Chapter 462: Deviant Six

Chapter 462: Deviant Six


“What!? At least thirty to forty arcane teams participated in the encirclement of the Holy Dawn Academy team and were annihilated?”

“It’s done by only half of the team? That bizarre Ayrin and high elf Rinloran were not even there?”

“Even Golden Statue Kanhur and the Demonic Monster Team were killed. Baratheon’s dragon egg is not so easy to earn.”

While Ayrin’s group met up with Charlotte, the news of the battles on the border had already spread out and shocked the entire Doraster Continent.

“They assassinated House Roland’s Guardian Dragon and Emperor Evil Eye in one day? They even defeated House Roland’s strongest arcane team afterwards?”

“They forced House Roland to enter a truce with House Eclipse Moon?”

Soon, some arcane teams obtained news regarding the reason Baratheon and House Roland retreated from the territory of House Eclipse Moon.

“This is no longer on the level of fiends, right? They are totally deviants!”

“They are not the new Evil Six, they are the Deviant Six!”

As the news spread, many arcane teams getting ready to subjugate the Holy Dawn Academy team immediately reconsidered.

So many arcane teams went to kill the Holy Dawn Academy team, but almost all of them were annihilated. If we go after them, won’t we end up the same way?

Holy Dawn Academy team’s Ayrin, Chris, Rinloran, Moss, Belo and Stingham also obtained the nickname Holy Dawn Deviant Six.


“What a majestic city!”

Ayrin’s group rushed to the entrance of the Doa Royal City without wasting any time.

It was noon. As the sun shone down on Doa Royal City, Ayrin’s group was mesmerized by the scenery.

“Many cities in our Kingdom of Eiche were built along mountains. But your Kingdom of Doa built a mountain of a city!”

Ayrin rubbed his eyes and could not fathom how the city was built.

He assumed that Doa Royal City was built on a mountain and just looked a little dazzling when he was still far away. However, as he got closer he realized it was actually a city built on the plains that reached the height of a mountain.

“How did they transport such huge stones and stack them up on top of each other?”

Ayrin could not hold back his exclamation. The reason he was certain the city was not built on a mountain was because of the seams on the building walls. They indicated that the wall was connected by stones dozens of meters tall.

“Don’t make a fuss.”

Grandmaster Yi expressed disdain towards the scenery as he stood next to Ayrin’s group, “The current Doa Royal City was rebuilt after the War with Dragons. It’s nothing like it was before the War. During the construction of the earliest ancient Doa Royal City, there were even Dragons helping out along with Giants. The terrifying Dragons flew around the sky with huge stones the size of a large ship hung from their body. The Giants transported the materials. Countless huge pulleys and metal construction golems made by Artificers were used for the construction. That past scenery was truly astonishing.”

“So incredible!” Stingham seemed to think of it as natural, “But I think that the Dragons and Giants during that time were really stupid. Otherwise, why would they help the humans to build a city instead of building one for themselves?”

“You’re the stupid one!” Meraly despised Stingham, “Haven’t you attended history or academic classes in the Holy Dawn Academy? Dragons and Giants possess natural superhuman strength. On the other hand, the weak human race possessed the best creativity and imagination that was acknowledged by all other races. Trade, invention, construction...... every powerful race during that era acknowledged it was the ancient human kingdoms that led all the other kingdoms to a more enjoyable life. Even if we trace back further, the trade center of the entire Doraster Continent has always been the gathering place of the human race.”

“The strong likes to plunder, but not to create and accumulate.” Rinloran nodded and recited an ancient saying.

“We haven’t attended any history or academic classes. Since we are first years in the Holy Dawn Academy, there were only some fundamental training lessons. Unlike you, flat-chest, who is an old student in the Golden Academy.” Stingham looked triumphantly at Meraly, “But you still can’t beat us first years who only had fundamental training lessons despite having attended so many classes. It seems like the education in the Kingdom of Doa is questionable.”

“The education in the Kingdom of Doa is questionable? That’s because even the prince is an idiot like you!” Meraly was enraged again.

“Enough, don’t waste time. Prepare to enter the sewer with me, but your wind and shadow department friends should stay here.” Grandmaster Yi scolded and waved his hand to the House Swashe members at the back. “The more people there are, the easier it is for arcane energy detection devices to sense us, especially arcane masters with five gates.”

“Yeah, Teacher Liszt let us enter the Hunting Forest of House Roland by ourselves for that reason.” Ayrin nodded, then suddenly realized something and looked at Grandmaster Yi in surprise, “Grandmaster Yi, didn’t you say that you will go with us? Could it be that you also haven’t opened the fifth gate?”

“I’m different.” Grandmaster Yi stomped his cane on the ground and proudly spoke, “The content of my training is different. Most of my arcane particles have been fused into heavy particles, so they may not discover me even when you are discovered.”

“Would you please let me follow you?” Beshe pleaded while being carried by a different arcane master, “Big brother Ayrin, I also want to help you and fight alongside all of you.”

“No, your mental strength is too powerful. Even I can sense your mental fluctuations. You will be easily discovered if you go in.” Grandmaster Yi immediately shook his head.

“You’re still injured. Also, you’re now the sole successor of House Swashe. You must not meet any accident.” Ayrin swung his fist, “Brave warrior Beshe, become as healthy as me first! When your body is as healthy as mine, we can fight together! How about that?”

“Big brother Ayrin, do you mean it!?” A flame of hope lit up in Beshe’s eyes.

“Of course, a brave warrior never lies!” Ayrin guaranteed in a serious tone.

“What a childish conversation!” Meraly muttered.

“Let’s go!”

Grandmaster Yi led the way. He guided them through the streets until they entered a slum area outside the city.

“So smelly!”

“Are we really going in from here?”

Soon, they came across a waste river. The source of the river looked like a huge fountain. Dirty water gushed out along with various kinds of waste.

“I originally thought here would be better than St. Lauren, but there are also waste rivers formed by the gushing dirty water in this kind of city.” Ayrin mumbled, but his stomach grumbled.

“No way? You can still get hungry when facing this kind of waste river?” Stingham shouted in disbelief.

Ayrin blushed, “It’s not that. It was just a coincidence as we had too little for breakfast.”

“Too little for breakfast?” Meraly speechlessly looked at Ayrin, “You finished up all the leftovers. That was enough to fill five peoples’ share.”

“Maybe it’s because I have been practising Psyche Style forbidden arts which is very exhausting.” Ayrin embarrassedly scratched his head and explained.

“This is the entrance? We need to pass through here to enter the sewer?” Stingham retched while looking at the huge fountain created by the gushing foul water, “You guys can go in, I will stand watch here.”

“What’s the matter? According to your story, weren’t you washed out from here?” Ayrin looked at him strangely and commented.

“I......” Stingham was stunned and almost fainted.

“Pff!” Meraly laughed as she finally got one back on Stingham. She decided that if Stingham called her flat-chest in the future, she would call him sewer boy.

“Can...... Can I stay outside?” At that moment, Rinloran suddenly called out.

“Ah?” Meraly did not expect that. She turned around and saw Rinloran sweating with a pale face.

“I...... I am obsessed with hygiene.” Rinloran explained with difficulty.

“You can just run in with arcane energy wrapped around you. It’s big inside. As long as you go past this hole, inside will be a clean passage.” Grandmaster Yi explained.

“That’s right, how can a true brave warrior be afraid of a dirty water fountain!” Ayrin agreed.

“But there’s poop!”

Stingham also paled. He saw a pile of poop as large as a basin drifting past. The owner of the poop was unknown.

“There’s no poop.” Ayrin squinted his eyes to indicate Stingham not to say anymore. Otherwise, Rinloran would freak out.

“There is!” However, Stingham did not notice Ayrin’s gesture. He pointed at the pile of drifting poop with a pale face and cried, “Can’t you see that basin-sized pile!?”

“What poop can reach the size of a basin? That’s definitely not poop.” Ayrin justified.

“Then what is it if not poop!?” Stingham wanted to vomit.

“It may be a child.” Ayrin suggested.

Stingham almost vomited blood.

“Haha!” Meraly laughed out without any ladylike manners, “Yeah, it might be a child.”

“Enough nonsense! I will throw whoever doesn’t want to go down into the hole!”

Grandmaster Yi knocked with his cane, “I will count down from three, everyone will rush in together!”

“Sure!” Ayrin swung his fist and shouted with fighting spirit.

“Three...... Two...... One!”

“Ah! Ayrin, why did you hug me and jump instead of hugging Charlotte!?” Stingham’s desperate scream could be heard.

“Haha, that’s because you will surely run away.” Ayrin shouted.

“Grandmaster Yi, you’re despicable! You kicked me down......” Rinloran’s despairing scream could also be heard.

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