Chapter 47: Bitter fight

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 47: Bitter fight


Ringel's brows bunched tightly together.

In Divine Shield Academy's courses, for arcane masters who already condensed arcane particles, the goal of every strike was to thoroughly strike the opponent down, not giving them any reprieve to counterattack.

He was clearly aware of the strength contained in that strike of his. It would be absolutely impossible to get back up from it normally.

However, Ayrin was currently slowly getting back on his feet in front of him. What on earth was this?

“Someone who can't even make it to the school team. You actually dared to mock Chris with that kind of level!”

Ayrin lifted his head, pain written across his face. No pain or fear could be seen inside his eyes however; there was only the raging fire of his desire for war within.

Ringel had believed victory firmly in his grasp, but such a gaze made him inexplicably retreat a step back.

“He can't even condense arcane particles. Many bones on his back are about to crack from a blow like this probably. He can unexpectedly still stand up?”

“Did Ringel show mercy?”

“Impossible, the noise from the blow right now, and he sent him away so far with the blow... He didn't show any mercy at all.”

“This Holy Dawn kid...”

The mocking laughs of the onlookers surrounding them turned into surprised discussions.

“So painful so painful!” Ayrin was in truth yelling madly in his mind.

The pain on his back was sharper than from any blow he'd ever taken before. He even had the suspicion the many bones on his back were covered in tiny bone cracks. This kind of sharp pain that sank deep into the bones caused his entire back to ooze with cold sweat nonstop.

But he still had to fight!

Because the opponent was someone who insulted Chris!

He actually insulted Chris who battled for Holy Dawn Academy until she almost paid with her life... Someone like this couldn't be forgiven!

“He's too fast, I have no way to follow his movements. I can only use that method!”

Ayrin made his decision as he watched Ringel retreat a step. He once again yelled at the top of his lungs, “Come, you trash who can't even make it to your academy's team!”

“Kid, you're too rampant!”

Ringel's face turned extremely unsightly! He was clearly the one who'd knocked the opponent down in a single strike, but the current atmosphere was as if his opponent was the victor instead.

He really couldn't stand this sort of atmosphere.

“You're looking for it!”

“Silent Blink!”

Countless magenta arcane particles gushed out under Ringel's feet. His entire person vanished from where he previously stood and crossed over a distance of a dozen meters in the blink of an eye, appearing behind Ayrin's back.


There came a scalp-numbing sound of a heavy blow hitting flesh.

His punch once again ruthlessly smashed on Ayrin's body.

“Ardent Whirlwinds!”

But just at this precise moment, ten crisscrossing whips of wind appeared from Ayrin's hand, slashing toward Ringel.


In this instant that brooked no delay, Ringel's feet lightly skimmed on the ground, his body wildly flying away.

But a wind whip scrapped the left of his cheek even so. A patch of skin immediately swelled red, bringing a fiery pain with it.

“You actually used such a way.”

“You can actually hit me!”

Ringel covered his burning cheek with his hand, watching Ayrin with astonishment.

“Sure enough, he can still use this method!” Moss clenched his fists so hard they made cracking sounds, his palms covered in sweat. Even the red hair on his head started to slowly stand erect. He knew that Ayrin felt he couldn't contend against this opponent, hence he went for an exchange where both suffered. Only, how much of an injury would he suffer after a blow from an opponent at Ringel's level, how much pain? Would he still be able to claw his way back up?

Ayrin's body heavily dropped on the ground, rolling again and again.

“He can actually withstand the pain after being hit and seize the opportunity to counterattack, this Holy Dawn guy...”

“Senior Ringel is so strong, but he still got hit on the face. Half his face is even swollen now.”

“Ringel's specialty lies in speed-type arcane skills. The pair of glasses he usually wears is the very pricey 'Differential Speed Crystal Glasses,' usually, all the slow movements look especially quick in his eyes. He uses this method to train his capacity to react. He couldn't pass the selection for the academy's team, but he still belongs to the powerful characters in our third year. I didn't expect this Holy Dawn Academy student who can't even condense arcane particles to hit his face!”

“If it were an opponent at the same arcane level, then he stood back from taking Ringel's first blow and used this type of method, maybe Ringel would be the one unable to stand up instead. But this Holy Dawn Academy guy is after all a mere freshman who can't condense arcane particle. This fight's still over.”

“What! He can still stand up!”

“Is this guy crazy? He wants to continue fighting even like this?”

What made all the spectators thoroughly shocked was, just when Ringel cupped his burning cheek and was watching at Ayrin on the ground in front of him, seemingly on the verge of opening his mouth and saying something, Ayrin actually lifted his body, his two hands pushing on the ground!

“Even this much wasn't enough?”

“Unexpectedly, I can't truly strike you down even like this, I just gave you a scratch!”

Such words came from Ayrin's throat. His whole back even seemed to be faintly twitching from the pain, and it was almost impossible to lift his head up. Yet, he still stood up.

“It looks like I have to do it like this for it to work...”

After saying such words, Ayrin slowly walked under everyone's shocked and confused stare to that barbecue shop nearby.

“What are you doing?” The thirty-something shop owner exclaimed in surprise. He felt that the current Ayrin, in his present state, was very fearsome.

“Bastard, hurry up and roast my fifty kebabs!”

Aryin roared at this shop owner, then grabbed a handful of spice from the barbecue grill beside him.

“Why did this guy grab spice, does he like eating spice?”

“Don't tell me this spice smeared on the barbecue can dull his pain?”

No one, not even Moss, knew what Ayrin was trying to do.

“Come! Bastard who can't even enter your academy's team but still dares to mock teams from other academies!”

Ayrin walked toward Ringel. Then all of a sudden, he firmly sprinkled the spice in his hand in Ringel's direction.

The spice dispersed in the air. Quite a bit of it scattered on Ringel's body.


Ringel turned once again angry and agitated because of Ayrin's weird actions and his previous words. But what no one knew was that, in Ayrin's eyes, the Ringel covered in barbecue spice was now just like a living giant barbecue!

“So painful! So hungry!”

“I must absolutely defeat him!”

“As long as I beat him, I can eat fifty kebabs!”

Under the food's scent and Ayrin's self-stimulation, Ayrin's body, just like during his painful training in the ball bouncing gym, burned with an even brighter fighting spirit!

“I actually have to see if you can still stand up this time!”

Ringel inexplicably lost control of his emotions under Ayrin's coercing pressure. A faint sense of dread even rose in his heart. Right now, Ringel only had a single thought in mind: he had to thoroughly knock Ayrin out!

“Silent Blink!”

His figure, together with a burst of arcane particles, once again vanished from where he stood. He didn't reappear behind Ayrin this time, but appeared in front of him.


His fist tore through the air and mercilessly smashed on Ayrin's chest.

A muffled sound of flesh striking flesh echoed in the air, making everyone's chest shake, as if a great hammer was ruthlessly pounding their own chest.


However, everyone, including the Ringel who'd struck Ayrin's chest, all had their breaths cut off at this moment.

“Puff!” “Puff!”

Two pounding sounds boomed at the same time under Ayrin's feet. A violent force surged from Ayrin at this instant. There was wild, savage power that rose from within his body and burst out along his legs.

His legs tightly supported his body. He actually didn't fly out even suffering such a blow from Ringel, but tightly stood where he was instead.

“Not good!”

Ringel immediately saw Ayrin ferociously lift his head as soon as such an incredulous thought flashed in his mind. Ayrin's face burning with a terrifying desire for war appeared in his eyes; it seemed especially malevolent.

“Explosive Air Surge!”

Then his entire vision was filled by a fist and a blast of air.


Ringel's body wholly flipped over and flew backward, heavily crashing on the ground!


The surroundings were deathly still for an instant, then burst out with a giant cry of alarm.

Ringel lay on the ground, his hands pressing on his belly. His entire body was curled up, and he seemed to be momentarily unable to breathe because of the pain. He couldn't even yell in pain.

Ayrin's two feet supported his body like two iron pillars, but at this moment, he finally swayed, then fell backward.

Moss' fists throbbed with pain because he was clenching them too hard. He jumped up in place like a madman the instant he saw Ringel struck down by Ayrin's fist. He waved his fists, yelled wildly.

The next moment, seeing Ayrin topple on the ground, Moss immediately shouted like a madman, “How are you Ayrin? Are you okay Ayrin?”

“Don't... come over... it's a... fight between... the two of us...”

Ayrin's voice rose once again. It was disjointed, stopping on and off, but it actually carried with it a power that awed hearts and minds, preventing Moss from going forward.

“Hiss...” A collective intake of cold air.

Everyone saw Ayrin still persevering, still struggling to stand up.

His hands pressed on the ground, constantly pushing. He kept failing, failing to get his body up, but he still pushed, still tried to get up!

“You... you're dead now!”

Ringel's voice also rose.

He sat up, gasping for breath in pain, his face distorted.

It seemed as if he couldn't get up either for the moment, but his situation seemed a little better than Ayrin's.

“Come then! Kebab!”

Ayrin's consciousness was a little blurred. He couldn't even remember Ringel's name for a moment, so Ringel became kebab in his mouth. Every muscle and every bone inside him seemed to be shuddering, seemed to be hurting as if they were broken. But what stopped everyone's breath once again was, he actually, swaying back and forth, stood up, stood up even faster than Ringel.

“I'm going to kill you!”

Ringel also stood up. His face was incomparably pale, because of the sharp pain. He was also soaked in cold sweat from head to toe. Drip after drip of sweat fell down from the tips of his hair.

Being forced into such a corner by a freshman who couldn't even condense arcane particles, even being knocked on the ground. This absolutely was a huge shame!

An astounding murderous intent radiated from his body. Magenta arcane particles seeped out from his arms and legs, as if out of control.

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