Chapter 464: Temptation Of Food

Chapter 464: Temptation Of Food



Even the Shoal Lord which resembled a crocodile could not help but raise its voice, “You actually wanted to eat us?”

“Child, you are humorous. You can even joke at such a time. You’re very calm.” Grandmaster Yi almost tripped from Ayrin’s words and smacked his cane on the ground.

“Grandmaster Yi, what he said is real!”

Stingham wanted to cry, “He’s a glutton monster, he even eats Evil Toutous!”

“Ayrin you pervert! If you can think of eating in this place, why didn’t you think of eating when you killed the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon and Emperor Evil Eye?” Stingham complained to Ayrin again.

“The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon was too old and poisonous. I might get a stomach ache if I ate it. Emperor Evil Eye looked too similar to a human and it also ate humans. I definitely won’t eat it.” Ayrin looked at the surrounding with a serious expression, “Plus, this place is great. There’s clean spring water to wash and cook.”

“He means it?”

“They even killed a Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon?”

The three lords shivered.

“They must be pretending, those are fabricated lies to scare us away. They are merely four-gate arcane masters.” After the atmosphere became stagnant for a few seconds, the fish head Swamp Lord sneered.

“It looks like a fish head if you ignore the rest...... Can we just eat the fish head? Never mind, a standing monster still looks too much like a human. I shouldn’t eat its head, even though it must be nutritious...... Never mind, I would surely get a trauma if I eat......”

However, the Swamp Lord stiffened when it heard Ayrin mumble.

Is he really treating us as food?

The Shoal Lord and Cave Lord also felt a little scared, chills running down their back.

Grandmaster Yi stomped his cane on the ground, turned around to glance at Ayrin and spoke in a serious tone, “I suggest that all of you just leave. It’s better for all of us, I don’t think he’s bluffing.”

“This old man looks too fake, it must be a lie. He looks like a con man!”

The three monsters were hesitating, but they began laughing menacingly once they saw Grandmaster Yi.

“What? You ugly monsters dare call me a con man?” Grandmaster Yi became furious. He roared out while swinging the cane in his hand, “You wanna die!?”

Everyone thought Grandmaster Yi would attack.

“Ayrin, go, teach them a lesson for me!” However, they became dumbfounded when Grandmaster Yi jumped back to stand behind Ayrin’s group and called out to Ayrin.

“Sure! Who’s first!?”

Ayrin got used to having one-on-one duels with the wind department arcane masters and forgot that the opponents were not arcane masters, but ferocious monsters. He immediately entered his battle maniac state, stepped forward and shouted at the three monsters.


Since they have the numerical advantage, a one-on-one is more advantageous for us.

Plus, it will let us gauge their strength.

The three monsters looked at one another and noticed similar expressions.

Ayrin suddenly added, “But that fish head monster over there better not come. I will get a trauma just by looking at you, it will affect my appetite.”

“You still dare to be arrogant even now!”

The Swamp Lord’s expression twisted in anger.

“I changed my mind. I won’t simply kill you, I will turn you into my slave!”

Waves of powerful arcane energy surged out from the Swamp Lord along with its roar.


Dozens of swamp currents surged out from the water before it, becoming a swamp monster about the same size as it. The swamp monster slammed its fist towards Ayrin.

“What’s this creepy arcane skill!?”

“So powerful!”

Meraly was shocked. A clear power brand appeared in front of the fist, bringing along gusts of raging wind.

“An interesting arcane skill!”

Ayrin’s eyes gleamed instead.


He did not evade. The moment the swamp monster’s fist hit his body, his fist also slammed into the swamp monster’s body.


It was similar to a clash between two hills.

A shock wave spread out from Ayrin’s feet and water splashed up from the surface.

Ayrin stood steadily other than a small tremble.

On the other hand, the swamp monster had half of its body collapse from Ayrin’s punch.

“Such a powerful physical strength?”

The three lord monsters were taken aback.

Judging from Ayrin’s arcane energy fluctuation, he should be an arcane master who just opened his fourth gate. However, the power behind that punch was definitely not something a four-gate arcane master could reach.


Although the Swamp Lord was shocked, its casting speed still exceeded Ayrin’s. With a loud explosion, the collapsed swamp monster abruptly scattered into dust and stuck onto Ayrin’s body.

Ayrin immediately became a silhouette of dust, even his face was covered by it.

“Absolute Demon Killing Blades!”

Ayrin did not panic. He chanted an arcane skill and four lotus leaf-like blades suddenly appeared around the Swamp Lord.


The Swamp Lord could sense Ayrin’s attack approaching and unleashed its arcane particles to defend. However, at that moment, it suddenly felt dizzy and saw bizarre images.

Psst! Psst! Psst! Psst!

That moment of delay caused it to suffer four deep wounds as the four blades cut into its body.

“What happened?”

The Swamp Lord retreated back in shock. It saw the swamp dust falling off from Ayrin’s body.

It was an impossible phenomenon.

The Suffocating Dust it used was even more powerful than Suffocating Domain! Under the effect of arcane power, the fine dust obtained astonishing stickiness, enough to stick to anyone. The layer of dust would get thicker and thicker, until the opponent became unable to move and eventually died from suffocation.

“How strange!”

The other two monsters were also shocked.

They could feel the power within the Swamp Lord’s forbidden skill was gradually whittled away by Ayrin’s body.

“You want to make me suffocate! Fine!”

“Holy Body Ignition!”

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

Ayrin did not stop and burst out from the dust cloud like a volcano eruption. His fist reached the retreating Swamp Lord in an instant.


The Swamp Lord crossed its arm before its body and blocked Ayrin’s fist.

However, its huge body was gliding back and the four wounds opened up even further, causing blood to flow out profusely.

Ayrin wanted to pursue the Swamp Lord, but suddenly felt danger and retreated over a dozen meters.

A black shadow appeared where he originally stood.

The Cave Lord appeared from that shadow and guarded the Swamp Lord.

“Shameless! Despicable! You agreed to a one-on-one, yet you suddenly attacked!” Stingham immediately started cursing.

“Ayrin, be careful. They have high intelligence. This Cave Lord clearly wants to give the Swamp Lord time to treat its wounds. Otherwise, even if the Swamp Lord eventually won, it would be gravely injured and affect their overall fighting strength. Also, you need to pay attention as every time the Cave Lord moves, it will leave behind a black shadow. Don’t fight against it while standing inside the shadow. The shadow will cause arcane damage to you!” Meraly warned Ayrin.

“The black trail left behind contained arcane power and would cause arcane damage huh? That’s a rare ability, but I will definitely defeat it!” Ayrin confidently shouted. His eyes were only looking at the delicious food.

This kind of big fish must be delicious!

There are two heads, one can be used in soup, the other for barbeque. It must be nutritious. My power will definitely grow after eating it!

“You’re strong. I will face you one-on-one.” The Cave Lord spoke.

Ayrin’s strength exceeded their estimation. They were afraid that if the rest of the group were as strong as Ayrin, they would be at a great disadvantage if it turned into a brawl. Hence, it wanted to use words to calm the other side down.

“Fine, but you better not talk. If I recall that a big fish can speak, I might get a trauma when eating you.” Ayrin said with a serious expression.


The Cave Lord was genuinely furious. Regardless of whether Ayrin was really going to eat it or not, that attitude was a great humiliation to it.

A huge black swirl suddenly appeared beneath Ayrin.

The powerful sucking force dragged Ayrin into the water.

“World of Water!”

“Warlock Variation!”

A huge cubic water body suddenly appeared around Ayrin as another ring of dazzling light spread out from him.


The huge cubic water body suddenly mutated, becoming countless spherical water pearls. Every water pearl could contain a person. The weight of each water pearl seemed to have increased to the extreme.

The countless heavy water pearls fell into the swirl below Ayrin, making the swirl gradually stop spinning.

Ayrin rushed out of the water.

“Haha! I haven’t used Warlock Variation for a long time, I didn’t expect it to really work.” The moment Ayrin rushed out, he even laughed proudly.

“Bastard! You actually dare to test your luck in this kind of battle!”

Meraly was drenched in cold sweat. She could not hold back her scolding.

The Cave Lord’s arcane skill also focused on strength, and it clearly had much greater arcane power than Ayrin. She even thought that Ayrin could not resist it.

“It’s fine. Ayrin hasn’t used his Holy Gate of Life. Even if he failed, there’s a chance to resolve it by force.” Hearing Meraly’s scolding, Charlotte explained, “And he usually uses an unexpected method to defeat the opponent.”


Ayrin’s fist approached the Cave Lord.

A screen of mist appeared before the Cave Lord and blocked the fist, while its body was pushed back by the impact.

“Got you!”

However, the Cave Lord sneered at the same time.

A black trail was glittering along the path it was pushed back. Ayrin was standing on that trail.

“Is it? It doesn’t seem to have any effect. Did you forget to cast the arcane skill?”

However, Ayrin just laughed it off. He seemed to become more energetic and charged forward without pausing. In just a flash, his fist crashed into the Cave Lord’s body.


The four eyes of the Cave Lord popped wide open in disbelief. Its abdomen caved in from the impact and two gushes of water spilled out from its two mouths.

“What happened?” Meraly asked, surprised.

“Why does he seem stronger than normal?” Rinloran was also surprised. He felt that Ayrin’s condition was exceedingly well.

“It must be the temptation of food!” Stingham cried dried tears, “This guy always encourages himself with food when training. He would eat something delicious if he managed to complete a set of training.”

“He really wants to eat them? It’s not just a bluff?” Meraly was completely petrified.

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