Chapter 459: Swashe Brothers Showdown, Killing!

Chapter 459: Swashe Brothers Showdown, Killing!


“What happened?”

“Stingham became a meat shield out of habit and stopped Tzanshe’s attack!”

“The powerful subconsciousness sealing domain in his body is completely shattered!”

When Ayrin, Rinloran and Meraly realized what happened, they became very nervous.

“He looks to be in so much pain! Teacher Liszt said before that we should never instantly destroy that sealing domain. Otherwise, he will receive great harm from the overloading images rushing through his head!”

Ayrin exclaimed, “He won’t get shocked into an idiot, right?”

“Isn’t he already an idiot!?” Although Meraly said so, she also shouted towards Stingham in worry, “How are you feeling?”

Stingham raised his head and stared at Meraly. He shouted in pain, “Older brother......”

“Oh no! He can’t even distinguish her gender anymore! He’s become even more idiotic!” Ayrin, Rinloran and Meraly turned even paler.

“How can there be such a powerful mental barrier in his body?”

Tzanshe’s expression was also extremely pale.

The person that sealed Stingham used a secret skill that was on par with the most powerful secret skill of the Psychic Style. He could sense that the person who left the seal in Stingham’s body was much stronger than him.

Just an incomplete power had devastated his most powerful skill!

“Assassinate him!”

Strong killing intent began surging out from Ayrin, Rinloran, Meraly and Ferguillo. The four moved at the same time.

Their aim was clear: To assassinate Tzanshe.

The best method against such mental arcane skills was to charge in and assassinate the caster.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless arcane energy fluctuations completely churned up the air.

Originally, when Tzanshe made his move, the wind department arcane masters were still hesitating. However, seeing the four about to assassinate Tzanshe, they could not help but act to defend. They moved to stand around Tzanshe.


At that moment, an immature voice suddenly called out.

Everyone jolted and turned to look at the source of the voice.

It was Beshe.

His face was extremely waxen. The air around him was strangely vibrating, forming a ring of milky white glow.

As if worrying nobody would stop, the skinny youth on Yinreizou’s back shouted again and pointed at Tzanshe, “I want to challenge him alone!”

He tapped the wobbling Yinreizou on the shoulder and said, “Uncle Rei, put me down.”

“Beshe is challenging Tzanshe to a duel?”

Everyone was shocked.

“Relax, it’s fine!” Sensing their gaze, the skinny youth bit his lip and strongly nodded.

“The wind department serves House Swashe, so you should also acknowledge that I am a young master of House Swashe. I don’t care what benefits you have received from him. My father died and I am handicapped, so you have no choice but to serve him. However, this is a duel between two Swashe, all of you shouldn’t interfere, right?”

Beshe asked Yinreizou to put him on the ground. He was still unable to stand up. His skinny body seemed so weak that a gust of wind could blow him away. However, his eyes shone with determination. He watched the silent wind department arcane masters and continued, “Also, if this older brother of mine can’t even win against me who is in such a state, he isn’t worthy of your loyalty. If I kill him, you will continue to guard House Swashe, right?”

“You......” Beshe’s words and expression rendered Tzanshe speechless for a moment.

“As long as the blood of the wind department flows in our body, we will forever abide by our ancestor’s pledge.” Suddenly, a wind department holding a black long rod walked out. He nodded, “Very well. Us wind department will not interfere in the duel between the two of you. Regardless of the result, we will continue serving House Swashe. However, you must guarantee that your friends will also not interfere.”

“You......” Tzanshe’s face paled.

On the way to assassinate Beshe, those wind department arcane masters were still loyal to him and followed his every order. However, they had obviously changed their attitude now.

“Don’t blame us. There are two reasons we regarded you as our master before. First, he was certainly handicapped, so House Swashe only had you left as the sole master. Second, we felt that he was too young and weak. After you killed the old master with the hired arcane teams, he did not even counterattack due to his weak personality. He was lacking...... However, the situation has changed. He is no longer as weak and useless as we thought, and he does seem to be stronger than you. He even upholds the pride of an arcane master......”

The rod-wielding wind department arcane master glanced at Tzanshe, then Beshe. He soundlessly shook his head and signaled to the other wind department arcane masters to stand back.

Every wind department arcane master moved back like a tide.

“Little brother Beshe, are you really alright?” Ayrin watched Stingham, who was still squatting while holding his head, with worry and then at the sitting Beshe.

“I really have the confidence to defeat him. Big brother Ayrin, please don’t interfere.” Beshe gratefully and earnestly nodded.

“Alright! You’re also a true brave warrior! Do your best! Defeat him!”

Ayrin waved his fist and cheered for Beshe, then quickly dragged Stingham back.

As Ayrin dragged Stingham back, Stingham suddenly shouted, “Evil woman!”

“He’s mixing up genders again!” Even the always calm Ferguillo lamented.


“A true brave warrior, huh?”

“Big brother Ayrin, I also want to fight bravely like all of you.”

Beshe could only sit on the ground, but he raised his head up proudly.

“Come, Tzanshe!” He called out. He did not say older brother, instead calling Tzanshe’s name directly.

“God Sealing Curse!”

Tzanshe’s forehead became snow-white. A snowflake drifted out and disappeared instantly.

It was one of the Psychic Style’s secret skills used to restrict the opponent’s mental strength. He wanted to obtain the initiative.

“Sever: God Slayer!”

A snowflake also drifted out from Beshe’s forehead at the same time.


Invisible forces seemed to be clashing in the air. It sounded like something was cut into pieces.

Beshe’s body did not show any change. However, his older brother Tzanshe’s face paled. Tzanshe’s eyes twitched and two streaks of blood flowed down his cheeks.

The nerves behind his eyes seemed to have been injured.

“Beshe has the upper hand?”

“Tzanshe suffered damage from the first clash?”

Ayrin and Meraly opened their eyes wide in surprise.

At that moment, Stingham grabbed Rinloran’s sleeve and called out, “Father......”

“Oh no, he’s becoming more and more idiotic! Gramps, can you save him!?” Ayrin turned around and called out to Yinreizou.

Rinloran felt the urge to vomit blood. If he had a son like Stingham, would he choose to commit suicide?



“When you got hit by my Swashe God-killing Art, your mental strength should be weaker than mine!”

“Ever since the remnants of the shadow department rescued you, I have enjoyed every resource of House Swashe as the sole master. I have desperately trained and never relaxed for a single day. How can your mental strength be stronger than mine? How can you use forbidden skills you never even learned!?” Tzanshe hysterically yelled.

“You should ask yourself, my older brother...... Swashe God-killing Art’s power will cause the victim to constantly suffer pain to the extent of wanting to commit suicide. However, when I recall those shadow department uncles risking their lives to save me, I have to endure the pain and survive.”

Hot tears welled up in Beshe’s eyes. However, his face was glowing with a strong fighting spirit, “Your Swashe God-killing Art was equivalent to giving me extreme mental training every day.”

Beshe’s voice continued, “After getting hit by your Swashe God-killing Art, I couldn’t even let my arcane particles flow. I have been on the run with Uncle Rei to escape your pursuit for years. I didn't even have a friend to talk to. The only thing in my head were the Psychic Style Forbidden skills as I simulated the method to fight against you when I faced you again...... This is the sole fantasy that supported me to survive. However, big brother Ayrin has really broken the Swashe God-killing Art. He has changed this fantasy of mine into reality. Hence, I will definitely defeat you now!”

Even the wind department arcane masters could not help but feel the weight behind those words.

Beshe and Yinreizou had been on the run for several years. They only realized that the Swashe God-killing Art had stayed inside Beshe’s body for such a long time after Beshe mentioned it.

“The Swashe God-killing Art must have been painful, right?” Meraly was in a daze. She could not imagine how she could survive day after day of excruciating pain.

“Yes, it hurts a lot as if many blades are scraping your bones. It makes me shiver when I remember the pain.” Ayrin shivered and answered.

“This bastard deserves to die!” Meraly glared at Tzanshe and shouted.

“We should catch him alive and make him use the Swashe God-killing Art on me from time to time.” Ayrin excitedly spoke.

“What?” Meraly could not believe her ears.

“This would be a good training to improve my mental strength.” Ayrin explained.

“Pervert!” Meraly shuddered.

“Netherworld: Fatal Seven!”

Tzanshe’s expression was extremely menacing. He used the forbidden skill he used a while ago. His head became almost transparent again.

The light formation that seemed to have seven monsters dancing inside took form again.

Beshe took a meaningful glance at Tzanshe, then softly chanted, “God Realm Illusion: Killing!”

“The strongest Psychic Style forbidden skill......” Every wind department arcane master drew a cold breath in disbelief.

Everyone seemed to have been wrapped into a strange bright world.

Many gods stood atop the clouds.

A pale white demon full of talismans was tied to an altar.

Everyone was looking up at it from below.

Even Tzanshe was no different.

However, he was shocked to find that the demon on the altar had the exact same face as him!


A huge blade chopped down from the air and decapitated the demon.

The world returned to normal.


Tzanshe spat out a mouthful of blood.

His head remained almost transparent. However, everyone could see that his brain seemed to have shriveled up by a third in an instant.

He fell backwards stiffly.

A trail of blood spewed out from Beshe’s mouth.

Beshe was also wobbling, but a proud and brilliant smile filled his face.

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