit. His stomach was bloated, yet he was still wolfing it down.

“What kind of appetite is that?”

“How much can he eat? He might be able to eat one of us whole!”

The three monsters almost fainted.

“What grudge do you have against us? Why are you doing this?”

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord also wanted to cry. The Ice Dragon Spirit was reduced to less than half by Ayrin!

Ayrin was feeling stuffed and felt like vomiting. However, he continued to wolf down the Ice Dragon Spirit.

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