Chapter 468: Mountain Cleaving Titans That Can Be Summoned

Chapter 468: Mountain Cleaving Titans That Can Be Summoned


The three traumatized monsters led the way.

They quickly passed through some collapsed passages and entered another open section.

The ancient buildings constructed during the golden era of artificers continued to mesmerize Ayrin’s group.

The open section looked like the remnants of a colosseum.

Many water outlets had dried up for who knew how long. They looked like huge spectator seats in the colosseum.

The central area should have been a lake. However, it was a swamp now, with various strange floating plants growing in abundance. There were even many glowing flowers.

The huge pillars at the edge were mostly eroded over time. However, the outline could still be seen. They were huge statues of people from an unknown era.

“The three Mountain Cleaving Titans are inside this swamp. Wait here, I will get them out.”

The Swamp Lord notified beforehand to prevent misunderstanding from Ayrin’s group as arcane particles gushed out from him.

It was the least injured monster amongst the three, but it seemed to be arduous even for it to cast the skill. While the arcane particles kept flowing out from its body, waves of unique black grey arcane power surged into the depths of the swamp.

Soon, three huge mudflows appeared on the swamp surface. It was clearly a sign that three enormous objects were rising from the bottom.

Three huge heads rose up while bringing along algae and swamp mud. Ayrin’s eyes immediately popped open, “So big!”

From the appearances of the three heads, they looked like monsters. However, the platform-like shoulders and building-like torso came out next.


Meraly drew her breath.

It was overwhelming.

The huge body exceeded ten meters, but it was only the upper half!

“This is actually an arcane skill that stimulates plant growth!”

As the enormous Titans finally revealed themselves before everyone, Ayrin noticed many plants with air sacs holding up the enormous Titans while observing the three huge bodies.

“Master, you have great eyes. This is a plant type arcane skill.” The Swamp Lord immediately answered.

“Flattery!” Grandmaster Yi snorted, “I hate people who flatter the most.”

“You hate flattery the most?” Ayrin’s group rolled their eyes.

“They were actually sunk by you here. They look tattered, how can they be of use!?” Stingham did not seem satisfied. The size of the three Mountain Cleaving Titans did not give him any overwhelming feeling.

The three Titans were full of swamp mud and various plants decorated their exterior.

“They were here when we discovered this place. It might be a warehouse to store the Mountain Cleaving Titans. These three Titans are actually in perfect condition, unlike how they look on the surface.” The winged crocodile-like Shoal Lord immediately argued and emitted a powerful arcane energy fluctuation.

A downpour shrouded the three Titans.

The mud was washed down from their bodies and a cold glint began to reflect off their metal frame.

Everyone’s gaze fixed onto the Titans.

There was no rust. The metal surface seemed to be coated with an oily glow. Under the shower of rainwater, not a single mud stain or piece of rubbish was left on the Titan’s body.

Perhaps due to the design being for large construction, the three Mountain Cleaving Titans did not have any decoration on their bodies. However, their enormous size and thick metal armor were made to be streamlined and gave off a wild yet elegant appearance. They looked like three giants without any excess fat.

The models of the three Titans were similar. Their surface metal was crimson bronze colored and their face was the masked warrior type. They were empty-handed, but four weapons hung on their back. They were a bladeshield, morning star, longsword and spear.

“If these Mountain Cleaving Titans slam into a Dragon at the same time, even the Dragon would die, right?”

Ayrin was astonished.

He felt that with his current strength, apart from some domain forbidden skills which might threaten the Titans, most of his arcane skills could only puncture a hole in them. Those holes would just be a small dent compared to its enormous size.

“Can it move? How do we use these three Mountain Cleaving Titans?” Stingham turned around to ask Meraly and Grandmaster Yi.

“Don’t know.” Meraly and Grandmaster Yi shook their heads.

“What’s Merlin doing?”

At that moment, they saw Merlin suddenly move and jump onto one of the three Mountain Cleaving Titans. She agily climbed the Titan’s body.

“Do you know how to use them?” Stingham asked the monsters.

“Don’t...... Don’t know......” The three monsters replied with a trembling voice.

“Why did you bring us here if you don’t know how to use them? You bring us here just to let us look at junk!” Stingham grumbled, then looked at Merlin who was working on the three Titans, “Is Merlin trying to dismantle them to take something out from inside of them?”

Everyone suspected so, as Merlin seemed to have opened up a piece of armor on the back of a Titan and even entered it. Sparks of cutting constantly sprayed out from inside and there were even sounds of drilling and fire.

However, after a while, Merlin seemed to have finished her job and the Titans looked no different from before.

Merlin passed through the swamp and returned to Ayrin’s side.

“What’s this?”

“Did you really take out some parts from inside?”

Everyone noticed that she held three strange white oval gems in her hands. The surface of the oval gems contained some simple grooves.

Merlin did not answer immediately. She took out a piece of metal from her box and crafted the metal into a bracelet. Then, she embedded the three gems onto the bracelet and handed it to Ayrin.

Ayrin was surprised and asked Merlin, “Merlin, what’s the use of this? Is it some kind of artifact?”

“Mer...... lin......”

The strange metallic humming sound came from Merlin’s body.


A light film appeared before her.

“It’s the Mountain Cleaving Titan!”

“It actually contains information about the Mountain Cleaving Titan!”

Everyone could see that several Mountain Cleaving Titans were inside the light film. There was a small figure who was clearly an arcane master.

Next, the light film changed and showed that the arcane master was wearing a bracelet. The arcane master injected arcane particles into the bracelet.

Following that, the Mountain Cleaving Titans started moving.

Even Stingham immediately realized what it meant and shouted, “This is the control device for the Mountain Cleaving Titans? You just need to inject arcane particles?”

Merlin’s light film faded away and she slowly nodded.

“These people are too bizarre, even the metal clockwork war avatar looks like a real person!” The three monsters began shivering again.

“Let me try!”

Ayrin immediately injected his arcane particles into the bracelet.


At that moment, apart from Merlin, everyone else was shocked.

The three Mountain Cleaving Titans let out loud humming sounds from their bodies.

What was more shocking was that not only did the Mountain Cleaving Titans’ eye sockets shoot out beams, the armor at their chest also shot out a dazzling light pillar.

“It really works! Did Merlin fix the three Titans?” Meraly could not hold back her exclamation.

“Pssh...... Pssh...... Pssh......” Such loud noises could be heard.

“They are actually different from one another?”

Everyone opened their eyes wide.

The noise came from the centermost Mountain Cleaving Titan.

The facial features and gaps between the armor of that Titan released an astonishing amount of white steam as if it were breathing.

The swamp beneath its feet quickly dried up, as if the water content in the swamp was sucked in by its feet.

As for the other two Titans, one shot out yellow beams from the armor and created numerous yellow patches on its body, while the other a chill air and became frosty in an instant.

“They look similar in design, but the arcane energy characteristics and power sources are different!” Meraly realized the cause and shouted, “I remember now. The ancient book mentioned that due to the size of these Mountain Cleaving Titans and the vast motor force required to operate them, they look the same on the surface but the gems and arcane cores inside are completely different. After all, there is only a limited amount of raw materials to make such an enormous Titan.”

“Command has been cleared, please input new command!”

At that moment, three loud voices called out at the same time, shocking everyone once more.

“They can even speak!”

“What does that mean?”

“Then what Merlin did was not repairing them, but clearing their commands?”

“How do I command them?”

Everyone turned their gaze to Merlin.

Merlin pointed at Ayrin’s mouth.

“I just need to tell them?” Ayrin was surprised but tried it out, “Take two steps forward!”


Everyone had yet to recover from the shock as the ground shook violently.

The three Mountain Cleaving Titans walked two steps forward. Their bodies immediately sank into the swamp as a mud wave slammed towards everyone like a powerful arcane skill.


Ayrin was elated as he smashed apart the mud wave with a Water Dragon.

We really picked up a treasure!

With just the weight, these three Titans can squash people to death, right?


Ayrin suddenly thought of an important question and turned to Merlin, “Merlin, how do we bring the three Titans out?”

“Mer...... lin......”

Merlin’s body let out the strange metallic noise again.

Another light film appeared before her body.

The light film displayed the scene of an arcane master standing at a place far away from the Titan. There seemed to be a few mountain ranges in between them. However, when the arcane master injected the arcane particles into the bracelet, the chest of the Mountain Cleaving Titan began to glow.

Then, as the arcane master injected more arcane particles, the light pillar at the chest of the Titan became brighter and brighter, forming a passage before it.

As the scene changed, the Titan crossed through the passage and appeared next to the arcane master.

“The Mountain Cleaving Titan accumulates arcane energy itself, so it can open up an arcane passage!”

Ayrin immediately realized the meaning, “This Mountain Cleaving Titan can be summoned like a contract monster!”

“......” Meraly instantly became speechless.

Isn’t this the same as gaining another three heavy metal monsters!?

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