Chapter 467: The Traumatized Monsters

Chapter 467: The Traumatized Monsters


“The most notorious bandit team’s entrance ceremony is not as cruel as yours. You even force others to eat their own meat!” Meraly felt goosebumps on her arms. She began to think that House Roland entering an alliance with them was the best decision she ever made.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to eat fish. Since you’re our new underlings, do you have any good stuff to offer?” Stingham’s eyes sparkled. He looked at the three monsters with an evil smile, “Got a dragon egg perhaps?”

“Dragon egg?”

The three monsters almost fainted again.

You’re demanding a dragon egg right from the start? Do you really think dragon eggs are worthless?

The three monsters looked at one another and the humanoid Swamp Lord eventually spoke up, “We don’t have a dragon egg, but there are three Mountain Cleaving Titans.”

“Three Mountain Cleaving Titans? Do you really have three intact Mountain Cleaving Titans?” Meraly and Grandmaster Yi were shocked.

Ayrin asked out of curiosity, “What’s a Mountain Cleaving Titan?”

“It’s a product from the artificer’s golden era. It’s the heaviest and biggest metal golem! They were originally used by the Engineering Corps for major constructions. Due to their massive size, their fighting power is also tremendous. They can easily squash enemies to death.” Meraly explained in astonishment, “Due to the large quantity of metal and gems required to build one, less than a hundred sets were made during the golden era.”

“The world’s largest metal golem? How big is it?” Ayrin immediately became interested, “Is it about five meters tall?”

“It’s more than ten meters tall, maybe even taller.” Meraly corrected him.

“Oi, how big is it!?” Stingham questioned the three monsters, “Where are the three Mountain Cleaving Titans? Did you just make it up?”

“It’s over twenty meters tall!”

The Swamp Lord guaranteed, “We’re definitely speaking the truth. We can bring them out immediately. They are in my territory right next to this place.”

“Bring us there.”

Ayrin washed the pan and returned it to Merlin.

The three monsters crumbled down again. Ayrin had eaten the entire fish head by himself, with only the bones remaining.

The three monsters felt that Ayrin was no arcane master, but an Emperor level monster disguised as a human.

“Wait, I think we should cast the contract skill to make the three of you into Ayrin’s companions first, so that you can’t play any tricks.” Stingham pretended to be professional.

“Sure, hurry up!”

The three monsters were strangely cooperative. They seemed in a hurry to complete the contract, so that they would feel safe from getting eaten.

“I don’t have a contract skill though?” Ayrin embarrassedly turned to Grandmaster Yi, “Grandmaster Yi, do you have any contract skills?”

“My expertise lays in heavy particles, I don’t know any contract skill.” Grandmaster Yi shook his head as if he did not care about a contract skill.

“We also don’t have one.” Stingham flicked his hair and suddenly remembered something, “Flat-chest, your House Roland has so many monsters, you must know some contract skill, right?”

“I have one!” Meraly gritted her teeth, “But you must promise that you will stop calling me flat-chest.”

“But you are.” Stingham grumbled.

“You’re still saying it!” Meraly became furious.

“Fine, I promise not to call you flat-chest.” Stingham vowed.

“This is the Divine Contract. After you cast this skill using the blood and arcane particles of the monsters along with their cooperation, their arcane powers will become ineffective against you. You can build a unique connection with their arcane particles. Then, just like charging arcane power, you can open up an arcane passage and summon them to your side anytime.” Meraly activated her arcane power to demonstrate the skill while explaining to Ayrin. She even allowed him to feel the arcane particle flow.

“Got it!”

After seeing it a few times, Ayrin confidently nodded to the three monsters, “Let’s do this.”

“You learned an arcane skill so quickly?”

The three monsters could not believe it. However, Ayrin did learn the arcane skill. After cooperating and offering their blood and arcane particles, Ayrin completed the contract skill.

“You’re so pitiful.”

Seeing the completion of the contract, Stingham looked at the three monsters with sympathy, “Now, Ayrin is basically carrying three huge mobile canteens. When he is unable to endure his hunger, he will just summon you to eat you.”


The three monsters shuddered. Was that Ayrin’s intention?

“You have become my monster companions. I am an upright arcane master. I won’t eat my monster companions.” Ayrin looked at the three monsters, “Don’t worry.”

Although Ayrin promised so, they felt no sense of security as they looked at the pile of bones on the ground.

No, we better prepare a few big ones first. Then, he will eat them before trying to eat us!

The three monsters opened their mouths at the same time, “Master, apart from the Mountain Cleaving Titans, we just thought of something else you might be interested in. And Master, you may obtain two more monster companions!”

“What do you mean?”

The group was surprised, “What other good stuff are you hiding?”

The three monsters immediately replied, “An Ice Elemental Dragon Spirit.”

“You must be kidding!” Grandmaster Yi drew a cold breath and almost dropped his cane.

“What’s an Ice Elemental Dragon Spirit?” Ayrin, Stingham, Charlotte and Meraly asked. They had never heard of the name.

“Some monsters or dragons with great mental strength will slowly become liches after they die. The Lich Dragons are also very strong, and can integrate some arcane powers they couldn’t integrate when they were alive.” Rinloran’s eyes also sparkled as he quickly explained, “When the Lich Dragon’s lifespan ends, its mental strength completely dissipates and its body becomes a spirit made up of the integration between elemental particles and arcane particles. This spirit has no awareness as it is the residue of the Lich Dragon. However, there may not be even one Lich Dragon amongst a hundred dead Dragons, and most Lich Dragons never reach the end of their lifespans naturally. Hence, this spirit is extremely rare. They mentioned an Ice Elemental Dragon Spirit, which means it must be the spirit left behind by an Ice Lich Dragon.”

“That’s right! It’s a well preserved Ice Elemental Dragon Spirit!”

The three monsters hurriedly continued, “It’s at the oldest sewer’s central junction at the bottom-most floor. It might be an Ice Dragon’s corpse from during the War with Dragons which destroyed the ancient Kingdom of Doa that morphed into a Lich Dragon. It was rumored that during the Magus Era, the Ice Lich Dragon ruled the lair for a long period of time. Afterwards, the Ice Lich Dragon expelled all of its subordinates and forbade anyone from entering that place. A hundred years later, two newborn monsters trespassed into that area without knowing anything and realized the Ice Lich Dragon had died and became a spirit.”

“The two monsters that trespassed into the area were just of average rank, but they used some unknown methods to integrate a small portion of that Ice Elemental Dragon Spirit’s power to mutate their bloodlines. Now, one calls itself Ice Lord while the other calls itself Frost Lord. They act really arrogant towards us and we don’t really want to interact with them either.”

“But the two monsters are really big. The Ice Lord is a huge white snake with a pair of membrane wings and arms. The Frost Lord looks like a standing shark with a tail and three thick legs. They are both double our size and have far more fat on their bodies! They also love to eat the snow blind fish that is the best type of blind fish. Their meat is definitely more delicious than ours!”

Rinloran and Charlotte watched the three monsters promoting the two Lords and felt pity for them.

Ayrin had given them a huge trauma. Even now they were worried about getting eaten by him.

“In that case, if we go after the Ice Lord and Frost Lord, not only can I obtain the Ice Elemental Dragon Spirit, I may also make them into my monster companions?” Ayrin’s eyes sparkled, “What’s the use of that Ice Elemental Dragon Spirit? Can it be used to craft into an artifact?”

“You can make an artifact with it, yes. But it also has many other uses.” Rinloran took a deep breath and slowly explained, “We can only find out after we get our hands on it because it’s just so rare. It is said that there was only one instance where an arcane master from the ancient Kingdom of Doa discovered a Fire Elemental Dragon Spirit.”

“Is the Mountain Cleaving Titan closer or are Ice Lord and Frost Lord closer?” Ayrin asked with enthusiasm.

The three monsters felt relieved when they saw Ayrin’s group taking interest.

“The Mountain Cleaving Titan is closer!” The Swamp Lord immediately answered, “We can check out the Mountain Cleaving Titans first, then go after the Ice Lord and Frost Lord.”

“Bastard! Just because you’re humanoid, you can remain calm as there is little chance you will get eaten! Why don’t you say that the Ice Lord and Frost Lord are closer!?”

“You jerk, they seemed to be lost. Can’t you say that the Ice Lord and Frost Lord are closer and let them take out those two guys? That will help promote our safety!”

The Shoal Lord and Cave Lord became teary-faced after hearing the Swamp Lord’s answer. They cursed the Swamp Lord in a low voice and felt the urge to choke it.

“Oh right, why was I so honest? I didn’t think of that.” The Swamp Lord also became teary-faced.

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