Chapter 466: Become A Monster Summoner! Monster Trio Summoner

Chapter 466: Become A Monster Summoner! Monster Trio Summoner


“I told you to stop talking! It really affects my appetite!”

Ayrin retreated hastily while devouring the meat in the pan.

“This also counts as affecting appetite?” Meraly almost fainted. In just a moment, Ayrin devoured the fish soup.


The huge black swirl landed and exploded into countless spinning water currents.

Ayrin was blasted by dozens of water currents. The pan in his hand was smashed and the remaining fish soup splashed onto the ground.

“My meat!” Ayrin shouted with regret.

“It’s not your meat, it’s the Cave Lord’s meat.” Stingham looked at the maddened Cave Lord with pity.

“Merlin, fix the pan.”

“You bastard. We agreed to fight later. You made a surprise attack again!” Ayrin seemed to be angry. He threw the pan to Merlin and exerted his strength to charge towards the Cave Lord.

“Cave Master: Bottomless Cave!”

The Cave Lord did not dare to use Cell Division again. Even the remaining clone returned to its body after splitting into particles again.

The black trails left in the battle before rapidly flowed and seeped into the ground.

A deep passage suddenly appeared before Ayrin. A strong suction force dragged him towards it.

“This is the strongest forbidden skill of the Cave Lord. It can suck the opponent into its dwelling, the dark cave that’s deep underwater!”

Grandmaster Yi’s expression suddenly became grim. He quickly warned, “This is not an arcane skill you can endure with resilience alone!”

“You don’t want to fight a battle of attrition anymore?”

“Perfect. Let’s finish it now!”

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Lunar God’s Domain!”

Ayrin was almost sucked into the dark passage. However, at that moment, the area around his body shook and an extremely terrifying arcane energy fluctuation reverberated.

At the same time, a massive white moon suddenly appeared in the dark passage.

A strong domain power spread out from the moon.

“Adi Ayu Duno!”

The Cave Lord screamed in shock. It felt so scared that it used the language of its own race instead of the Doraster common language. Nobody knew the meaning of those words.

The huge moon was clearly a unique domain, its arcane power possessing a strong repelling trait.

The arcane power from its Bottomless Cave was repelled by the domain, making it unable to suck in the huge moon.

The scene appeared to be a big black mouth biting on a white pearl it could not swallow.

What shocked it more was that its own body was dragged towards the moon by the domain power.

“This is the Lunar God’s Domain gifted by Cocktail Grandmaster Leonardo? When did he learn that?”

Stingham and Rinloran were perplexed.

They suddenly felt pity for Leonardo.

It was a forbidden skill Leonardo could not learn after spending years of his youth on it, but Ayrin could already use it.

“What the hell is this domain!?”

The Cave Lord was dragged into the Lunar God’s Domain.

The scenery before it was pure white, as if countless Ayrins were moving about. It was unable to distinguish real from fake.

“Deep Water: Heavy Pressure Release!”

The two heads madly roared. Dozens of black water droplets manifested around its body. In the next instant, they exploded.

It was a unique talent forbidden skill. It was able to draw water droplets from deep underwater and compress the droplets with its own arcane power.

When suddenly released, the pressure difference between the water droplets and the surroundings would create a terrifying explosive force.

Such forbidden skills were generally called export skills, referring to items from a different place getting transported into battle.


The arcane power impact looked like countless black swords piercing through. The dazzling white light and countless wavering silhouettes disappeared.

Ayrin’s real body appeared in its sight not far in front of it.

However, a layer of light shielded Ayrin’s body.


Just as the black water splashes hit the light shield, the crimson gold longsword in his hand slashed out.

A unique layer of light covered the crimson gold longsword.

“Ah!” A pained scream could be heard.

All the others could see were countless black water pillars gushing out from the Lunar God’s Domain, while the Lunar God’s Domain bloated up and exploded as if it was filled with too much water.

Ayrin and the Cave Lord were blown out along with the explosion.

At the same time, a big fish head also flew out.

The Cave Lord was bleeding profusely.

One of its heads was decapitated by Ayrin.

“Even the Cave Lord cannot match him!” The Shoal Lord and Swamp Lord shivered in fright.

The Cave Lord was the strongest existence amongst them. If even the Cave Lord could not beat Ayrin, they would definitely not be able to fight him in a one-on-one.

“Let’s continue this fight later!” Ayrin suddenly shouted after severing one of the Cave Lord’s heads.

“Is he going to cook that fish head immediately again?”

The Shoal Lord and Swamp Lord shuddered.

As expected, Ayrin called out to Merlin, “Brave warrior Merlin, is the pan fixed?”

At the same time, Ayrin quickly washed and cut the fish head.

A pan that seemed to be newly made and bigger in size than the previous one was thrown to Ayrin.

“Let’s braise this!”

Ayrin immediately threw the fish head into the pan and added seasoning.

“He’s really going to eat it! So cruel!”

“I don’t want to fight anymore!”

The Shoal Lord and Swamp Lord, and especially the Cave Lord which got one of its heads chopped off, were completely frightened. They turned around to run.

“Don’t run!” Seeing the three monsters trying to run, Ayrin immediately shouted, “That hairy human-like Swamp Lord can leave, the crocodile cannot! We also need to interrogate you! If you dare to run, I won’t fight fair and square. I will use the Treasured Book of Sealing!”


A sharp sword flash shot out.

The winged crocodile-like Shoal Lord cried in pain and a sword hole appeared on its body.

“You don’t believe me huh!? Never mind, I will use the weakest domain first!”

“Domain of Time!”

A unique domain power immediately radiated out from Ayrin’s palm.

“He treats Domain of Time as the weakest domain?”

“What sword skill is this? Even the thick skin of the Shoal Lord was penetrated!”

The three monsters became teary-faced. Their bodies stiffened up and they did not dare to run anymore.

“So fragrant!” Ayrin shouted in excitement.

The firepower of the Burning Gem was great. It did not take long to braise the fish head.

“How cruel! Are we supposed to be the monster or you? You actually made us stay and watch you eat the fish head......”

The three monsters shivered in fright. Even their teeth were clattering.


Suddenly, the Swamp Lord calmed down a little and looked relieved.

“What’s lucky!?” The shivering Shoal Lord and Cave Lord thought the Swamp Lord broke down from fear.

“At least I won’t be eaten. Since I’m hairy and look human, he said he will get a trauma if he eats me.” The Swamp Lord spoke with a low volume.

At that moment, Ayrin’s excited comments could be heard, “So fragrant! It’s delicious. Stingham, do you want to try it!? Even the River Bend Academy’s Laboratory doesn’t have many fish heads as big as this one.”


The Shoal Lord and Cave Lord immediately broke down.

“We surrender!” The two monsters screamed with teary faces.

The tears of the Shoal Lord were especially unique. They solidified immediately after flowing out, becoming shiny gems.

“I also surrender!” The Swamp Lord immediately followed.

Rinloran and Meraly lamented.

Monsters were creatures that were extremely ferocious. They usually fought to the death instead of surrendering. If they had any strength left, they would even explode themselves so that nothing useful would be left for the arcane masters.

However, the two monsters before them actually surrendered. It showed just how much of a psychological trauma Ayrin’s consumption of their meat gave them.

“He’s really an arcane master that cannot be estimated.” Even Ferguillo who was always calm had a strange expression.

“Surrender? Not fighting anymore?”

Ayrin seemed to be confused at first, then looked disappointed. He mumbled to himself, “If they surrender, then I can’t kill the crocodile and black fish. I may not be able to satisfy my hunger......”

“We definitely won’t fight anymore! We surrender! Don’t kill us! We are definitely sincere!”

The three monsters heard Ayrin’s mumble and became even more frightened. They kept pleading, “Don’t you arcane masters have various kinds of contract skills or summoning skills? We can become your summoning subordinates and fight alongside you!”

“Summoning subordinate? Monster companion?”

Ayrin’s eyes sparkled.

Monster summoners were powerful individuals. According to Teacher Liszt, one of the Maelstrom Team members could summon three powerful monsters in one go.

It was extremely rare to find someone who could do that in the entire Doraster Continent.

Would he be able to obtain three monster companions all at once?

Ayrin immediately became excited and called out to the three mentally broken monsters, “Are you telling me the truth? Will you really become my monster companions?”

“Of course, Master, please keep us.” The three monsters pleaded with a teary face.

“Sure! Let’s be good friends. I will treat you to fish!” Ayrin happily pointed at the pan before him.

“No!” The three monsters screamed and completely broke down.

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