Chapter 469: Ice Dragon Spirit

Chapter 469: Ice Dragon Spirit


“If I summon one of these Titans during the next national tournament, won’t I be able to scare off the opponent? I wonder if this can be counted as an artifact, and whether the national tournament rules would allow it.” Ayrin mumbled to himself with an elated expression.

“......” Rinloran and the others were speechless.

With Ayrin’s current fighting strength, he would be able to subjugate a Lord, yet he was still thinking of participating in the national tournament. The organizer might even forbid them from participating, unless the other teams similarly improved at a tremendous speed. There could not be too much of a gap in the fighting strength.

“I want to try summoning this Mountain Cleaving Titan!” Ayrin excitedly shouted.

He turned around and asked the three monsters, “How about you three try fighting the Mountain Cleaving Titan?”


The three monsters wanted to cry again as they desperately shook their heads.

Although the Mountain Cleaving Titans were primarily used in major construction undertakings to carry and destroy huge objects, they were also often used to subjugate large sized creatures.

They even suspected that the three Mountain Cleaving Titans were left in the sewers to clean up the large creatures in the sewer system. The command wipe Merlin did might be to remove such commands made in the past.

When facing such enormous metal Titans, the best they could do was pierce the metal body without doing any real damage. However, if they got hit by the Titan, it would be unimaginable to think what would be left of them.

“Why not?” Ayrin looked at the three unwilling monsters, “It will be a spectacular sight for big creatures to fight. You have also not fought against a Mountain Cleaving Titan before, don’t you want to try it?”

“Try your head! If you want to try, why don’t you try it yourself? Don’t make us try for you!”

The three monsters cursed Ayrin in their minds, but they did not dare to voice it out.

“Master, it will cause a huge commotion if we fought here. The noise may attract the royal guard patrols. Those royal guard patrols are mostly powerful five-gate entities...... Plus, our body size can’t match those Titans, the Ice Lord and Frost Lord are double our size, so it will have a better effect if they fight against the Titans.” The Swamp Lord pleaded.

“You finally turned smart this time, pushing it onto those two guys!” The Shoal Lord and Cave Lord became teary-faced.

“Oh yeah, my arcane particles also seem to be exhausted. It won’t be possible to summon the Mountain Cleaving Titans right now.” Ayrin scratched his head and mumbled.

“Alright, the three of you, come and beat me up.” Ayrin ordered, “I may really need to fight the Ice Lord and Frost Lord later.”

“What? Beat you up?” The three monsters were dumbfounded.

“Yeah, your arcane power won’t harm me with the contract in place anyway. Come and beat me up.” Ayrin said as if it was the most natural thing.

“Such a pervert...... This is too cruel. He actually wants his allies to beat him up before getting ready for battle......” The three monsters were traumatized again.


“He’s definitely a humanoid monster!”

“We must drag Ice Lord and Frost Lord down with us so that we will be safer. They aren’t friendly towards us anyway.”

After beating Ayrin up for a while according to his demands, the three traumatized monsters felt even less secure and desperately led the way.

Soon, they reached an area that was filled with vines.

The vines looked unique as they had no leaves. The greyish brown vines were merely entangled together.

“This is the Vine Labyrinth created by the arcane skill of the Lich Dragon. It’s equivalent to the outermost castle wall. Back then, any creature that entered this place without its summon would be mercilessly killed. There’s a Frost Mist Labyrinth up ahead. The Labyrinth is cold and shrouded in mist so that you can’t see the path. If nobody leads the way, you cannot even get near the real central junction inside.” The Swamp Lord explained while pushing aside some vines.

Soon, gusts of chilling air swept past them.

The vines became scarce while cold mist started to fill the path. The air was filled with pieces of frost shards and the path forward could not be seen.

“Something is wrong.”

The Shoal Lord and Cave Lord spoke at the same time. They appeased Ayrin, “Normally, the Ice Lord and Frost Lord should have noticed our presence by now. They should be awaiting us here.”

“Master, I’m not sure if there was an incident. Can we hurry up?” The Swamp Lord shivered.

If the Ice Lord and Frost Lord were no longer there to queue up before them, it started to feel the threat of getting eaten again.

“Sure!” Ayrin definitely wanted to get to them as soon as possible, so he immediately nodded.


The Swamp Lord sped up. It became an invisible gale and rushed forward.

“So fast?”

Ayrin and the rest were surprised, “Why wasn’t it moving so fast when fighting us?”

“Isn’t it because of you......” The Shoal Lord and Cave Lord wanted to cry, but they also sped up.

“A crocodile and a black fish also can run so fast?” Stingham was dumbfounded. He was almost unable to keep up.

“We are Lords, not a crocodile or black fish!” The Shoal Lord and Cave Lord became teary-faced once again.

“Why is there such a strong domain power?”

“What happened?”

Soon, the chilling mist became thin. They could vaguely make out the shape of huge sections of a building. The ground seemed to be laid with countless bones of monsters. However, everyone was shocked.

They could feel waves of domain power in the air coming from deeper in the labyrinth.

“Are they fighting?”

Ayrin’s eyes instantly beamed.

He accelerated, overtook the Swamp Lord and dashed out of the frost mist zone.

What a battle maniac!

He reacted to a battle like a mosquito reacting to blood.

Meraly was speechless at Ayrin’s reaction. The Holy Dawn people are too abnormal!

“It’s not a battle?”

“What’s the meaning of this?”

The instant Ayrin saw the scenery before his eyes, he was astonished.

Before him was a grand underground building. There were many colosseum-sized ponds that seemed to be used for water purification. There was a circular pond with a downward spiral-shape at the center. A stone pillar stood in the middle, with many water outlets along its body. Clear water gushed out from them, indicating that the stone pillar was a tool for water purification.

The place should be an underground sewer system used by the ancient Kingdom of Doa. Most of the buildings in the surrounding area were destroyed and dried up. Hence, the circular pond in the center had become a clean water pond. The water was clear and some strange bluish algae could be seen on the surface. There were also many flat fish swimming in the water.

However, what astonished Ayrin were the three huge figures floating above the pond!

A sapphire spiral-shaped barrier wrapped the three figures inside.

One of them was a twenty-meter long blue ice Dragon! The other two should be the Ice Lord and Frost Lord. One was a white snake that had a pair of membrane wings and front legs. The other was a shark with an arrow-like tail and three thick legs.

Both of them looked to be over six or even seven meters tall.

Currently, three white pillars were connecting the two monsters and the icy blue Dragon.

Within the three white pillars, countless tiny particles were dancing around.

“Is that the product from the death of a Lich Dragon? The Ice Dragon Spirit?”

Everyone that followed after Ayrin also became astonished.

The icy blue Dragon released a blurry glow and looked as clear as crystal. However, its floating image gave off a fragile and soft feeling as if it was jelly.

“What are they doing?” Ayrin asked the three monsters.

“Don’t know......” The Swamp Lord hid further away and shouted towards the Ice Lord and Frost Lord, “Ice Lord, Frost Lord, what are you two doing!?”

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord did not respond to the shout at all. The three white pillars became brighter and the arcane energy fluctuations exuded from the Ice Lord and Frost Lord also seemed to become stronger.

“This seems to be a joint-cast domain.” Ferguillo calmly analyzed, “They might be trying to absorb or make use of the power from this Ice Dragon Spirit.”

“What!? That won’t do! This Ice Dragon Spirit is ours!”

“This is daylight robbery! Don’t move! Prone down!”

Stingham became enthusiastic and rushed to the spiral-shaped domain while shouting before anyone else could react.

“......” Rinloran and Meraly lamented.

You only know how to slack off during training, but you run faster than anyone else once you see good stuff. You’re more professional than a real bandit team.


The domain did not seem to show any resistance and Stingham dashed right into it.

“Ayrin, come here! I can’t seem to get the arcane particles out from inside, help me!” Stingham shouted.

The Ice Lord and Frost Lord did not attack him. However, his movement seemed to be slow and he could not get close to the Ice Dragon Spirit.

“Really? I’m coming!”

Ayrin was also excited. He dashed into the domain before anyone could stop him.

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