Chapter 460: Support From Wind And Shadow Department

Chapter 460: Support From Wind And Shadow Department


“Incredible!” Ayrin’s eyes gleamed as he shouted.

It truly felt otherworldly a moment ago.

Meraly watched the fallen Tzanshe and spat out, “You deserve it!”

“Meraly, don’t be like that. I only called you a flat-chest girl......” A voice called out.


They turned around in reflex and found Stingham looking at Meraly with a sad expression.

“You have recovered? You didn’t become an idiot?” Meraly exclaimed. However, she felt something wrong and changed her words, “You didn’t become more idiotic?”

“My head hurts. Do you have any sympathy? Still saying I deserved it.” Stingham habitually flicked his hair, “I’m the most handsome!”

“He’s still the same!” Ayrin and Rinloran rolled their eyes.

“How do you feel?” Ferguillo looked at Stingham and asked with a serious tone, “Do you remember anything?”

“There was a big green dragon in my head, and a really big stick......” Stingham suddenly sat down, “I feel dizzy, let me rest for a while.”

“Really big stick? Is it Teacher Rui’s black stick?” Ayrin sweated profusely.

“Regardless of whether this guy will become more idiotic or not in future, someone has definitely become an idiot right now.” Rinloran’s chilling voice could be heard.

Everyone turned their gaze back to the fallen Tzanshe.

Tzanshe did not die. He actually sat up again, but he was foaming and stupidly laughing while playing with the soil.

Every wind department arcane master looked at one another and gathered.


Next, the wind department arcane masters greeted Beshe.

“All of you are interesting, can we be friends now?” Ayrin excitedly looked at the wind department arcane masters, “You, can you fight me?”

“......” The wind department arcane masters almost fell down.

“What are you doing?” Meraly could not understand Ayrin. The battle was finally over and the wind department arcane masters loyal to House Swashe would serve Beshe from now on. However, Ayrin was still asking to fight them.

“They are all very strong. They also used arcane skills and fighting methods I have never seen before. If I fight them, I can learn many things.” Ayrin spoke with passion and expectation.

“I see, you’re really a battle and training maniac. No wonder you’re so strong at such a young age.” The wind department arcane masters let out a sigh of relief and showed a respectful expression.

“Can we eat hotpot while watching Ayrin spar against each of you?” Stingham asked, then added, “I feel dizzy.”

“What does dizziness have to do with hotpot? You idiot, are you going to stop feeling dizzy after eating hotpot!?” Rinloran lamented again.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!......

Several shadows rushed past roads and fields with astonishing speed.

Those shadows wore masks with the ‘Psychic’-character, but their arcane robes were grey.

They were House Swashe’s shadow department arcane masters.

During the House Swashe revolt, after Yinreizou brought Beshe and escaped House Swashe, the shadow department arcane masters were also forced to go into hiding. Yinreizou and Beshe kept running away from their pursuers. So, the shadow department arcane masters also could not know where Yinreizou and Beshe had escaped to.

A shadow department arcane master suddenly noticed a large movement from the wind department, with Tzanshe leading the group. Hence, they deduced that Beshe and Yinreizou had been found.

As the scattered shadow department arcane masters gathered, they also had a bad premonition. They were not sure if they could make it in time.

Spear Spring Village was within their sight.

“Powerful arcane energy fluctuations! The battle is still going on!” a shadow department arcane master exclaimed. The arcane energy detection device in his hand showed obvious light dots flashing.

“Over there!”

He immediately pointed to a plain at the side of Spear Spring Village.


There’s still hope.

The shadow department arcane masters almost went berserk.

Light caused by fire and arcane shock waves reflected in their eyes.


However, when they arrived at the scene, they were dumbfounded.

They saw Beshe and Yinreizou, as well as a few youths, sitting in a circle with the wind department arcane masters eating hotpot. They were heartily eating while cheering for a youth fighting against a wind department arcane master like spectators.

That group seemed so intimate that they were like brothers in arms who had spent years at the frontline.

Off to the side, their target of hatred, Tzanshe, was crawling amongst cats and dogs with dull eyes.

“What’s going on?” The shadow department arcane masters started worrying that they had fallen into some sort of Psychic Style forbidden skill.

“Uncle Yinzufu!”

The moment Beshe saw the shadow department arcane masters, he became excited and shouted to the arcane master at the front while waving his hand.

“Arcane masters from the shadow department?” Meraly realized that they were not enemies and relaxed.

“Another group has come. Haha, the hotpot party is getting more bustling. Quick, go catch some wild rabbits or something.” Stingham shouted with even more excitement.

“The battle is over?”

“They are from the Holy Dawn Academy team? The Swashe God-killing Art that hit Beshe was dispelled by them and Tzanshe was subsequently defeated?”

After a few minutes, the shadow department arcane masters desperately rushing over finally understood the series of events that had taken place here.

“Isn’t he way too sturdy and strong?”

They were astonished by Ayrin. In the last few minutes, Ayrin had fought against different wind department arcane masters. However, instead of getting tired, Ayrin seemed to be getting more and more energetic as he fought.

After another few minutes, the astonishment turned into bewilderment.

They could sense that Ayrin was an arcane master who had just opened his fourth gate. However, his arcane particles seemed to be inexhaustible.

He had almost fought against all of the wind department arcane masters, and was still on track for a clean sweep.

“Psychic Sword: Sealing Stigma!”

Ayrin suddenly chanted. Several sword-like transparent lights flashed and stuck to the wind department arcane master he was sparring with.

The wind department arcane master’s body stiffened.


The wind and shadow department arcane masters eating hotpot some distance away jumped up in shock.

A wind department arcane master who had just caught a wild sheep from somewhere shuddered and screamed in disbelief, “How can you know my arcane skill?”

“Haha, I just learned it. Your arcane skill is quite simple. But I have almost learned another one too.”

Ayrin scratched his head in embarrassment and laughed.

Next, he chanted again, “Absolute Demon Killing Blades!”

Suddenly, four lotus leaf-like blades soundlessly appeared in the empty space before him and rapidly cut towards the center.

At the same time, a unique mental shock wave reverberated between the four lotus leaves.

“That’s my......” Another wind department arcane master’s mouth twitched. The chopsticks in his hand fell into the hotpot.

“Big brother Ayrin, are you really able to learn these arcane skills without going through special mental training?” Beshe’s eyes glittered.

“Does Logic Fingers count as mental training?”

Ayrin’s fingers rapidly moved. He used the Logic Fingers that helped him to concentrate quickly.

“Apart from this finger skill that helps you concentrate by attracting your gaze, you have not gone through any special mental training?” Beshe continued to ask.

“What kind of mental training is that? He didn’t even do the most common spinning water and soybean stacking training......” Perhaps getting more familiar with Ayrin’s group, a few wind department arcane masters shouted with frustration.

“What’s spinning water and soybean stacking?” Ayrin immediately became excited and asked.

“It’s the most simple mental training method. Keep some water in your hand and make it spin using your mental strength. Clockwise, anticlockwise, then eventually dividing it into multiple swirls and having them move in different directions, some clockwise, some anticlockwise. You need to be able to control it whatever way you can imagine, that’s called spinning water. As for soybean stacking, you need to use mental strength to stack soybeans up as high as possible. Soybeans are round, so you can only stack them up with fine control of mental strength.” a wind department arcane master quickly explained.

“It doesn’t sound so difficult.” Ayrin thought for a moment and laughed.

“......” A group of wind department arcane masters almost put their heads into the hotpot.

The spinning water and soybean stacking training usually took a few years to pass, but Ayrin said it was not so difficult.

“If you have not even done the most fundamental mental training, it means you have a natural talent for mental control. You also have a great learning ability.” Beshe took a deep breath and turned to Yinreizou, “Uncle Rei, big brother Ayrin really seems to be able to learn some powerful forbidden skills of our Psychic Style.”

Yinreizou understood the meaning in Beshe’s words. He paused for a moment, then looked at Beshe with a serious expression, “From now on, you can decide what you want to do. After all, you are the new master of House Swashe.”

“Great!” Beshe exclaimed. He looked at Ayrin with expectation, “Big brother Ayrin, I will tell you some advanced training methods and some forbidden skill casting methods of our House Swashe. See if you can learn them.”

“Really!?” Ayrin jumped up in excitement.


“Big brother Ayrin, why did all of you come to the Kingdom of Doa?”

“We are going to investigate why Jean Camus disappeared. He left me a letter saying he suspected his mother to be an Evil Dragon Bishop. Also, Stingham’s Green Dragon bloodline might be from the Green Dragon Divine Temple, so we are going to infiltrate and investigate that too.”

“What? The Green Dragon Divine Temple Priestess might be an Evil Dragon Bishop? Stingham might be the Green Dragon Prince, the inheritor of the Kingdom of Doa’s throne?”

The arcane masters became dumbfounded after hearing Ayrin’s honest answer.

A guy like him might be the Green Dragon Prince? The Holy Priestess is an Evil Dragon Bishop instead?

They looked at Stingham and felt that it was impossible.

“I also thought it was impossible, but it’s the truth.” Meraly grumbled.

“It’s too dangerous to enter the Doa Royal Palace. After experiencing a riot, Doa Royal Palace’s security has become stricter than anywhere else. Also, there are just too many expert arcane masters.” Yinreizou grimly spoke.

“But Jean Camus might be in danger. A true brave warrior must not be afraid of danger. Also, Jean Camus left me a letter. This represents the trust between friends. I must go no matter how dangerous it is.” Ayrin spoke in a natural tone.

Every wind and shadow department arcane master was taken aback.

“Our House Swashe will do our best to help you. All of you should also want to help big brother Ayrin’s group, right?” Beshe looked at the wind and shadow department arcane masters and spoke in a serious tone.

“Of course, we are all friends now!” A few wind department arcane masters answered. They continued, “But can you return us the things you have stolen first?”

“Ah?” Ayrin laughed in embarrassment after completely forgetting about that matter.

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